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Outdoor Flooring

When I think of outdoor flooring I think of hard tiles and pavers that look good on the surface, but are like daggers to your feet. And who wants to come home with messed up feet? Not me!

Outdoor flooring is more than just stone pavers and tiles these days. Outdoor flooring encompasses a wide range of materials and products that can be used in various aspects in your outdoor living space.

Our outdoor flooring consists of rolls, mats and tiles are made of rubber, plastic, carpet or foam. All of these products have been specifically designed to be used in outdoor applications and will stand up to the worst that mother nature can throw at a floor. Our outdoor flooring is durable yet comfortable, and very easy install and maintain.

Rubber Outdoor Flooring

Rubber flooring is a perfect floor for any outdoor space. Our rubber flooring is available in tiles, rolls and mats, and has been formulated to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. All of our outdoor rubber is very easy to install and maintain and is mold and mildew resistant. Common places where our rubber flooring is used includes playgrounds, outdoor gyms, outdoor patios, and decks.

Outdoor Rubber Paver Tiles

Our rubber paver tiles are the most common type for outdoor installations. These tiles have been formulated to withstand the harsh rays of the sun. Our paver tiles are similar in look to natural stone pavers, giving you the real deal look without any of the baggage. These paver tiles are very easy to install and maintain and they can be easily cleaned with a broom and hose. All of our rubber pavers are resistant to mold and mildew growth and provide more comfort underfoot than natural stone.

Our playground tiles have been designed to ensure children’s safety while at play on playground equipment. These rubber tiles are very thick, ranging in thickness from 1” - 4” thick. Below is a breakdown of the thicknesses and where they are commonly used.

  • 1” thick - 1.5’ fall height - most commonly used in residential playgrounds.
  • 2.5” thick - 6’ fall height - most commonly used in commercial playgrounds.
  • 3.5” thick - 8’ fall height - most commonly used in commercial playgrounds.
  • 4” thick - 10’ fall height - most commonly used in commercial playgrounds.

The fall heights for each of these tiles represent the height in which one can fall and not get seriously hurt. Keep in mind that it still hurts to fall 10’, no matter what is underneath you. Our playground tiles are very easy to install and even easier to clean and maintain. Simply sweep the tiles of any large debris and use a hose to clean off any stuck dirt or mud. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant and are porous, allowing water to flow through the floor ensuring a slip resistant surface at all times.

Rubber mulch is a cost effective alternative to playground tiles. Rubber mulch helps to ensure your child’s safety while at play. Our rubber mulch is very easy to install and maintain and is fade resistant. Common thicknesses for rubber mulch applications are as follows:

  • 2” - Recommended for landscaping.
  • 3” - 6’ fall height, recommended for residential playgrounds.
  • 6” - 17’ fall height, recommended for commercial playgrounds.

Rubber timbers are a great border for our rubber mulch. They are easy to install and can be made to fit any size or shape playground you desire.

Our rubber playground swing and slide mats are great over rubber mulch, rocks or wood mulch. They help to prevent the spread of these materials from under slides and swings. These mats are very heavy to prevent theft and are beveled to reduce tripping hazards.

Deck Tiles

Our hard plastic deck tiles come in two forms - Composite Decking Tiles and Hard Plastic Tiles. Our composite deck tiles are great as patio flooring because they are resistant to weather and insects. Since they are made of bamboo and plastic, they are more eco-friendly than standard wood decking. These tiles are vented, so they allow water to flow through and under the floor. These tiles are great as flooring for outdoor decks, patios and showers and are resistant to mold, mildew and fading. All our composite decking tiles are interlocking tiles making a ‘weekend warrior’s’ dream.

Our hard plastic tiles are interlocking tiles great for outdoor decks and patios. These tiles have been formulated to be fade resistant - even in direct sunlight! Available in several colors and vented styles, these tiles allow water to flow through and under the floor. This feature helps to keep these outdoor tiles slip resistant in all weather. These plastic tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, needing only a broom and hose.

Artificial Turf

So you live in California, and there is no water. You really would like to have a green lawn all year long, but that is not possible because there is no water! What is a man to do to ensure he has the nicest lawn on the block? Maybe ask Zuckerburg for a loan? Or maybe build a pipeline to the Mississippi River? No, the best solution is artificial grass. Fake grass has come a long way from the simple cheap turf looks that were popular in the 70s and 80s. Anybody remember the Astro Dome? Modern turf has the look and feel of real grass and has been formulated to withstand the harshest of environments. From fake grass great for pets to grass that is great for playgrounds, this landscape turf is versatile enough for any application. Artificial turf is very easy to install and easier to maintain than natural grass. No more cutting!


Our indoor/outdoor carpet tiles are the perfect low cost option for flooring outdoor patios and decks. These residential carpet tiles are available in several patterns and colors. These tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth and are very easy to install. These carpet tiles are resistant to fading and can be easily cleaned. If a floor tile were to become damaged, simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one.

Outdoor Flooring Delivery

Most outdoor flooring orders are shipped through FedEx Ground. Some extremely heavy orders may ship via freight delivery. For more information on freight delivery, please contact one of our sales representatives to get the low down, as it varies on a case by case basis. Don’t worry though - you will not be asked to take your new outdoor flooring off the truck. We cover the cost of lift-gate and curbside. You are only responsible for getting the outdoor flooring to your patio or deck and enjoying it!

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