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Plastic / PVC Tiles Plastic Tiles

Plastic/PVC Tiles

Since 1907, plastic has been the greatest man made product on the planet. Plastics can be found everywhere. From the water bottle you are holding in your hand, to your home and car, plastic has made our lives easier and more efficient. However, plastic has also been one of the biggest ecological disasters of all time. Plastic trash can be found literally everywhere, from our oceans to our landfills. So the big question became, what do we do with all of this plastic? To answer this question, a bunch of really smart scientists got together to devise a plan for this trash. They put their brains together and decided to turn this plastic waste into a floor. And voila, we have plastic flooring!

At RubberFlooringInc, we offer a wide range of plastic flooring in hard plastic and soft PVC tiles. All of our tiles are made from recycled materials, which helps keep all of those scraps of plastic from winding up in our landfills and oceans. These tiles were originally made to handle one of the harshest environments that can be found in our homes: the garage. As everyone knows, garages are a tough place for any flooring type. Garages are usually open to the elements, with cars driving in and out every day like a bad version of GroundHog Day. It makes your floor scream “when is this gonna end?” Initially, people would turn to putting Epoxy on their garage floors so they could make it nice like the rest of the house. But over time, people realized that Epoxy would eventually fail and have to be replaced. Stripping and replacing epoxy is an expensive and long process. This problem helped to pave the way for plastic flooring to become the go-to flooring option in garages. Not only is it the go to flooring for garages, but it is also great for basements, as dance floor flooring,shower flooring,outdoor patio flooring and much more.

Hard Plastic Tiles

Hard plastic tiles are commonly found as flooring in garages, but are great as trade show flooring, office flooring, outdoor patio flooring, as a dance floor and much more. These hard plastic tiles are great for all of these applications because they are easy to install and maintain. Designed to handle the harsh environments of a garage, they are perfectly suited for any high traffic area where a durable floor is required. All of our plastic tiles are interlocking and mold and mildew resistant and our outdoor plastic tiles are resistant to fading and are freeze/thaw stable. Hard plastic modular floors feature plastic bottoms with either a vinyl, carpet or wood top. All of the these floor tiles are a great alternative to the standard floor they mimic. Maintaining our hard plastic tiles is very simple - just use a broom and a garden hose or mop.

Soft PVC Tiles

Our soft PVC tiles are the ideology changer of our plastic flooring. These tiles are not only great for your garage, but can be used in any room in your home. With tiles that mimic slate, stone and wood, these tiles are the perfect alternative to natural stone or wood in your home. Constructed from plastic, these tiles will not promote mold or mildew growth and they are even resistant to most household chemicals. These tiles are very easy to install and will help insulate any room. Maintaining these tiles is very similar to other natural flooring surfaces and requires only and broom and mop.

So why are plastic tiles better than any other type of flooring in garages? First off, plastic flooring is customizable. With these customizable tiles, you can create cool and creative patterns that showcase your garage and that masterpiece of a car you spent your whole life savings on. Our hard plastic tiles are available in several surface patterns: diamond, coin, vented and smooth. Plastic tiles are also easier to install and maintain. All of our plastic tile flooring is designed to interlock with surrounding tiles like a big adult size puzzle In fact, it’s so easy even a child can install them. Also, cleaning these modular tiles is very easy with just the use of a hose, blower or broom to remove dirt and debris. Since these tiles were constructed to handle the weight of a car and all the chemicals that come from it, they are made to the highest possible flooring standards.

Plastic flooring is great for all types of sport floors. These tiles are great for basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and much more. There are numerous advantages to having plastic flooring instead of concrete, but the main advantage is they provide shock absorbency. The toughest part of playing any sport is the impact on your joints. Plastic flooring helps to reduce this impact so you can continue to play with less pain. Our court tiles are very easy to install and come in both indoor and outdoor varieties. You can easily maintain these plastic floor tiles with the use of a broom and hose.

Our drainage tiles are hard plastic tiles that are great for both indoor and outdoor use. They allow water to flow freely through your flooring system. This feature helps to keep your new floor slip resistant, even in areas where there will be copious amounts of water. These tiles are great for indoor patios, decks, around pools, and outdoor showers. These interlocking tiles are easy to install and remove. Maintenance is similar to our other plastic flooring; just a broom and a hose.

Shower tiles are softer plastic tiles geared to be used in indoor spaces. These tiles are a slip resistant flooring option great for showers, locker rooms, saunas and the like. These plastic tiles are mold and mildew resistant and are very easy to clean and sanitize. These are interlocking tiles, meaning installation is a breeze and maintenance is just as simple. Not only are these tiles great as flooring, but they are also very popular for use as drying mats in bars, restaurants and home kitchens.

The next time you go to a wedding or bar mitzvah, take a look at the flooring. You will notice that it looks like an old parquet floor from the 60’s, but allows you to do the moonwalk with ease. Watch out Michael! These tiles you are dancing your tail off on are known as modular tiles or dance tiles. They are all the rage in the banquet room scene. What makes these tiles such a hot commodity is the fact that the tiles can be easily installed and removed for different events. This allows anyone to use their space multiple ways in the same day. These tiles are also very durable, long lasting and a lot cheaper than getting a wood floor installed. And if a tile was to get damaged, all you have to do is replace it with a new one. That process takes a hot second versus the days it would take to re-lay a wood floor. Maintaining these tiles is similar to our other plastic floors, and only needs a broom and a mop for stuck on stains.