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Sheet vinyl is an attractive and affordable option for flooring. Like with all vinyl flooring, vinyl sheets, also known as vinyl rolls, have made big technological strides in the last decade and are now loved for their versatility, beauty, and low maintenance requirements. You can now find vinyl sheets with realistic visuals and textures, durable construction, and even some water-resistant and allergy-friendly options.

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All About Vinyl Roll Flooring

Vinyl rolls have had a make-over throughout this last decade, so they’ve really ditched that old reputation for being flimsy or cheap-looking. Instead, sheet vinyl offers a world of possibility, from the latest trendy looks to thick, beefy wear layers that can protect the surface even in high traffic commercial areas.

If you’re still unsure, that’s totally fine! Keep on reading to learn how to buy sheet vinyl that will meet your needs.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Pros and Cons

What are the advantages of vinyl rolls?
  • Affordable: If you’re in a budget crunch, this is the vinyl flooring for you. Vinyl rolls come with a friendly price tag and plenty of benefits to ensure you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.
  • Attractive: All the hottest styles are available with vinyl. You like wood-look? You’ve got it. More of a stone-look fan? No problem. Plus, unlike most luxury vinyl plank options, sheets also offer decorative patterns.
  • Water-Resistant Options: Sheet vinyl can hold up to the spills that are a part of life. Install it in your kitchen or mudroom/laundry room, and see how it performs under pressure.
  • Thick Wear Layers: You have the option to purchase vinyl sheets with ultra-thick, ultra-durable wear layers. I’m talking commercial quality here, but there’s nothing stopping you from buying it for the home, especially if you have furry friends with sharp nails. A thick enough wear layer will protect the surface from scratches and scuffs without a problem.
  • Low-Maintenance: Vinyl rolls aren’t fussy. They don’t require any polishing or refinishing or sealing. Just sweep and mop when they get dirty, and you’re good to go!
What are the drawbacks of vinyl rolls?
  • Installation: I’ll be honest. You’re probably going to need a pro for this one. Vinyl rolls may be a piece of cake to maintain, but they’re hard to handle when first laying them down. Save yourself the hassle and bring in somebody who’s done it all before. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Subfloor Requirements: If you’ve got dips or cracks in the subfloor, they will show through the sheet, and it won’t be pretty. In fact, after extended wear over the rough spots, sheet vinyl can actually sustain damage. Nobody wants that, so you need to fix those areas before installing sheet vinyl.

Vinyl Sheet Features

pet friendly


Pets are part of the family, so it only makes sense that you want to keep their needs in mind as you shop for flooring. Vinyl rolls just so happen to be perfect for pets, for a number of reasons! Sheet vinyl comes with the option for water-resistance and durable wear layers, which makes your life easier. No more worries about pet messes or damage to your flooring from scratchy nails.

There are plenty of benefits for your furry friend, too. Many products have textured surfaces that keep paws from slipping and sliding. Plus, the resiliency and comfort ensures your pet is always cosy and feeling at home.

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You can breathe easy with our Asthma- and allergy-friendly products. Everybody needs healthy breathing conditions, but these sheets are specifically designed with asthma and allergies in mind. If you want to make sure your flooring is phthalate-free and really low in VOCs, consider an allergy-friendly vinyl sheet.

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Spills are a part of life, so water-resistant vinyl is perfect for just about everybody. Especially if you have pets or kids, your flooring can face frequent puddles. The last thing you want is staining or moisture damage to your flooring, so why not pick a product built to handle those challenges?

Water-resistant vinyl can be a life-saver in the kitchen, entryway, or laundry room. However, since it’s not 100% waterproof, you still might want to avoid putting it in really high-moisture areas like bathrooms.

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Vinyl Roll Backing

fiberglass backing

Fiberglass Backing

Fiberglass-backed sheet vinyl can lay flat without curling up at the edges. This makes installation a bit more flexible. Sheet vinyl with fiberglass backing does not need to be fully glued to the floor. That means you can go with loose-lay or modified loose-lay methods. Loose-lay sheets lay flat on their own.

With a modified loose lay, pressure-sensitive glue or double-sided carpet tape secures the flooring around the perimeter of the room. While it’s not required, you can still fully glue a fiberglass-backed vinyl sheet to the subfloor if it’s in a heavily trafficked area.

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foam backing

Foam Backing

A foam-backed sheet is a hybrid construction. It has a fiberglass core but features a different, more flexible backing of foam. Foam backing adds a cushioning layer that makes the floor easier on your joints, especially if you stand for extended periods of time. With this combined construction, you get both durability and comfort. Score!

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felt backing

Felt Backing

A felt-backed vinyl sheet is the softest and most flexible option. While it’s definitely soft underfoot, it tends to curl up at the edges. To address this, you just need to glue it down. There’s not really a good way to loose-lay this flooring, but that soft felt layer can make it worth it.

Another important thing to keep in mind about felt-backed vinyl is that it requires at least a day to acclimate before you begin installation. This lets the product get used to the level of humidity and temperature in the room. Additionally, felt-backed vinyl absorbs water, so be sure to avoid moisture-prone spaces.

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Vinyl Sheet Applications



All of our sheet vinyl is tough enough to last in your home, even if you’ve got a hectic living space with lots of kids, pets, and high traffic. All long as you buy a product with a substantial wear layer, you will be protected from stains and scuffs. That means you can relax knowing your floor is going to keep looking good no matter what you throw at it.

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For a commercial space like a store or an office, your needs are still covered. You’ll just need to be sure you buy the toughest of the tough, with a thick enough wear layer to handle tons of traffic.

Commercial sheet vinyl is also the perfect flooring solution for dance studios, photography sets, and even more. And yes, before you ask, they’re also great for home use too. If you want a little bit of extra insurance, opt for a commercial-grade vinyl sheet.

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When it comes to flooring for an RV or trailer, you’ll need something that can handle some rough treatment without sacrificing style. That’s where sheet vinyl comes in.

Vinyl rolls that are designed for automotive use boast heavy-duty fiberglass cores, stain guard wear layers, and durable backing for comfort and quiet. No matter if you’re hauling your toys back and forth or going on a camping trip, vinyl sheet flooring can back you up.

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