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Gym Mats

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Gym Mats

When you hear ‘gym mats’, what comes to mind? Yoga mats? horse stall mats? folding mats? gymnastic mats? wrestling mats? What if I told you all of those are correct? Gym mats encompass a wide range of mats that can be found in any home or commercial gym. From the yoga mat you carry with you in your car to the large gymnastic mats found at the Olympics, all of these are gym mats.

Rubber Gym Mats

Rubber gym mats are the most common mats you will find in any home or commercial gym. These mats are used for anything from floor exercises to dropping heavy weights. Rubber mats are available in several thicknesses and sizes. Our ¼” thick mats have been designed for floor exercises and as mats under treadmills and stationary bikes. These mats are lighter in weight and can be easily rolled up and carried from place to place. Our ⅜” thick mats are great for higher impact exercises and as mats under stationary equipment. Because they are thicker, they can handle more impact and abuse. This makes them popular with light to moderate weight training. Our ½” and ¾” mats are our workhorse mats. These mats are the mats that Olympians use to drop those heavy weights on. These mats are typically 4’ x 6’ in size and feature an unfinished bottom for added traction. Our rubber gym mats are very easy to clean and maintain with the use of a broom and mop.

Foam Gym Mats

So you want to be the next Gabby Douglas, or maybe you want to be the next MMA champion. Whoever you want to be, the right mat is key to your success and our high quality foam mats are that key. Foam gym mats encompass a large number of different types of mats. From folding mats to cheer mats, these mats provide a high level of shock absorbency.

Cheer Mats

Our home cheer mats are our most popular mats and feature a carpet top. These mats are very popular for cheer exercises, gymnastics and the like. These foam mats are very shock absorbent while providing a soft surface for your little tikes to land on. These gymnastic mats are easy to roll up and store and can be transported from place to place easily.

Folding Mats / Tumbling Mats

Folding and tumbling mats are vinyl encased mats that are popular for tumbling, martial arts and wrestling. These mats are very shock absorbent and can be easily folded up and stored or transported. Since these gym mats are encased in vinyl, they are very easy to clean and sanitize. This is one of the main reasons why these mats are popular in commercial environments.

Fitness Mats / Exercise Mats

Fitness mats and exercise mats are lighter weight mats that can be easily transported from place to place. These mats are thicker than yoga mats and provide more comfort for more difficult floor exercises like pilates. These gym mats are available in a vinyl top version, vinyl encased version, or a rubber encased version. All of these mats are non porous and are very easy to clean and sanitize.

Interlocking Foam Gym Mats

So you want to be the next Chuck Liddell, but you are training on a concrete floor. Talk about concussion city! Sounds like someone needs our interlocking foam gym mats. So why would you want interlocking foam gym mats versus our other foam mats? The number one reason would be that you can create an entire flooring surface in your home or commercial gym with these mats. These mats are ¾” thick to an 1” thick and offer excellent shock absorbency. These gym mats are commonly used as flooring for MMA, Judo, Ju Jitsu, and other high impact exercises. Made of closed cell EVA foam, these tiles are resistant to water, mold and mildew growth. These interlocking foam tiles are a DIYers dream and can be cleaned easily with a broom, mop or rag.

Ommmmm. Ommmmm. Quiet, we are doing yoga. Our yoga mats are better than the cheap thin mats you get at local department stores. Available from ⅛” thick to ⅜” thick, these yoga mats will provide you with a safe, comfortable space to practice on. Our yoga mats are available in many colors and sizes and come in PVC, rubber and foam mats. All of these mats are very easy to clean, maintain and sanitize, and are non porous which is great when you are bleeding sweat in the wounded peacock pose.