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Marley Dance Floor

Do you have Marley Flooring? Can I get that Marley Flooring? Those are some of the most common questions posed to us on a daily basis for rolled dance flooring. So, what is Marley Flooring? Marley Flooring isn't a type of floor, but a brand name of flooring that is not around today. Back in 1947, Marley Floors came out with a vinyl floor that was very popular with ballet dancers due to its feel; Ever since the name 'Marley' has stuck. So when a person asks for a 'Marley Floor' they are just looking for a vinyl roll that has been designed for dancing on.

Why Marley Dance Flooring

So what makes these vinyl rolls better than standard vinyl rolls? Since these rolls are made with all types of dancing in mind, they possess two qualities that are essential for any dance to make the moves that they need to do. These rolls are slip resistant enough for a person to not go flying when the do a pirouette, but also provide enough slip for them chasse across the floor easily. These two qualities make these rolls the perfect floors for any dance.

Marley Dance Flooring Installation

All our Marley Dance Floors are very easy to install. Most of our vinyl rolls can be loose laid, and for more permanent installations, these rolls can be glued. Another great quality with our Marley Dance Floors is that they can be cut to fit. Any of these rolls can be cut to the closest whole foot increment to your room size. This allows you to cover your space with high-quality flooring easily properly.

Why You Need Dance Floor Subfloor

One of the last things that people think about when installing Marley Flooring is the subfloor in which this will go over. Most people think that if I put these rolls over a foam underlay, then everything will be fine. Well, that is not the case. Putting these rolls over concrete or any underlay is not an ideal installation method if this flooring is going to be used for all types of dancing. The reason being is that when one gets their boogie on, there is a lot of stress and pressure put on your lower leg that can cause pain and injury over time. That is why after that wedding reception you couldn't walk right for a week. Portable dance floors don't typically give the proper shock absorbency needed to prevent injury. So, to help alleviate this issue, we recommend using our Dance Floor Subfloor. This sprung subfloor not only absorbs the impact from someone jumping up and down but will also stay flat when other types of subfloors would soften. Installation of this subfloor is a breeze, and your students will thank you immensely when they don't have as many injuries.

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