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Rooftop Deck Flooring Buying Guide

If you’ve ever been to a rooftop get together, you know it’s absolutely magical. There’s a warm breeze, deck chairs, and twinkling stars above you. It’s a beautiful and relaxing time.

Meanwhile, back when I was growing up, I’d climb onto our shingled roof and my dad would come home and yell at me. Not so magical.

If you have the perk of a flat top roof that’s just waiting to become a rooftop paradise, I suggest you take it up on its promising offer.

Basically, it’s time to consider rooftop deck flooring.

What is Rooftop Deck Flooring?

FlooringInc Deck Top Roof Tiles

Rooftop flooring is specially designed to not puncture or tear the waterproof membrane of a flat top roof. Most modern flat top roofs are sealed with a single-ply rubber membrane that is meant to protect the roof from leaks and water damage.

Because of this sensitivity, rooftop flooring must be chosen carefully to prevent damage to flat top roofs. Rooftop flooring that has sharp edges and sharp undersides are probably unsuitable for a rooftop due to the threat of puncture.

A good rooftop flooring will help protect your roof, is weather and UV resistant, and extremely durable. Let’s look at other important features of rooftop flooring.

Features of Rooftop Deck Flooring

FlooringInc Interlocking Deck Top Roof Tiles

A good rooftop flooring has several different features that help protect the roof. Rooftop flooring should also be extremely durable and able to weather the… well, weather. Here are a few key features to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect rooftop flooring:

  • Anti-slip: Rooftops are going to be hit with rain pretty often depending on where you live. A good rooftop flooring will be anti-slip to allow guests to walk freely without falling.
  • Shock absorbing: If you’re hoping to be on your rooftop a lot, you’ll want something that’s comfortable underfoot. Rooftop flooring with good shock absorption is softer and more comfortable to walk on.
  • Insulating: Uncovered rooftops are often colder and harder on the surface. You can’t walk on top of it without risking rooftop damage. Rooftop flooring is insulating, creating a warmer and softer environment. It helps protect the membrane of a rooftop, keeping it from being damaged.
  • Mold/mildew resistant: Rooftop flooring should be weatherproof. At some point, it’s going to be pelted by rain and the last thing you want are green fuzzy things growing on top of it. That’s why all rooftop flooring is mold and mildew resistant.
  • UV stable: Rooftop flooring is supposed to stay attractive for years to come. That’s why it’s important to double check your rooftop flooring choice to make sure it is UV stable. That means the color will not fade instantly in the sun. It’ll stay vivid for years.

Pros of Rooftop Deck Flooring

FlooringInc Deck Top Roof Tiles

At this point, you might be wondering why you even need rooftop flooring. After all, isn’t it just an extra expense? Not quite! In fact, rooftop flooring is absolutely necessary for any rooftop activity. Without it, the rooftop may be severely damaged. Here are some pros to having rooftop flooring:

  • Attractive: The truth is, using rooftop flooring makes your rooftop more attractive for entertaining. Other methods of using the roof for entertaining just don’t look as good, nor work as well.
  • Protects your roof: Adding to that point above, you probably shouldn’t use your rooftop for entertaining if you don’t have rooftop flooring to protect it. Putting chairs and tables directly on the roofing service could permanently damage the roof, causing water leaks.
  • Additional home space: The best part of rooftop flooring is that it adds usable square footage to your home. It’s an extra place to decorate and hang out on outside your home. You can use it for yourself, or use it for get-togethers or parties.
  • Easy to install: Rooftop tiles are easy to install yourself, so there’s no need to hire a professional for this project!

Cons of Rooftop Deck Flooring

FlooringInc Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles

  • Expense: Rooftop flooring can be expensive to buy. If you don’t think you’ll actually use your rooftop very often, it might be an expense that’s not worth it. In that case, you can park the party inside, instead.
  • Matching rooftop type to flooring: There are several different types of rooftops, so it’s important to double check and make sure a product is compatible with the type of rooftop you have. We’re recommending products for rubber rooftop membranes.

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Rooftop Deck Flooring Products

Below we have a series of products we recommend for rooftop flooring. All these products have installation methods that make them rooftop safe for built-up roofs, single membrane roofs, and modified bitumen roofs.

The biggest risk of putting anything on your rooftop is the risk of compromising the waterproof seal. These rooftop products have bottoms that aren’t sharp and won’t puncture your roof when laid. Additionally, the use of loose lay installations, peel & stick, interlocking systems, or dowel methods of installation makes them safe for rooftops. These installation methods put your rooftop less at risk for punctures.

Deck Top Roof Tiles

Flooring Inc Deck Top Roof Tiles

With “roof” in its name, you know it has to be good. These tiles come in several different solid colors and multi-color designs. There’s a lot of variety to choose from, so you can get the rooftop deck you want.

These tiles are weather resistant and you’ll have no problems with mold and mildew growth on these tiles. Their grooved backing allows for water drainage and they are also water permeable.

Interlocking Deck Top Roof Tiles

Flooring Inc Interlocking Deck Top Roof Tiles

These deck to roof tiles are perfect for residential and commercial spaces. Not only can they hold up to the busy family, but also the high traffic demands of a commercial area. They’re extremely durable, and best yet, come in plenty of attractive colors to meet your needs.

