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10 Artificial Grass Pros and Cons: The Most Important Considerations

Interested in a budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and stylish alternative to natural grass? In recent years, manufacturers have created ultra-realistic artificial grass blades that are almost indistinguishable from the real deal. But is the investment worth it? Compare artificial grass pros and cons to decide for yourself.

Undoubtedly, artificial grass most often used for backyards, gyms, and sports fields. However, you can find turf inside homes for an earthy and unique aesthetic. Many of our grass options work well for indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, they often come benefits, such as UV protection, a cleat safe design, perforations for drainage.

Just like any other type of flooring, artificial turf has its advantages and disadvantages. You must consider whether or not you plan to have it inside or outside, for sports, or intended for fur friends.

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Artificial Grass Pros

Bow Wow Turf Rolls
Artificial turf comes with several desirable features that most natural grasses or other outdoor flooring don’t come with. Check out the most popular reasons people are switching to artificial grass!

1. Lower Water Bills

Artificial grass can save you gallons of water! According to the Synthetic Turf Council, having an artificial lawn can save up to 70% of the average homeowner’s water bill. Not only will you be more eco-friendly by reducing daily water waste, but you’ll also limit the amount of effort for upkeep. It’s a win-win!

2. Return on Investment

Green, luscious grass helps to elevate the outside of residential and commercial properties. EcoGrass experts estimate that turf owners can expect a return on investment within one to five years compared to natural alternatives and their maintenance costs. You can sit back, relax, and save money with artificial lawns.

3. Minimal Maintenance

No more long days mowing, weed whacking, or dealing with dug-up holes. Fake grass takes the hassle out of maintenance for an effortless and polished look during all seasons.

4. Ultra-Durable

If you expect heavy foot traffic, our select commercial and residential artificial grasses can take it! You can play sports, work out in comfort, and host events knowing your turf will stay great for years to come.

Previous challenges with dirt, holes, and muddy paws? With artificial grass, the soil is completely covered, so pets won’t feel inclined to dig into the ultra-durable material. For pet waste, our pet-friendly turf comes with perforated holes to allow liquids to drain efficiently and leave your lawn looking fresh and dry.

5. No Pesticide or Herbicides Needed

Traditional maintenance chemicals can be harmful to your kids, pets, and environment. Our artificial grass requires no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, so you can rest assured that your family and fur friends are safe. Additionally, our turfs contain no metals and are antimicrobial.

Artificial Grass Cons

Newport Premium Turf Rolls
We want to help you put the best foot forward for your next landscape project! Below are a few considerations of artificial grass before starting the installation process.

1. Gets Hotter in the Sun

In the summer months, artificial turf can get significantly hotter in direct sunlight. To mitigate temperature changes, our Hydrochill turf infill can keep your lawn 30 to 50 degrees cooler than other synthetic alternatives.

2. Fear of Toxicity

In 2008, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission deemed synthetic turf safe, and since then has posed no consumer health or safety issues.

All of our artificial turfs are 100% free of toxic chemicals and lead materials, making them a trusted flooring for animals and humans. Also, synthetic turf also reduces pollution and noxious air emissions, commonly associated with lawnmowers.

3. Initial Expenses

Often, artificial turf tends to cost more than natural grass when you first purchase and install it. However, you’ll have a long-lasting lawn that keeps its green color and fresh-cut look. The initial expense outweighs the yearly cost of maintaining natural grass.

4. Comfort

Generic and cheaper artificial turf can be uncomfortable underfoot. However, our synthetic grasses have realistic and soft blades that won’t poke or irritate your feet to walk across.

For animals, our pet-friendly turf ensures a natural grass feel while being ultra-durable for endless playtime both within the home and outdoors.

5. Installation

Depending on the location and layout of your space, you may find it helpful to have a professional installer help you. Therefore, this would be an additional cost to ensure the most permanent and resilient turf application.

3 Best Artificial Grass Options

Now that you have these considerations in mind, we picked the top-ranked turf options of 2021. These synthetic grasses are the most versatile and high-quality options on the market.

Whether you’re looking for an all-around artificial grass or something for sports, like golfing in mind, we’ve got your perfect match!

Performance Turf Rolls

1. Performance Turf Rolls

Ready to take your indoor or outdoor gym to the next level? Our Performance Turf Rolls offer the perfect amount of cushion and joint support for drills and full-body workouts.

These synthetic turf rolls are made of ultra-durable polyethylene, so using pull sleds and dropping heavy weights on top of the surface is a non-issue.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install and maintain

Putting Green Turf Rolls

2. Putting Green Turf Rolls

Achieving your ultimate putt-putt set-up is possible with Putting Green Turf Rolls. They’ll make your mini-golf space beautifully green year-round, and natural feeling grass blades will not impact your game performance.

This high-quality synthetic grass is all weather-approved, as well as heat- and frost-resistant. That means you won’t be ‘putting’ up with any maintenance hassles, regardless of the weather.

  • Perforated for drainage
  • Approved for all Weather
  • No harmful chemicals or metals

Pet Turf Rolls

3. Pet Turf Rolls

Your furry friend needs a soft play area, too! Create the perfect lawn for you and your pup with Pet Turf Rolls. They’re also perforated for superior drainage and have rounded natural grass blades that feel comfortable under paws.

  • Soft and pet-friendly
  • UV protected
  • Made in the USA


Artificial grass is a fantastic option to keep your space looking styled and green all year round! Ready to explore our turf selection? Shop Now!