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Folding Mats Buyer’s Guide

For tumbling, gymnastics, martial arts, active play and more, folding mats are there to keep you safe without taking over your home.

Whether you have little ones that need a little extra cushion while they play, or you’re an Olympic hopeful practicing your triple back tucks, there is a mat that can keep you safe. And even better, it’s a mat you can fold up and put away when you’re done!

We understand that most people are not devoting an entire section of their home to gymnastics or martial arts practice. And chances are, there are a lot of activities being practiced in your home. That’s why portable folding (and roll out) mats are the ideal choice for most homes.

Folding mats aren’t something you buy every day. In fact, today is probably your first time. I’m guessing that’s why you’re here?

Hi, by the way! Thanks for hangin’ with the folding mats and me. We think you’re pretty cool.

What I mean is, it’s normal to have questions! That’s what we’re here for. So let’s take a look and see which folding mat is right for you.

What should you look for in a folding mat?



Isn’t that the main purpose of a mat in the first place? Otherwise, you would just do all your hardcore movements right on the kitchen tile and just hope for the best.

That will give the people who love you high blood pressure. Don’t do that. Especially when it’s so easy to pick up a safe, shock absorbent folding mat with just the right amount of cushion to keep you safe and sound.

So, how do you know a mat is safe? It all depends on what you’re using it for.

Some mats are thin and sparse in terms of their foam filling. This is great if you’re using it for floor exercises and active play. You’ll save yourself some money, and you’ll have everything you need!

However, if you plan on doing high-impact exercises such as gymnastics or advanced martial arts, you want a dense, thick, shock-absorbent mat that has been specifically designed for these activities.


Easy Maintenance

So unless you are creating a huge studio or university program, chances are you don’t have a huge space to dedicate to your sport.

None of our folding arts mats require any installation. Simply lay them on the floor and get to work. It really is that easy.

Each of these mats is specifically designed for easy transportation. When you’re done with your practice session, simply fold them up and toss them away. They’re all lightweight and easy to move.

The vinyl casing on our folding mats makes cleanup a breeze. You can just wipe them off with a damp towel after use to keep them looking sparkling new.

If you have an especially intense sweat session or your kid invites their friend over that picks their nose and wipes it all over your mat, you can easily use a gentle sanitizing cleaner to clean your mat in minutes.

Types of Folding Mats

As I mentioned, for safety, you want to make sure you choose the appropriate mat for your activity. That’s why we offer so many options.

There isn’t exactly a “one size fits all” when it comes to gymnastics mats, so let’s dig a little deeper and figure out what is best for your needs.

Tumbling mats

4’x8’x2” Tumbling Mats

So you need a little more than an exercise mat, but you’re not up to all the crazy tricks yet, and the idea of spending a lot of money on a mat gives you heart palpitations?

Our 4’x8’x2” Tumbling Mats are less dense than our traditional folding mats, and they don’t come in all the fancy colors, but they are an excellent, cost-effective choice if you don’t need the extra shock absorbency.

You can use these mats for beginning to intermediate gymnastics and martial arts. Kids love them for practicing forward rolls and cartwheels, and adults love how easy they are to put up in the closet when it’s time to move on to a new activity.

If you need a mat to protect you from beginning/intermediate level gymnastics (think up through front and back handsprings) and martial arts, these will be your go-to mat.

folding mats

4’x8’x2” Folding Mats

Just a little upgrade from our Eco Folding Mats, our traditional folding mats are a little denser and provide that extra bit of shock absorption. Also, they’re colorful (but they also come in black if you’re not into the whole color thing).

Okay, I have a confession. I know I’m not supposed to play favorites, but I can’t help it. I just love this mat! The bright color choices including the rainbow (yes, rainbow!) option just steals my heart.

I’m of the opinion that the extra density, more durable vinyl and sweet color options make this mat the clear winner. They can sustain you a little bit further through your practice into more advanced movements, and they’re just as easy to store when you’re not aerial-ing your heart out.

For a vibrant, durable multi-level gymnastics and martial arts mat, our 4’x8’x2” Folding Mats are the cat’s pajamas (if you’re not up to date on 20s slang, that means they’re awesome).

Tumbling mats

5’x10’x2” Tumbling Mats

Okay future Olympians and martial arts masters, we didn’t forget about you!

While our traditional folding mats are great for almost all levels, when you’re jumping high enough to dunk a basketball on your double back layouts, you want just that something extra, Extra durability, extra shock absorption and extra guarantee (in the form of a 1 year warranty).

These mats come with some cool extra capabilities. You can use them to create an entire flooring surface or even as wall padding. They’re basically the “I can do it all” mat.

If you’re super skilled in gymnastics or martial arts, need to fill an entire floor space or want some extra wall padding, then you will be super happy with our 5’x10’x2” Tumbling Mats.

Folding Mats Portability & “Installation”

All of these mats are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for a temporary practice space or traveling competition. Simply fold them to get them easily from point A to point B.

As I mentioned earlier, these mats are ridiculously easy to keep clean and germ-free. The smooth vinyl casing is a clean freak’s best friend.

These mats require no installation. Hooray! Simple lay them out where you’d like to use them, and get your wrestling, martial arts or gymnastics on.

Highlights of Folding Mats

  • Portable
  • Lightweight (in most sizes)
  • Easy to clean, transport and store
  • Great for all levels
  • Durable and built to last

Limitations of Folding Mats

  • Size can be limiting for large spaces
  • They don’t come with a credit card with no balance that you never have to pay off. Wouldn’t that be the best?!

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