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Rolled rubber gym flooring


Do you have a big area to cover? Not a problem! Rubber rolls are a great solution for both large and small spaces. Order pre-cut or custom-cut sizes to fit your space. Additionally, rubber rolls have less seams, giving a smoother, more uniform appearance.


Rubber Rolls by Length

Custom Cut Rolls

  • • 4" x 15" and up

Pre Cut Rolls

  • • 4" x 25"
  • • 4" x 50"

Rubber rolls come in many different sizes to fit all spaces and needs. Custom cut rolls are great - you can get them cut to perfectly fit your space. All custom cut rolls are 4’ wide and start at 15’ long, going all the way up to 140’ long. All custom cut rolls are cut and sized by the linear foot, giving you tons of options to fit into your space like a perfect pair of jeans.

Sometimes our pre-cut rolls will run a little less expensive and can also ship faster. If you’re on a strict budget and timeline, they could be a better choice than custom cut. Our pre-cut rubber rolls are cut at 4" wide by 25" long or 4" wide by 50" long. You can easily cut the flooring to fit once you have it in your space.

Rolled rubber gym flooring

Rubber Rolls by Thickness

It is equally important to consider the roll’s thickness. Rubber rolls can range anywhere from 5mm to ½” in thickness, including 5mm, ¼”, 8mm, ½” and more. Thinner rolls are great for light, at home workouts, while ?” rolls are the standard for commercial gyms. Thicker rolls typically include a higher price point, but also (usually) offer more durability and shock absorbency, making them the #1 choice for high impact workouts and Olympic lifting.

**Note: In some cases thicker rolls at longer length can be challenging to ship due to the weight and size of the rolls.

Where to Use Rubber Rolls

  • • Indoor sports center
  • • Entrance or walkway
  • • Boats
  • • Ice skating rinks
  • • Small indoor markets
  • • Corporate offices
  • • So much more...



Any concrete, low pile carpet, hardwood, ceramic or porcelain tiles, or even on top of compacted dirt. It is important that your subfloor is leveled to ensure safety and a flat surface for workouts.

**Note: Dark rubber can stain light carpets, vinyl and some hardwood. Easy fix! ? If you are laying the products on top of an existing floor, we recommend getting a plastic sheet to place in between the rubber and your current floor.


Rolled rubber flooring for home gym
  • • Antimicrobial
  • • Free-floating installation
  • • Sound absorption
  • • Recycled rubber
  • • Shock absorption
  • • Modern style


Rolled rubber flooring

• Can be damaged using oil based solvents

• Heavy to work with, may require extra help or a dolly

• Color fleck rubber rolls are not UV stable

If you think rubber rolls might be for you, feel free to take a trip over to our rubber rolls page, shop around and find the perfect roll for you.