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Laundry Room Flooring

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Laundry Room Flooring

For many households, the laundry room is the most used room in the home. Imagine how much time the Duggards spend in their laundry room! But for many homes, this room is the most neglected. Usually the flooring is subpar at best and it looks more like a torture chamber than a room in your home.

Our laundry room flooring selection consists of beautiful, resilient flooring options that will turn this work camp into a place of refuge from your kids. We offer a wide range of flooring types from rubber to cork, plastic and vinyl. All of these flooring types are very durable and will stand up to having a heavy washing machine and dryer on them.

Vinyl flooring is the most common flooring type found in laundry rooms. Vinyl is a durable, cost effective way of flooring any laundry room. This laundry room flooring comes in many stunning visuals and in rolls, tiles and plank sizing. Vinyl flooring will help to keep your laundry room insulated from the cold subfloor, which is a must for basement laundry rooms. Our vinyl flooring is very easy to install and maintenance is similar to other hard surfaces in your home. Vinyl is mold and mildew resistant.

Plastic flooring is another great option for laundry rooms because it is very easy to install and maintain. All of our plastic tiles are interlocking, so installation is breeze. And like our vinyl flooring, cleaning of this laundry room flooring is similar to other flooring surfaces in your home. Plastic flooring is very durable and can handle the weight of a heavy washing machine and dryer. These tiles provide comfort underfoot, are very insulating, and are mold and mildew resistant. These laundry floor tiles are definitely a ‘weekend warrior’s’ dream.

Rubber flooring for laundry rooms comes in both rolls and tiles. Rubber flooring is not as fashionable as our other flooring types, but what it lacks in appeal it makes up in durability. These rolls and tiles are mold and mildew resistant and can handle the weight of any washer or dryer. Our rubber flooring is insulating and very easy to maintain with the use of a broom and mop. We recommend using a synthetic mop with a mild soap and water solution. Both our rubber tiles and rolls are very easy to install and can both be loose laid in this application. Rubber is also sound deadening; so if you have a monster of a washer that bounces around like it’s in Boogie Nights during the spin cycle, our rubber flooring will make it appear to just be doing a light jig.

When people think of cork, the first thing comes to mind is not durability. Usually it’s that cork you kept from your favorite bottle of vino, but cork is actually very durable. Cork flooring has been installed in the National Library of Congress for over 100 years, and was a standard floor in many commercial buildings for years. Modern cork flooring is constructed like an engineered floor and is installed with an interlocking tongue and groove system. Cork is unique in that it has memory and will bounce back if dented; just like when you pop a bottle of wine and the cork goes back to its original state, the same can be said about cork flooring. Cork is naturally mold and mildew resistant which is great for basement laundry rooms. All of our laundry room cork flooring features an attached underlay which helps to deaden sound. Cork flooring maintenance is similar to other flooring surfaces in your home needing only a broom or mop.