These tiles are weather resistant and very easy to maintain and install. They offer protection to roof membranes and won’t damage your roof.

Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles

Flooring Inc Flagstone Rubber Pavers

The cool thing about this rooftop flooring is the fact it comes with two different patterns: one on each side. You can choose between either a flagstone pattern or a classic brick pattern. That means if you ever want to change up your look, all you need to do is reverse the tile for a whole new attractive flooring. That’s pretty cool!

These rubber tiles are also water permeable and soft underfoot. They’re extremely durable and are easy to maintain and install.

Paver Tiles - West Coast

Paver Tiles - West Coast

West Coast Paver Tiles come in several different solid colors and even fleck designs. They’re even available in two different thicknesses and two surface design patterns: solid or brick. Basically, there’s a lot of variety for creating your outdoor look.

In addition, these tiles are anti-slip and shock absorbent. They’re comfortable to walk on and are durable in all types of weather.

Paver Tiles - East Coast

Flooring Inc Paver Tiles - East Coast

These paver tiles ship from the east coast and feature a different surface design than their west coast counterparts: dog bone. They’re super easy to install and maintain, and have excellent durability. These long-lasting rubber tiles are perfect as a durable rooftop flooring.

In addition, these tiles are slip resistant and soft underfoot. They have shock absorbing qualities that will make your rooftop parties more comfortable than ever.

3/16" Life Floor Slate Tiles

Flooring Inc 3/16 Life Floor Slate Tiles

These tiles are made from a foam-rubber material, which makes them super soft and comfortable underfoot. They are non-slip and mold and mildew resistant, as well as UV stable. They’ve been designed for wet surfaces, so they’re extremely durable in all weather.

Since they are foam, they can be punctured by moving furniture, rough use, or high heels, so they might not be the best for some rooftops, depending on the use. For easy installation, these tiles are also available in a peel and stick version.

1" Sports Play Tiles

Flooring Inc Sports Play Tiles

Don’t let the name deceive you, these tiles are great for rubber rooftops. They’re very thick and durable. They can basically hold up to just about anything. They’re super easy to install and use a dowel system to do so.

These tiles are made with recycled rubber, making these tiles very eco-friendly and a “green” flooring solution for rooftops.

Soft Flex Tiles

Flooring Inc Soft Flex Tiles

Soft tiles were created to be a wet area tile. That means they’re non-slip, soft to walk on, and quick drying. These tiles are vented to allow water to drain through them. They’re also anti-microbial and mold and mildew resistant. So a little rain won’t stop them.

They’re made of a flexible PVC, which makes them soft underfoot, but still have long-lasting durability in a variety of weather.

3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles

Flooring Inc 3.8 Life Floor Slate Tiles

Just like their 3/16” counterparts, these tiles are made from a foam-rubber material, which makes them super soft and comfortable underfoot. They are slip-resistant and mold and mildew resistant, as well as UV stable. They’ve been designed for wet surfaces, so they’re extremely durable in all weather.

Since they are foam, they can be punctured by moving furniture, rough use, or high heels, so they might not be the best for some rooftops, depending on the use. These tiles also have a peel and stick version!

Rubber Pavers

Flooring Inc Rubber Pavers

Long lasting and slip-resistant, these thick rubber pavers are attractive and durable for rooftop flooring. Usually used in horse barns, these pavers were built to hold up to the weight of animals and the stomping of hooves. Naturally, they can hold up to a rooftop hangout or two.

Made in six beautiful colors, you’ll get your choice of design with these pavers.

Rooftop Deck Flooring FAQ

Still got questions? Here are some of the most common things people ask about vinyl flooring.
Q) Will my rooftop flooring get hot?
A) With full exposure to the sun, rooftop flooring will get hot, so you might not want to walk barefoot on it in the middle of summer. However, there are a few steps you can take to help keep the heat down.

  • Hose it down with water
  • Choose lighter colors that stay cooler in direct sunlight
  • Pick a special order UV reflectant color for a cooler flooring
  • Use umbrellas or other shade creators for cooler hangout areas

Q) Will my rooftop flooring color fade?
A) For the most long-lasting color, we suggest finding a rooftop flooring that is UV-resistant. This will ensure that the color stays bright for as long as possible. After a certain amount of time, fading might occur.

Q) How do I clean my rooftop flooring?
A) Rooftop flooring can be cleaned by sweeping or vacuuming dust and debris off the surface. You may also use a hose, wop, or power washer to further clean any mud or dirt off the surface.

Q) Does water get trapped underneath rooftop flooring?
A) Depending on the type of rooftop flooring you purchase, the flooring will either be non-porous or water permeable. Non-porous tiles, such as our Life Floor Slate Tiles, are water tight and water will evaporate from the surface. Tiles that are water permeable allow water to flow through them and that water will eventually evaporate. All rooftop tiles are mildew and mold resistant, so you don’t have to worry about anything growing on your rooftop that you didn’t plant!

Q) Are these products safe over any flat-top roof?
A) Flooring specially made for rooftops will not damage your rooftop. Rooftops can be damaged by sharp edges or walking on a rooftop without a flooring in place. Rooftop flooring can actually protect your roof from damage. These products are safe for built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and single membrane roofs.