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Floor Tape

Wait a second...I thought this was a flooring site! Why are we talking about tape? What is there to know? There’s scotch tape, duct tape, masking tape, the end...right? Wrong! Tape and rubber flooring are like cereal and milk. It’s all about the cereal, but you need the milk too. Your flooring is the cereal and tape, the milk. While not all of our flooring requires tape, it is recommended for many installations. Whatever floor you choose, we’ve got a tape for that.

Remember when they came out with double sided tape in those traditional tape rolls? No more rolling the single sided tape to get what you need; you can now put things together with a single strip. Our double sided carpet tape is just like this, but better and on a larger scale. This carpet tape (that is not just for carpets!) is the most popular floor adhesion system on the market. Perfect for nearly any material, this tape offers superior resistance to temperature variations, UV, aging, and water vapor. What does that mean for you? It means this tape will hold up to all of the elements, keeping your flooring in place for a good, long time.

Our mat tape has been specifically designed to be used with, you guessed it, our mats! Folding mats, roll out mats and foam tiles all respond extremely well to our mat tape. This super durable vinyl tape (with a commercial grade adhesive!) can be used in many environments. Our mat tape is a durable, low cost solution for all of our mat products in both commercial and residential use.

If you’re a DIYer, but you prefer the easiest, quickest solution without sacrificing quality, then double sided tape pads are for you! No cutting and measuring required - just follow the installation instructions and your new floor will be set up in no time. Perfect for carpet tiles, foam tiles, to secure rubber tiles, under area rugs, for flooring installations in basements, under kids rugs and much more, our double sided tape pads are versatile, easy to use and dependable.

Our vinyl floor tape is designed to keep those big, cumbersome gym floor coverings in place. This beastly tape is so tough that is helps prevent liquids from penetrating through the seems. You can also use this flooring tape on mats or any other sensitive flooring surface.