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What Are Portable Dance Floors? Our Social Floor Guide

Portable dance floors are easily one of the best inventions for avid practitioners of the art of dance. From youngsters at their first dance class to seasoned dancers traveling to events, portable dance floors make it easy.

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Where Can You Use Portable Dance Floors?

The possibilities are endless with a portable dance floor! Many places like museums, convention centers, schools, and arenas use portable dance floors to create a professional yet inviting atmosphere for guests.

Events: For weddings, birthdays, and family gatherings, portable dance flooring will be a highlight of the night. You can dance the night away knowing that your dance floor was extremely durable and easy on the budget, while your guests remember it was stylish and comfortable underfoot.

Practice at home: They’re perfect for dancers practicing at home or while on the go.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dance Floors

ProStep Dance Floor - Full Roll


  • Ease of installation: Interlocking portable dance floors makes it easy to put them together and take them apart after a practice or recital.
  • Portable: Portable dance floors use lightweight materials, so you spend less time lugging them around and more time practicing.
  • Ultra-durable: High-quality flooring materials, like PVC, rubber, and vinyl create surfaces that can withstand years’ worth of dance practices and recitals.
  • Elegance: Average flooring, like tile and laminate, can be uncomfortable to dance on and don’t provide the same benefits as a portable dance floor. With our high-quality materials, your floor will be a showstopper in any room or event.


  • Cost for large spaces: Portable dance floors can be expensive upfront. However, if you keep them for future events, like weddings, family gatherings, and birthdays, you’ll have them for years to come.
  • Larger installations: If you plan on covering a reasonably large space, we recommend putting it together with two to three friends to speed up installation time.

Portable Dance Floor Materials

Marley Vinyl

One of the most common types of flooring in dance studios is Marley vinyl. The broad term “Marley” dance flooring refers to multi-layered sheet vinyl. Vinyl dance floors are great for various kinds of dance, from beginner to advanced.

Marley vinyl flooring is favorite for several types of dance, including tap dancing. Instead of muffling noise, our selection of tap-approved Marley vinyl will ensure you get the necessary tap sound and all the benefits of a durable, professional floor.

Shop Vinyl Dance Flooring

Hard Plastic

Many of our hard plastic floors have a high-grade polypropylene base layer with a vinyl top layer. The hard plastic ensures your dance flooring’s longevity, while the vinyl creates a slip-resistant and stylish wood or tile look.

Tap and Irish jig dancers often use hard plastic flooring to ensure acoustics sound sharp and loud.

Shop Hard Plastic Dance Flooring

Types of Portable Dance Floors

For every style of dance, there’s a portable flooring that will complement the movements. Keep in mind the varieties of dance styles you plan on using it for. Below you’ll find the different types of flooring we offer and our top recommendations.

Portable Dance Floor Tiles

Tiles are one of the most versatile options out of all our portable dance floors. They work for several dance styles, are easy to set up and maintain, and you can purchase just the right amount for your space.

Practice Dance Tiles

Practice Dance Tiles

Best for: Tap, beginner ballet, jazz, and flamenco.

Our Practice Dance Tiles are ultra-durable and can be used for event flooring, whether sitting, standing, or dancing on them.

If you have a smaller space, like a basement or child’s room, you can create the perfect sized dance room for your aspiring dancer.


  • Great for home or events
  • Easy to install
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Wood-look floor tiles
Shop Practice Dance Tiles

Dancetrax Tiles

Dancetrax Tiles

Best for: Jazz, modern, lyrical, ballet, as temporary flooring, event flooring, and basement flooring.

Dancetrax Tiles are an ultra-durable solution to beat the wear and tear of everyday pirouette and choreography practice. Dancetrax tiles come in various styles and colors that can match any room aesthetic, from rustic wood-looks to glossy white.


  • Made of quality, USA-made materials
  • Install inside or outside
  • Easy to disassemble and store
Shop Dancetrax Tiles

Portable Dance Floor Rolls

Rolls are a fantastic choice for touring companies, dance practices in a shared space (like highschool basketball gyms), and at-home dance studios.

In bulk, they are not as portable compared to dance tiles, but it’s all personal preference on where and how often you plan to transport them.

Rosco Dance Floor Rolls - Full Roll

Rosco Dance Floor Rolls

Best for: Hip hop, aerobic, jazz, contemporary and more.

Rosco Dance floor rolls are touring dance companies’ favorite due to the flooring’s excellent slip resistance, easy to roll design, and sleek, matte finish.

Rosco dance floor rolls provide a professional-level floor for those who cannot have a permanent setup, like theatre productions and touring dance companies. These rolls come with a 3-year warranty, so rest assured you will get the most out of your portable dance flooring.


  • Reversible
  • Great for all types of dance
  • Non-skid finish
Shop Rosco Dance Floor Rolls

Portable Dance Floor Mats

Like rolls, portable dance mats are among the best dance solutions for traveling dancers. They’re easy to unroll and pack up, and better yet, no time to put together!

