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Basement Flooring Basement Floors, Basement Flooring Options

Basement Flooring

Basements, dark, dirty and dingy. That is the first thing most people think when they hear that word. But what if you could turn your basement into your own little retreat. Your piece of heaven away from your kids and family. Your place of serenity. Well the one thing that will help to make that place your center of refuge is a quality floor.

Basements are known for being the one area of a home where moisture can be a real issue. Typically this is due to basements being either below or near the water table. Water is the number one killer of floors and basements are the number one crime scene. The only way we can turn this trend around is to put in flooring that can stand strong against this tidal wave of crime and fear. Floors that we offer at RubberFlooringInc that are certain to withstand this wave are vinyl, carpet, foam, rubber and plastic. All of these flooring types feature properties that allow them to handle the extreme environment of your basement.

Vinyl flooring is a great basement floor because it is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew growth. Vinyl flooring comes in several different formats and we offer the following; vinyl rolls, luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks. All of these products are very easy for any weekend warrior to install and are available in multiple price ranges. Vinyl rolls are typically the cheapest followed by the planks and tiles. All of these products offer great visuals and will make most people look twice wondering if it is the real thing or not. Maintenance of our vinyl flooring is very straight-forward and consists of using a broom to sweep off larger pieces of dirt and debris and a mop for stuck on stains.

In most minds, basements and carpets do not mix. But the truth is that basement carpet is a great flooring option. These tiles have been constructed to resist retaining moisture and are mold and mildew resistant. This means even if the floor does get flooded your carpet can be cleaned and brought back to its original glory! These tiles are very easy to install and if one were to become damaged are very easy to replace. Maintenance of these tiles is the same as standard carpeting. You will want to vacuum them on a regular basis and deep clean them periodically to keep them looking brand new. Basement carpet is nice because it will provide you with comfort under foot and add warmth to your basement. For additional comfort, an underlay can be added prior to installation.

Our foam tiles are a great and fun way to floor your basement at a very inexpensive way. From wood look tiles to fun colorful tiles, these soft tiles will provide your basement with both warmth and comfort. One nice thing about these interlocking tiles is that they are very easy to install and remove. Heaven forbid your basement does flood, you can easily pick up all of your tiles and set them outside to dry. Another cool thing about foam tiles it that they will float in water. So retrieval of your floor will be a breeze. It will be like fishing, but for foam! These foam tiles are resistant to mold and mildew and have insulating properties. Maintenance of our foam tiles is very simple. All you need is a broom for dirt and debris and a mop or rag for stuck on stains. We recommend using a mild soap and water solution when mopping or wiping up stains with a rag.

Rubber flooring for basements is always a great flooring option. Available in rolls, tiles and mats, rubber is one of the most durable and forgiving flooring options we offer. Rubber is a great insulator and is mold and mildew resistant. Definitely a theme with all of our basement floor, isn’t it? Rubber flooring is very easy to install, especially our rubber tiles. Installation of these tiles is like putting together a life size jigsaw puzzle, except if it’s all black with some color here and there. Hmmmm not as cool when you think about it. But at least it’s easy! Rubber rolls are also easy to install with double sided tape for most installations. Maintenance of rubber flooring is similar to other flooring types. Simply vacuum or sweep the floor of any particulate and you can mop it with a mild soap and water solution. We recommend using a synthetic mop head. Cotton will leave little white strings all over your floor.

The plastic flooring that we offer is made of recycled PVC. These flex tiles are great for basements because they are non porous and are easy to install and maintain. These tiles will provide comfort under foot and are mold and mildew resistant. These plastic tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns and some even mimic natural stone! Installation of our plastic tiles is a breeze! All you will need is a rubber mallet and some elbow grease! These tiles interlock together very tightly helping to prevent liquid from passing from the surface to the subfloor. Some of our tiles even have a hidden interlocking system that helps to further sell the realness of the floor. Maintenance of these tiles is very similar to other flooring surfaces. All that is needed is a broom and mop for stuck on stains.