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Lights, camera, action! You’re ready to build your very own home theater. You’ve got the perfect big screen, that sweet surround sound, and maybe even a popcorn machine. But no entertainment room is complete without home theater carpet.

Your floor not only sets the stage for your entire home theater, but it contributes a lot to the sound quality and overall experience. And nothing performs better than carpet. This soft flooring prevents distracting echoes, and comes in tons of showstopping themes and patterns.

Need help deciding what kind of carpet or carpet tiles are best for home theater flooring? This guide will show you the best home theater carpet to make sure your theater sounds and looks like a million bucks.

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Types of Home Theater Carpet

types of theater


For a quick and easy DIY installation, nothing beats carpet tile. With tape-down and peel and stick options, you can complete your floor in no time. The style options are another huge plus. You can mix and match tile colors, or even take it a step further with decorative or glow in the dark tiles!


Carpet rolls offer a wide range of styles for your home theater, from classic and elegant, to more fun patterns and even themed designs. Wall to wall carpet rolls will give your home theater a seamless appearance, and it’s typically cheaper than carpet tile per sqft. However, installation can be a bit more difficult compared to carpet tiles.

Commercial vs. Residential Theater Carpet

Commercial vs Residential


This is home theater carpet we’re talking about, so wouldn’t it all be considered residential? Well, not exactly. Plenty of home theater carpets are commercially rated to withstand really high traffic…like Star Wars midnight premiere kind of traffic. So if you are looking for high foot traffic, heavy duty carpeting for a commercial theater, we have options for you too! They’re durable, easy to clean, and stylish on top of all that. Plus, they thrive in the home as well as in business settings.


Since you know that commercial-grade carpet works wonders in home theaters, what does it mean when home theater carpet is residential grade? It could be that the installation method, such as peel and stick, isn’t designed to hold up in the really heavy foot traffic you would expect in a real movie theater. It might also mean that the carpet is more thick and plush, which is a comfort bonus for you, but not something you’d want to maintain in an area with commercial traffic.

A lot of the time, residentially rated carpet is all you will need, and a full-blown commercial carpet could be overkill, so why not save some money and go with the residential carpet instead?

Benefits of Home Theater Carpet

Benefits of Home Theater

There’s a lot to love about home theater carpet. Not only does it provide a soft, comfortable place for a home theater, but it also gives you the best sound quality. And that’s not all!

Here are some other important factors to consider as you design your home theater.

Sound Quality

Carpet, aside from providing a warm, comforting and beautiful foundation for your space, is simply the best when it comes to sound absorption. If you invest in a top of the line sound system, you want it to sound clear, not muddy or echoey.

So why is carpet necessary for optimum sound quality? It’s really pretty simple. When you have hard surfaces like wood, tile, etc., sound bounces back and forth from the floor to the ceiling. Of course, the walls absorb some of the sound as well as people and furniture, but hard surfaces definitely create the echo effect.

Alternatively, fibers in carpet soak up the sound like a sponge, providing less ‘echo’ than wood or tile. This means that you will hear your audio more clearly than you would with other flooring types, providing less reverberation and a quicker decay, so you can fully enjoy that system.

In fact, many people also use carpet as a wall covering* for their home theater, just to get an extra boost in sound quality. Note: If you’re using a commercial space, be sure to check the fire codes – not all carpet is approved for wall covering according to fire safety codes.

Pro Tip: Although carpet is a great sound insulator, you probably also want to consider using a carpet pad for a little extra boost. Additionally, if you must have hard floors, you can always lay down a rug to mitigate some of the sound bounce while still keeping the hard surfaces you love.


It’s no secret; hard surfaces are trending right now. But carpet still holds its place as one of the most commonly purchased flooring options on the market. That’s because no other flooring can compare to the warmth and comfort of carpet.

Of course, I’m sure you’ll deck out your home theater with only the best of the best including fancy seating. However, there may come a day when you have more people than chairs. You don’t want to get a blanket and snuggle up on a nice hard patch of tile. No, thank you.

Carpet gives you a comfortable place to hang. It also provides a warm and comfortable feel the moment you enter the room. That’s what you want in your home theater.

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Styles and Patterns

Home theater carpeting provides so many design options. We offer a wide variety of patterns, colors and themes to complement your unique decor. From subtle and subdued to glowing neon, there is something for everyone and every home theater experience.

Are you more of a neutral and simple type? There are plenty of carpets with very light patterns that will be there as your base, but not draw attention away from your other decor. If you want a more simple home theater or you plan on having big, bright accents elsewhere, these are great options.

On the other hand, if you’re into bold and decorative styles, you will love so many of these cinema carpet options. Bright, colorful patterns and designs, neon shades and even glow in the dark! These babies will be sure to bring your home theater to life.

Explore our most popular theater carpet looks:


The last thing you want in your home theater is the light from the screen glaring off the floor and making the room too bright to enjoy the movie. Worried about light bounce? Choose a darker color like blue or black if you want to reduce the light reflection from your big screen and keep your media room darker. We have a bunch of options to choose from.


I know what you’re thinking. Carpet is a pain to maintain. And what’s a home theater without buttered popcorn, sodas and snacks?

Accidents happen. That’s just the way it is. Here’s a little secret about movie theater carpets: they’re so much easier to clean than traditional, plush carpet!

You see, plush carpet is thick and luxurious. It traps all your snacks and dirt and dust inside those tall fibers. It stains easily and you have to vacuum a lot to try to stay on top of it. Home theater carpets are usually low pile, which means the carpet fibers are short. The shorter fibers naturally trap less dirt and dust.

On top of all that, our home theater carpets also don’t stain nearly as easily and some are even stain- and water-resistant! You can kick back, put your feet up on your comfy theater seating, and enjoy the movie rather than panicking over every little spill from the concession stand.

Added bonus! If you’re worried about staining or damaging your carpet, you can check out using carpet tiles. There are plenty of home theater carpet tiles and these babies allow you to just pull up and replace one stained/damaged tile, rather than redoing your entire floor. They are the best for messy people and the people who love messy people.


Affordability is a big deal, especially when you’ve probably shelled out a large portion of your budget to get the best screen and sound equipment. Adding some top of the line theater carpet can make your media room look and sound like a million bucks, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. We offer quality carpet at the best pricing available.

How to Choose Your Home Theater Carpet

how to choose
This is the fun part! The good news is this is usually a lot easier than choosing a traditional hard surface.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re buying a good quality carpet. But all of our home theater carpets are strong, durable and ready to stand up to the traffic and spills from your movie nights.

Now all you really need to decide is whether you want carpet tiles or broadloom carpet. If you think you might be prone to a lot of spills, carpet tiles might be the better choice. However, if you’re not that worried about it, you can really take your pick.

The real question comes down to what you want it to look like. So now all you need to do is order a few free samples of your favorite options, play around with them in your space, and decide what you like most. If only all choices were that simple.