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Cheer Mats Cheerleading Mats, Cheer Floor Mats

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Cheereading Mats, Cheer Mats, Cheer Floor Mats

Welcome to your ultimate, affordable and safe cheer mat library. At RubberFlooringInc we boast an expansive collection of cheer mats made from premium EVA foam. Our cheer mats are resilient, offering anti-fatigue technologies to keep you (or your little one) safe through hours of high impact practice. Our cheerleading mats are portable and stylish, allowing you to place your mat just about anywhere with ease and charm. We offer the fastest lead times on cheer floor mats with free shipping on every mat. That means you will receive your new mat quickly and with no additional costs.

Cheer Mats

Give me a C! Ohhhh, you got your C, you got your C. Give me an H! Ohhhh, you’ve got your H, you’ve got your H. Give me an E, E, R! What does that spell?! Okay, so it’s probably a good thing that you’re the cheerleader because, clearly, we are not very good at it. That’s okay, because you know what we are excellent at? Cheer Mats! We have perfected the flooring so that you can perfect the cheering. But how can you perfect your cheers when you only have practice one day per week? I’m pretty sure you mom and dad don’t want you jumping around on the hard tile. An at home cheerleading mat can give you the surface you need to become the star of the next Bring It On movie. Practice your cheers, tumbling and tricks on an at home cheer mat and you will be head cheerleader in no time!

Cheer mats are not the type of thing people traditionally purchase, so most people have more than a few questions when it comes to purchasing their cheer mat. How much do cheer mats cost? Where do I even go to buy cheer mats? Where can I find a good cheer mat sale? Don’t worry, you’ve got questions, but we’ve got answers! First of all, you buy your cheerleading mats right here. Obviously. Our cheer mats typically range from anywhere from $50-$600, depending on which mat you purchase. Let’s have a little chat about what your options are, shall we?

Folding Mats

Portable, soft, safe, fun - those are all words you want to hear when you are choosing a tumbling mat or cheer mat. We offer traditional folding mats, junior folding mats for the wee ones and eco folding mats for anyone who loves a great deal. Our traditional folding mats come in 4 solid color options plus RAINBOW! Yes, rainbow. That one is super fun and exciting. Our folding mats are a great, portable and cost-effective solution for an at home cheer mat and, if you’re like, “I want to buy my cheer mat cheap”, but you don’t want it to suck, check out our Eco Folding Mats for an even better deal with the same durability you’d expect from the rockstars at RubberFlooringInc.

Roll Out At Home Cheer Mats

One of our most popular products, our carpet-topped foam at home cheer mats are ultra durable and safe enough to be used as cheer mats for tumbling, gymnastics and, of course, cheering. If you’re looking for the best cheer mats for home practicing, these babies are it! Lightweight, portable and easy to use, these at home cheer mats are the perfect solution to your cheer flooring needs.

Cheer Mats for Tumbling

Okay so there is a difference between practicing some basic cheers and doing forward and backwards rolls. Sometimes you get a cheer mat of all trades that can do all of it, but if tumbling if your focus, it’s important to choose a cheer mat for tumbling; a mat that has been specifically designed for rolling, headstands, handstands and plenty of falls. Check out our Tumbling Mats for a mat that is certainly up to the challenge. In addition to typical cheer mats for tumbling, we also offer Incline Mats which are perfect for little ones just learning tumbling and gymnastic. They also make great slides down from the bed!

Cheer Mat Color Options

Cheer mats are supposed to be FUN! Of course we offer a simple black cheer mat, but we think you should be able to choose from various different colors to get exactly what you want. With 6 solid color options and a few multi colored, or as I like to call them, RAINBOW options, you’re sure to find a cheer mat you love that can fit in with your home decor.

Cheer Mat Thickness Options

Our cheer mats come in a wide range of thickness options. Thicker cheer mats are, typically, more durable and safe for falls. Be sure to check the thickness of your desired cheer mat to make sure it is appropriate for your usage. Available thickness options are:

  • 3/8”
  • 1-3/8”
  • 1-1/2”
  • 2”
  • 14”
  • 16”