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Artificial Grass Cost Guide: Turf vs. Grass

The cost of artificial grass is probably the most important factor that goes into choosing which turf you want to buy. If you’ve been stumped on deciding if artificial grass is worth the cost, this artificial grass cost guide can help!

It’s no secret that artificial grass has a steep up-front cost, and at first glance that can deter people from investing in a maintenance-free lawn. However, the initial cost isn’t the full story.

In reality, your natural grass lawn is costing you money every year. From buying fertilizers, paying for extra water, a new lawnmower every few years, and an array of weed and bug killers – your lawn maintenance costs a lot.

With this guide, you’ll learn a bit more about what it costs to install artificial grass and it’ll put you on the right track for making your budget.

Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass

If you haven’t quite made up your mind about artificial grass, here are a few head-to-head comparisons to help you make a decision.

Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass Cost

While artificial grass is initially more expensive than grass, it’s much more affordable over the long run!


This information is courtesy of Synthetic Grass Warehouse. Yearly estimates for natural grass maintenance come in at $2,268, which includes fertilizers, chemicals, irrigation, and trimming. Estimated artificial grass maintenance is $175 each year.

Turf installation price estimates all labor, gravel removal, possible irrigation movement, etc.

Winner: Artificial Grass


Artificial grass is the clear winner here. No more time spent mowing the lawn, setting up sprinklers, or staying home for your irrigation; turf requires practically nothing of you as the owner other than the occasional hose down.

Winner: Artificial Grass


High-quality turf looks like the real thing. Nobody will know the difference. Plus it stays green all year round. Real grass can have patchiness or unsightly brown spots.

Winner: Artificial Grass


One of the cons of turf has always been the heat – under heat, it does get warm. Natural grass is always cool and comfortable. But, new technology is addressing the heat issue with fake turf. Now, you can purchase cooling turf, or easily add some Hydrochill to keep it cool and natural-feeling all summer long.

Winner: Artificial Grass


Pet-friendly turf is ideal for your four-legged friends. The best part? Turf discourages digging, so don’t even worry about finding holes in your yard. Natural grass is more likely to encourage digging, and it can be home to other pests like ticks and fleas.

Winner: Artificial Grass

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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

K9 Turf Rolls
There are a lot of different types of artificial grass and they all have different price ranges! These choices can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a good thing. More choices mean there’s a better chance you’ll find the turf that’s right for you!

Several factors go into pricing artificial grass. For example, the quality of material being used as well as the density: aka the face weight. Things like the type of infill you choose, how much seaming tape and nails you need, and whether or not your yard needs to be filled in and supported will all factor into the cost of installation.

To give you a little more information on what affects artificial grass installation cost, let’s take a look at a couple of important factors.

Artificial Grass Cost by Category

** Note: Pre-Cut turf rolls are available, which may be a more inexpensive option.

Artificial Grass Cost By Type

There are a ton of different types of artificial grass. Landscaping turf tends to be distributed in rolls, but other types like tiles or mats are also great for specific purposes and tend to be more inexpensive since you don’t have to pay for installation.

Turf tiles are great for small putting areas, gyms, and on balconies or porches. Often these are glued down or simply locked together.

Artificial turf mats tend to be putting green mats for some practice swings. These can be rolled out and often don’t need any additional material. They’re great for practicing your short game.

Type Low Average High

Artificial Grass Cost By Face Weight

For the most part, the higher the face weight, the more expensive the artificial grass is. That’s because turf with a higher face weight tends to be a higher density with better durability. It’s thicker, softer, and more realistic looking than other types of grass.

If it’s in your budget to spring for a higher face weight, it’s well worth it!

Face Weight Low Average High
1-20 oz
21-40 oz
41-60 oz
61-80 oz
81-100 oz

Artificial Grass Installation Cost

Newport Premium Turf Rolls
According to HomeAdvisor, “the average cost per square foot to install turf ranges from $5 to $20.” However, the cost of installing artificial grass depends on many factors: the current condition of your landscape, local estimates, disposal fees, and if any rerouting of irrigation may need to be done.

Of course, there could be other factors that add to the cost of your installation as well – like the need for gravel and what type of infill you plan on purchasing.

Additionally, these costs can be wildly different if you’re installing turf indoors: like for sports, gym turf, or on a balcony. Oftentimes, these types of installations can be very DIY-friendly. Since the majority of turf is landscape artificial grass, please use this estimation for that specific type of artificial grass.

Cost of 1000 sq/ft of Artificial Grass Low High
Cost of Material $1/sqft $4/sqft
Cost of Installation (labor) $5/sqft $12/sqft

Additional Artificial Turf Installation Costs

Newport Turf Rolls

You’re probably wondering what all those “extras” are when it comes to the cost of prep. Here are a few extra things you may need to purchase to install artificial turf.


  • Weed fabric: You don’t want weeds and grass poking through your perfect lawn. You’ll need to lay this down first.
  • Infill: Fill helps hold your turf down and keeps the blades standing up for a natural look.
  • Staples and nails: Nails hold the edges of the turf down, while staples are great for holding seams together. You’ll need both.
  • Seam tape and adhesive: If you don’t want staples, you can always use seam tape to stick turf together.
  • Lawn pads: For some extra cushion under your feet, lay down a lawn pad. If you have some kiddos running around, these are fall-height rated for safety.
  • Turf rakes and cleaners: Keep your lawn looking and smelling fresh with a turf rake and non-toxic cleaning spray.

Lawn Preparation

In addition to the accessories, labor costs might also include some initial lawn prep. Lawn prep includes the removal of the original lawn, a base of sand or gravel, and disposal fees. Be sure to check with your installer about the extra costs of lawn preparation to make sure your budget isn’t busted!

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You’re now prepared with everything you need to know about the cost of artificial grass. You can create your budget and shop with confidence, knowing you won’t come across any surprise costs that could derail your project.

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