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Landscape Turf Grass Buyer’s Guide

Maybe you’ve been considering landscape turf grass for a while now, but weren’t sure where to start. Maybe you regularly dream of a maintenance-free landscape. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got the info you need to choose the artificial grass that fits your needs.

I lived for awhile in east Texas, where it always rained and smelled like fresh-cut grass. The trees reached impossible heights. The grass was lush and azaleas crept onto the sidewalks to brush against your ankles.

Isn’t that a pretty picture?

Flash forward: Now I live in the southwest, which has its own barren beauty, but sometimes I miss green. I miss lush.

Enter the hero: Landscape Turf.

Part of the appeal of artificial turf grass is the fact that it’s always green. There’s no need for wasting valuable water or abusing your lawnmower to achieve greatness because it’s already great.

If this appeals to you, kick back, relax and let me take you on an artificial grass journey. It’s more fun than it sounds.

I promise.

What is Artificial Grass?

Let’s start with the basics: What is artificial grass? What is landscape turf? Which artificial grass do I need?

These questions are probably buzzing through your mind if you’re just starting your journey into artificial grass. Luckily we have a neat video to help answer some of your questions.

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Landscape Artificial Turf Explained

Artificial grass is the perfect way to have a maintenance-free lawn. Our landscape grass stays green for enjoyment for years to come.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a moment to look at landscape artificial turf specifically. Most fake grass for landscape is going to look like real grass blades. Manufacturers are working hard to make artificial turf look and feel more realistic than ever before.

Artificial turf grass mimics real grasses found throughout the United States. For example, artificial grass that looks like bermuda grass is popular on the West Coast.

Landscape artificial turf is UV stable and often heat and frost resistant for high durability. It’s made to last outdoors for a very long time!

It’s also perforated for drainage and it tends to be more dense and plush than other types of artificial turf.

Landscape turf can be used indoors or outdoors. Usually, this artificial turf is low pile and not as realistically made. It can even come in different colors! This landscape turf is temporary or installed on patios.

Pros of Landscape Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is the perfect way to have a maintenance-free lawn. Our landscape grass stays green for enjoyment for years to come.

At this point, you might be wondering why people choose artificial turf. Well, it’s because of all the benefits!

Artificial turf grass is better than real grass for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look.

  • Bug-be-gone: You’ve got artificial grass covering your lawn. That means bugs will be a thing of the past. Everybody wants fewer creepy-crawlies when enjoying their yard.
  • Maintenance-free: One of the best things about artificial grass is that you don’t have to mow or water it. The heat-of-the-day labor is gone for good.
  • Forever green: To keep your lawn green, you might end up using more water than your city can afford to lose. No need to sweat a water shortage; this lawn is green without the water.
  • Eco-friendly: Artificial grass is made of recycled materials and has a measurable, positive impact on the environment.

Cons of Landscape Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is the perfect way to have a maintenance-free lawn. Our landscape grass stays green for enjoyment for years to come.

Like everything you buy, there’s going to be a downside. Artificial grass is no different.

Landscape turf grass has some amazing benefits, but let’s look at a couple of its limitations.

  • Expense: Buying and installing artificial grass can get expensive. You need accessories and time to get the perfect lawn. We like to think it’s worth it though. You’ll find in the long term, it’s actually cheaper!
  • Heat: When the heat rises, so does the temperature of your artificial turf grass. There are fills to help keep the temperature down, but artificial grass is hotter to the touch than real grass.

How to Install Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is the perfect way to have a maintenance-free lawn. Our landscape grass stays green for enjoyment for years to come.

This is where landscape turf gets a little complicated.

To install, you’re going to need a few accessories. Luckily, we have them available for you to buy now. No website hunting needed!

Landscape Artificial Turf Accessories

  • Weed fabric: You don’t want weeds and grass poking through your perfect lawn. You’ll need to lay this down first.
  • Fill: Fill helps hold your turf down and keeps the blades standing up for a natural look.
  • Nails and staples: Nails are used to hold the edges of the turf down, while staples are great for holding seams together. You’ll need both.
  • Seam tape and adhesive: If you really don’t want staples, you can always use seam tape to stick turf together. Easy as pie.
  • Wonder Edge: Edging can help make your turf look it’s best.
  • Polyboard: If you want to get landscaping after your artificial grass is laid, polyboard is an alternative to natural wood edging.
  • Lawn pads: For some extra cushion under your feet, lay down a lawn pad. If you have some kiddos running around, these are fall height rated for safety.
Definitely look twice at your manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you have all the tools you need to make your landscape look amazing.

If you’re like me and need some visual learning, we have a great video on how to install artificial grass:

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At the end of the day, if you live in a hot climate, or you just want to spend less time working on your landscape and more time enjoying it, artificial grass is the way to go.

Landscape artificial turf is the only way to guarantee a perfect lawn and a lower water bill. After all, we could all use more time enjoying our backyard paradise.
Ready to get started?