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Gymnastics Mats Folding Gym Matting, Gymnastics Mat

Gymnastics Mats

Our gymnastics mats offer safety, durability and fun while protecting you from the dangers of this high impact sport. At RubberFlooringInc we offer gym matting for all levels of gymnastics, tumbling and martial arts. Gymnastics mats vary in thickness and shock absorption levels, leaving you plenty of options to find the appropriate mat for your impact level. Don’t worry, all of our mats are safe, free of hazardous chemicals and extremely easy to clean and sanitize. Order one gym floor mat for a portable option, or link multiple mats together to cover a large space.

Front flips, back flips, aerials and more, the fun in gymnastics never ends. Just like football players need to gear up to protect themselves, gymnasts need a high quality gym mat to keep them safe. Whether you’re flooring a big fancy gym or looking for gymnastics mats for home use, we have the gym mat for you. When you’re looking to buy a gymnastics mat, it’s important to pay careful attention to the safety ratings, rather than just looking for a cheap gymnastics mat. Lucky for you, we have gymnastics mats for sale that are affordable, safe and fun!

Gymnastics Mats for Kids

Is your little one front rolling and handstanding all over your living room? It’s always great for kids to have hobbies they love, but gymnastics can be an especially scary hobby when you don’t have home gym mats for kids! Going upside down, flipping and rolling can be dangerous business and you need a thick, soft gymnastics mat at home and at the gym to keep you safe. For the kiddos, check out our Jr. Folding Mats or Incline Mats for added fun and safe practice at home.

Folding Gymnastics Mats

Sometimes you want a gym mat at home and sometimes you don’t. These gymnastics folding mats give you the option of folding up your mat and getting it out of your living room for times when you’re entertaining or having company. We offer 4’x8’x2” Folding Mats and 4’x8’x2” 5’x10’x2” Tumbling Mats 5’x10’x2” tumbling mats and 4’x8’x1.5” folding mats for kids. These home gym mats are a great, portable option for maintaining your gymnastics practice without turning your entire home into a gym.

Roll Out Cheer & Gymnastics Mats

Looking for a versatile, portable and affordable mat perfect for both cheer and tumbling practice? Our Home Cheer Mats are one of our most popular products, offering you an easy solution for at home practice. For just basic tumbling like front rolls and back rolls, our ⅜” Soft Mats are are great, inexpensive option. Are you super hard core with triple back tucks? You may want to check out our FlexFit Elite Fitness Mats.

Other Gym Mats

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? We have a few specialty gym mats for wrestling, MMA and more. Our Home Deluxe Wrestling Mats are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for a home gym setup. Our Landing Mats are available in both 4’ and 5’ thicknesses, which makes them the cream of the crop as far as shock absorbent gymnastics flooring goes. These babies are pretty heavy, but they are the real deal, great for professional gyms and studios.

Gymnastics Mat Thickness Options

We have a wide variety of thickness options in our gym mats, from ⅜” to 14” - yes, under an inch to fourteen inches! Why such a wide variety? Well, not everyone needs a 14” thick gymnastics mat. Typically, the thicker the mat, the more durable and shock absorbent it is, making thick mats necessary for vaulting exercises and other high level gymnastics. Make sure to check the thickness and recommended usage of each product to make sure it is the right fit for you.

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Roll Out & Folding Mats