Composite Wood Decking

If you are looking to seriously transform your outdoor living space - composite decking is the way to go. These tiles and boards are designed to be extra durable, built to hold up to all that mother nature has to offer. Composite patio flooring is weather resistant, fade resistant, and even insect resistant - unlike natural hardwood deck floors.



composite decking

The Many Benefits of Composite Wood Decking

Composite decking is super low maintenance! Unlike traditional hardwood decking (which has to be restained, painted, sealed, and even sanded after the surface wears down) composite deck tiles and boards come ready to go - they don’t need the upkeep and maintenance to stay looking like new.

Majority of the time, composite decking products are made from recycled materials. So you can rest assured that you aren’t tearing down any trees or destroying the environment with your beautiful new outdoor flooring.

Something cool with many of the tiles is that within the same brand, patterns can be mixed and matched. The interlocking tiles will lock together within different styles (4 slat and 6 slat for example) to allow for your creative freedom to run wild! Create custom patterns across a whole floor, or build a unique border around the floor that you will love.