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Entrance Mats

It is day three of the worst rain storm you have ever seen and mud and water is everywhere. Employees and customers are coming in and out of your business and have left a Mississippi Mud Pie on your floor. What a mess! What could you have done to prevent this? Maybe you could convince the guy doing the rain dance to stop and do a sunny dance? Maybe you could move your business to Southern California? They say it doesn’t rain there! Both valid options, but here at RubberFlooringInc, we think you should invest in indoor and outdoor entrance mats. It’s a little cheaper than, you know, moving your entire business and a little more reliable than channeling The Rainmaker.

Entrance mats are a pivotal item needed to keep your floor looking nice and new even in the harshest of conditions. Mud, rain and snow are all outside hazards that can wreak havoc on any flooring surface. Water and snow can cause slip hazards on hard surfaces, while dirt and mud are a maintenance nightmare. With quality indoor doormats and outdoor doormats, all of these issues can be avoided.

Outdoor doormats are the first line of protection for your indoor flooring. Made to scrape excess mud, dirt, water and snow off of shoes, these mats are crucial to the longevity of your floor. If this were the Bodyguard, the outdoor entrance mat would be Kevin Costner and your indoor flooring would be Whitney Houston. And like in that movie, the outdoor entrance mat is taking the bullet everytime. Since outdoor entrance mats are constantly exposed to the elements, these mats have to be made of materials that will stand up to that onslaught. Our selection of outdoor mats consists of rubber, yarn, vinyl and coir mats. All of these mats are very durable and are easy to clean and maintain.

Indoor doormats are the last line of defense for your floors. These mats help to capture any excess water, mud, snow and dirt that the outdoor entrance mat could not. Our indoor entrance mats are typically longer than our outdoor mats to help get as much moisture and mud from getting onto your flooring surface. Indoor entrance mats are not subjected to the elements on a daily basis, so the materials that are used do not have to stand up to the harsh outdoor environment. The main goal for these mats is to suck up as much water as possible and to scrape as much dirt and grime off of shoes. Our indoor mats are made from nylon and yarn.. All of these mats feature a rubber base that helps keep the mat in place during heavy traffic loads.

Entrance Mat Materials


Yarn entrance mats can be used indoors and out. Yarn is a great material for entrance mats because they soak up water like a sponge. This is important in areas where a lot of water falls from the sky. Yarn entrance mats don’t do as well with dirt and dust, but are easily cleaned with the use of a vacuum or a hose.


Rubber entrance mats are typically used in outdoor applications. Rubber is a very durable material and is not prone to cracking like other materials. One quality that makes rubber great for outdoor entrance mats is that it becomes even more slip resistant when wet. The rubber doormats we carry perform two functions - to scrape excess debris and capture excess moisture. These mats are very easy to clean with the use of a hose.


Our vinyl mats are great for areas where excess moisture will be present. Featuring a looped fiber design, these mats will scrape excess dirt and debris off of shoes and also capture any excess moisture. This excess moisture will flow through the mat and to the ground. These mats are very easy to clean and maintain with the use of a hose.


Nylon is one of the most versatile fibers for entrance mats. Nylon is great for indoor mats because it is resistant to staining, fading and crushing. Nylon indoor doormats are easier to maintain that ‘as new’ condition than other materials. Nylon mats are typically a little more expensive and are great for brushing and scraping the soles of shoes. Nylon is also quick drying which makes them great for areas with a lot of rain. These mats can be cleaned by vacuuming up dirt and debris.


Coir entrance mats are the epitome of the traditional entrance mat. These mats are made from the husks of coconut shells, which gives them their great brushing properties. Coir mats are not the quickest drying mats and are prone to soiling. These mats are very popular as residential matting, but are not very common in commercial environments because they are not wheelchair friendly. Coir doormats are easy to clean with a hose.