Eco-Wood Dance Mats

Eco-Wood Dance Mats

Best for: A variety of dance styles, including tap dance and advanced pointe.

Eco-Wood Dance Mats are a favorite for at-home wood-look dance flooring. The mat’s durable vinyl top and foam backing create a supportive flooring that helps minimize injuries.

Eco-Wood Dance Mats’ resilient-vinyl top also creates a “slip” that aids with dance motions and turns.


  • Shock-absorbing and slip-resistant
  • 10-year warranty
  • Superior sound absorption offering quieter acoustics
Shop Eco-Wood Dance Mats

Portable Dance Floor Packages

All-inclusive portable dance packages include everything you need for the best dance space possible. They’re easy to install and offer a professional studio look to any room.

Even better, the majority of our packages include a floor roll, cushion subfloor tiles, and mat tape to keep your floor in place.

ProStep Dance Floor Package with Subfloor

ProStep Dance Floor Package

Best for: Hip hop, contemporary dance styles, lyrical, ballet, jazz, and more. *Not recommended for pointe

The ProStep Dance Floor Package offers high-quality vinyl dance flooring for numerous dance styles and levels. This budget-friendly package makes it easy to set up in no time.


  • 3-year warranty covers defects in manufacturing
  • A professional dance floor studio looks
  • Pre-cut rolls
Shop ProStep Dance Floor Package

Portable Dance Floor Kits

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your aspiring dancer? Portable dance floor kits are a popular choice that will surely be used and appreciated.

If you’re hosting an event, like a wedding reception or small family reunion, look no further. Many of our portable kits come in various tiles sizes, from 3′ x 3′ to 16′ x 16′. You can transform any floor space to fit your overall aesthetic.

Modular Dance Floor Kits

Practice Dance Tile Kit

Best for: Tap, two steppings, beginner ballet, and more.

Our Practice Dance Tile Kit is our #1 best-seller! It’s a customer favorite due to its affordability and size options for small spaces.


  • The low-cost portable dance floor
  • Great as a gift or for personal use in the home
  • Kits include tiles and edging
Shop Practice Dance Tile Kit

Modular Dance Floor Kits

Modular Dance Floor Kit

Best for: Several dance styles, great for both portable home and business use.

The Modular Dance Floor Kit is straightforward, easy on the eyes, and simple to put together in a snap! Modular Dance Floor Kit offers natural stone and real wood looks in easy, interlocking tiles.

They’re great for taking to multiple locations and an excellent investment for event planners and business owners.


  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Scuff resistant
  • Attractive colors and styles
Shop Modular Dance Floor Kit

Portable Subfloors

Shock absorbing sprung floors are a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their performance and reduce injuries while on the floor. Sprung floors are made of multi-layer vinyl and or rubber flooring to create a cushioned yet sturdy base.

Dance subfloors are an essential component of sprung floors to create a safe sprung surface. For safety purposes, we do not recommend putting any dance floor over unforgiving flooring that doesn’t “give,” like carpet or concrete.

Stress injuries and hyper-extension of joints can happen when vinyl flooring is applied directly on top of an unsprung floor. We recommend a subfloor underneath for an even, resilient floor. If you don’t have a dance subfloor, a sheet of plywood will do over the carpet.

3/8 Home Dance Subfloor Tiles

3/8″ Home Dance Subfloor Tiles

Best for: At-home practice for beginner ballet, jazz, modern, and tap with Adagio floors. *Not recommended for pointe.

Our 3/8″ Home Dance Subfloor Tiles are shock absorbent and offer your dancer the support they need.

These subfloor tiles are portable, lightweight, and easily pair with a variety of our rolls and tiles. We recommend this flooring system on top of hardwood, concrete, and low-pile carpet.


  • Affordable subfloor for home dance studios
  • Perfect for underneath any rolled Marley floor
  • EVA foam tile cushions and supports dancers
Shop 3/8″ Home Dance Subfloor Tiles

How to Install Portable Dance Floors

All of our portable dance floors are meant to be easy, temporary solutions. Most often, portable dance floors come as tiles with interlocking edges, which create a seamless, flat surface.

Portable floors do not require cutting or measuring. Simply lock them together, and they’re ready. To take them apart, softly detach and store them either in a storage bag or stacked.

How to Maintain Portable Dance Floors

One of the best parts of a portable dance floor is its easy-to-clean material. For weekly maintenance, we recommend sweeping or vacuuming loose crumbs, dust, and debris.

For heavy-duty clean-ups, avoid floor cleaners with harsh ingredients and use a damp mop for spills. It’s always a good idea to refer to your manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation as well.


Find your favorite dance partner with our variety of dance flooring options! We know they’ll match your groove, so you never miss a beat.