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Soft Tiles

Soft Tiles

Bright, colorful, fun, vibrant, versatile and cushiony - those are the words that come to mind when you think soft tiles. Soft foam tiles are insanely popular due to their versatility, being used for everything from kids’ play areas to home gyms, basements and more. These babies are about as easy and affordable as flooring gets, but don’t you worry, we don’t skimp out on quality here. That’s not our style. Our soft foam tiles are secretly pretty tough, and if you find one gets damaged? No problem-o, you just pop another one in its place. Ta-da! Soft foam tiles are truly the accessible flooring for everyone. So easy your toddler can put them together and gentle enough to accommodate little stumbles while your little one practices their cartwheel, or when you land flat on your face mid push up because OMG push ups are hard. Soft tiles are not.

Soft Tiles for Sweating

With so many colors to choose from and a price point that can’t be beat, soft foam tiles are one hot commodity!

Soft Tiles for Home Gyms

Soft foam tiles are an excellent choice for first-time gym flooring buyers. The soft foam tiles are perfect for lightweight exercises, yoga, stretching, core work, meditation and more. Now, if you’re doing heavy Olympic weightlifting, the basic soft tiles are not for you (these HD soft tiles, however, are a great choice!), but they are perfect for the basic home gym and especially great as a way to test the waters. Not sure if working out at home is right for you? Don’t break your budget then live to regret it because you decided you love Jiu-Jitsui and now you never use your home gym. Save yourself the buyer’s remorse and begin with affordable (and fashionable!) soft foam tiles as your gym flooring. Our best selling foam flooring options for home gyms are our Eco-Soft Tiles and Premium Soft Wood Tiles.

Soft Tiles for Martial Arts

Foam flooring is the most common flooring option for martial arts studios and at home practice. Everything from traditional Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Tatami and more can be safely performed on our foam mats. These bad boys are thick, durable, shock absorbent (jump to your heart’s content!), insulating (take that, winter!) and mold and mildew resistant. Choose a mat, or cover your entire floor with some of our interlocking options. Either way, this foam flooring will give you a place to hone your skills, or your martial arts studio a reliable floor you can trust. Our most popular soft tiles for Martial Arts are our Tatami Tiles and 1” (interlocking) MMA Mats.

Soft Tiles for Hardcore Workouts

What do you mean by a “hardcore workout”? Well, it means that 1. We find you impressive, and 2. These soft foam tiles can take the abuse of heavy weights and plyometric (jumping) movements. But seriously, these foam tiles are almost an oxymoron - soft AND strong? Yes, magic. Okay, not magic, just excellent manufacturing and a little bit of love. Our HD Soft Tiles are made from high density foam, making them durable to stand up to your heavy power cleans. In fact, they are so sturdy, you can even use them for horse stalls!

Soft Tiles for Play Time

Soft foam flooring is perfect for kids of all ages. The soft, cushiony foam protects your little ones while they learn to walk, run, jump and play. Calm your worries of emergency room trips after falling on hard tile floor; now you can give your little one freedom to roam on a soft, safe surface. We all know that as we get older our bodies start to feel, well, older… Our joints hurt, our backs ache, and the idea of crawling around on a hard, cold floor is just too much to bear! Okay, maybe you’re not quite that dramatic, but it’s definitely not a desirable activity. Soft foam flooring gives you the opportunity to crawl around and enjoy active play with your kiddos on a soft, warm, insulated surface. All the fun without the aches and pains, foam flooring is definitely a win-win. Our customer favorite soft play tiles for play time include Rainbow Mats, Premium Soft Tiles and Eco-Soft+.

Soft Carpet Tiles

The words lightweight, easy to install and carpet are not typically seen put together, but that’s all changing with our soft carpet tiles! The EVA foam layer underneath the carpet is what gives these carpet tiles their soft feel. Soft foam carpet tiles are a big hit for home gyms and trade shows. Waterproof, allergen and latex free, these soft tiles can meet all your needs without weighing you down!

Soft Tiles Outside

Bring the fun of soft foam tiles out into the sun! We have plenty of soft foam flooring to help keep you safe by the pool. Don’t worry about safety when you have soft floor tiles keeping slips to a minimum and saving your bodies when occasional spills happen. You don’t have to be stuck with traditional deck flooring; with these soft tile flooring options, you can create a more unique, soft and fun theme to your outside area.

Color and Design Options for Soft Tiles

One of the biggest advantages of soft foam floor tiles and mats offer is the designs you can create with seemingly endless color options, unique patterns and more. Keep your soft flooring simple and classy with a faux wood look that keeps your floor both kid and style friendly, or use funky animal print tiles for a jungle theme. Neverending possibilities open up the box and let the fun in!


Our soft tiles come in a wide range of thickness options. Thicker tiles are, typically, more durable and dense. Be sure to check the thickness of your desired soft tile to make sure it is appropriate for your usage. Available thickness options are:

  • 3/16”
  • 3/8”
  • 1/2”
  • 5/8”
  • 3/4”
  • 7/8”
  • 1”
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