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Court Flooring Sport Flooring

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Court Flooring

Pass me the ball! A whistle blows. Out of bounds. Man, how I hate playing outside in the rain! What happened here was a situation that happens way too often. A player wants to be Michael Jordan, but ends up being Sam Bowie. So how can someone prevent this totally avoidable situation in the future? Maybe learn a new sport? Go out and get some new Jordans? No. Proper court flooring is the only way to prevent this situation.

At Rubber Flooring Inc, we offer a wide range of court flooring that is great for all types of sports. Some of the common sports this flooring is used for are basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. So why would someone choose this flooring over concrete? First, our tiles are more shock absorbent than concrete. This helps alleviate the stresses that are put on your joints when playing high impact sports. Court flooring is also more slip resistant when wet, which is a major factor for people who live in areas where it rains a lot. Here’s looking at you Florida! Lastly, court flooring is cooler in direct sunlight than concrete. Now, the floor will still be hot in the hot, hot sun, but not as hot as concrete. So you may not be able to fry an egg, but rather soft boil an egg. Here’s looking at you Arizona! Our sport flooring is available in indoor and outdoor options and can be easily installed. Our court flooring is available in several colors, which allows you to create the ultimate fan court in your backyard or school gym.

Outdoor Court Flooring

Our outdoor court flooring has been designed to be used as outdoor flooring for basketball courts, tennis courts and volleyball courts in all weather. These tiles are vented, allowing water to easily flow through and under the floor. This ensures a slip resistant and safe court floor when wet. These sport tiles are available in several fade resistant colors, ensuring your new basketball court will look great for years to come. All of our court tiles are interlocking, which is a ‘DIYer’s’ dream, and can be installed in a matter of hours. Our outdoor court flooring is very easy to clean and maintain with the use of a blower or hose.

Indoor Court Flooring

Our indoor court flooring features solid tiles that come in several sizes, colors, and patterns. These tiles have been designed as flooring for indoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, and tennis courts. Since these are solid tiles, water will not flow through the surface of the tile, but through the seams. This will help to keep any liquids from pooling on top of the floor. It is recommended to clean up any liquids right away as to prevent slipping hazards. Our indoor court flooring is interlocking which makes for a very quick and easy install. These tiles are very easy to clean and maintain with the use of a broom or mop.


All of our indoor court flooring is made with hard plastic, which can make noise when walked over. To reduce this noise, we recommend the use of our Shock Pad underlay under the floor. This will help to deaden the clicking sound heard when walking over the floor and add comfort underfoot.

Gym Floor Covers & Tiles

Gym floor covers are vinyl rolls and carpet tiles that are used to protect your gym floor from the ever so vile foot traffic. Our gym floor cover rolls and tiles are very easy to install and remove for any type of event. These rolls are very popular as floor protection for proms, graduations and the like. Our gym floor covers are are very easy to clean and maintain with the use of a broom, vacuum or mop.