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Wrestling Mats Grappling Mat, Roll Out Mats

Wrestling Mats

So you want to be the next Hulk Hogan, or maybe the next Alexander Karelin. No matter what type of wrestling you are into, we have the perfect mat for you. Our wrestling mats have been designed to provide you with optimal shock absorbency. These mats are great for both commercial and residential applications and are commonly used for wrestling, grappling, BJJ, MMA, karate, and other high impact martial arts. Our wrestling mat flooring is available in mats and tiles, in several colors and patterns. All of our mats are very easy to install and can be removed and stored with ease. All of our grappling mats are non porous and very easy to sanitize and maintain.

Wrestling Roll Out Mats

Our roll out wrestling mats are our most popular mats and are commonly used in commercial and residential dojos and gyms. Customers love that our roll out mats can be easily installed and removed. These mats feature a vinyl top over a thick crosslink polyethylene foam bottom, making them very durable and shock absorbent. Our roll out mats are available in several sizes and thicknesses and can be connected together to create larger mat sizes. To connect these mats, we recommend using our mat tape. Since roll out mats feature a non porous vinyl top, they are very easy to clean and sanitize.

Wrestling Folding Mats

Folding mats are a great way to floor any home or commercial gym. These mats consist of a foam core encased in a thick, high quality vinyl. These mats are available in several sizes, colors and thicknesses, and provide excellent shock absorbency. What is great about these mats is that they are very easy to install and maintain. Each wrestling mat features velcro on all sides, allowing you to connect multiple mats together for a larger mat size. Since these wrestling mats are non porous, they are very easy to clean and sanitize, which is essential in commercial gyms.

Interlocking Foam Tiles for Wrestling

Our interlocking tiles are very popular in MMA and karate dojos. These tiles are reversible tiles featuring several surface textures, sizes and colors. These tiles are very easy to install and can be made into any size mat desired. These interlocking wrestling mats are made of closed cell EVA foam and are very shock absorbent. These non porous soft tiles are very easy to clean, maintain and sanitize.

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Roll Out & Folding Mats