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Style Network has been featured on Style Networks - Clean House

Clean House – Brumana Family (Season 9, Episode 5)

In this tension filled episode of Clean House, the busy Brumana family has to face the fact that their home has become too cluttered to properly enjoy the space the house has to offer. In typical Clean House fashion, the Brumana's are forced to part with some of their things. In the end, the family comes through with flying colors by cleaning out the clutter with a yard sale, and turning around and reinvesting the yard sale money into their kid's bedrooms. Dad even gets the wonderful surprise of having his garage turned into a full blown home gym where he can train his clients in style. The product used in this episode was Rubber Flooring, Inc's popular 8mm Strong Rubber Interlocking Gym Tiles.
8mm Strong Tiles

8mm Rubber Tiles