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High Impact Flooring

High Impact Flooring

If you enjoy styling your hair to go to the gym, doing a crunch or two, staring at your insatiable hotness in the weight room mirror and then going home without a drop of sweat on your body, high impact flooring is not for you. No siree, high impact means jumping, burpees, box jumps and a whole lot of sweat. The term high impact means that both feet come off the ground at the same time, which includes running, jumping and many Olympic lifts. These exercises put more pressure on your joints and your floor, which means you need a floor that is not only tough, but resilient as well. Consider the difference between running on the hard concrete compared to a track? The soft track is much easier on your body. It is that comfort that high impact flooring brings to your plyometric workouts. Here’s the deal: 6 pack abs are not made lounging on the couch icing your injured knee that is now keeping you from working out at all. You have to be healthy in order to perform well, so think of high impact flooring like your daily fitness vitamin.

High Impact Flooring Tiles

Tiles are a DIYer’s best friend. Installing high impact floor tiles is as easy as making boxed cake mix - a lot of the work is done for you, and all you have to do is stir things around a bit, or in this case, put the puzzle pieces together. High impact floor tiles are a synch, which is why they are the first choice for high impact flooring for home gyms. In a small space, these high impact tiles are a breeze and they are just as durable as rolls or mats. Our high impact floor tiles are thick and durable, making them perfect for P90x, Insanity and CrossFit style high impact workouts at home. Also, our designer series is available in 12 colors, giving you lots of options for stylish and effective high impact gym flooring tiles.

High Impact Flooring Rolls

If you’re looking to cover an entire large gym with high impact flooring, then high impact rolls are going to be your new best friend. Despite the easy and intuitive nature of high impact tiles, putting together dozens of interlocking tiles one by one in a large space can quickly become tedious. With high impact floor rolls, you get things set up and then roll out each mat quickly and easily. Rubber rolls tend to be less expensive than tiles, and some of our high impact rubber rolls even come in custom cut options, allowing you to only purchase the high impact flooring necessary for your space, saving you extra time and wasted materials.

High Impact Flooring Mats

If your high impact workouts are going to be contained to one area, or you are only purchasing high impact flooring for the purpose of heavy weightlifting, then a high impact workout mat is going to save you a boat load of money, space and energy! It couldn’t be simpler, just place your high impact mat where you’d like to get your sweat on and that’s that! For plyometric workouts, you will want to choose one of our Impact Mats, but for heavy lifting, the Shock Mats will be your best bet.

High Impact Rubber Flooring

Almost all of our high impact flooring is made from good ol’ durable, reliable and trustworthy RUBBER! Rubber flooring is not easily punctured or damaged, making it ideal for the demands and abusive of your toughest high impact workouts. Our high impact rubber flooring is up for the challenge of both home and commercial gyms and is super popular amongst the (right now) super trendy high impact fitness scene.

High Impact Foam Flooring

Although foam is not the typical high impact flooring material of choice, the resiliency of foam makes it a great option when it is designed for high impact workouts. You do not just want to purchase any foam flooring for high impact workouts. No, no, no...please make sure that the foam flooring you purchase is specifically designed for the intensity of high impact workouts. In fact, a couple of our products (¾” Soft Rubber Tiles & Eco Impact Roll - Wood Series) combine foam and rubber with a foam backing and a rubber top to give you the best of both worlds, with resilient, durable top layers to keep your floor alive for a good, long time!

High Impact Flooring Thickness

When it comes to gym flooring, typically thicker is better. That means for the best high impact flooring, you’re going to need a little more oomph than your traditional home gym floor. However, there is a misconception that you can ONLY use the thickest of the thick rubber flooring for high impact workouts and it just ain’t true. Also, there is more to consider, like the resiliency. A super thick floor is great, but if it’s too dense and it feels like landing on concrete every time you jump, that is less than great. We offer high impact exercise flooring in a wide variety of thickness options from 8mm on up. Some high impact flooring options are better suited for specific movements (like jumping, side to side movements or lifting) than others, so be sure to check out the specifications or hit us up with your questions.

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