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Gym Floor Covers Protective Floor Covering, Carpet Gym Floor Tarp

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Gym Floor Covers

Congratulations Class of 2016! This year, schools all around the country will have graduations, and many of them will take place on gymnasium floors. So what can these schools do to protect that expensive wood floor?

Gym floor covers are the perfect solution to protect these floors. Gym floor covers are available in rolls and tiles, and are used to protect gym floors from foot traffic, trash and liquids. Both are very easy to install and are just as easy to remove. To clean our gym floor cover rolls, you will want to use a broom or mop for stuck on stains. For our tiles, you will want to use a vacuum.

Gym Floor Cover Rolls

Our gym floor cover rolls are vinyl sheets that are available in several weights and colors. The weight of the floor protector corresponds to how long the cover will last. The higher the weight, the longer it will last.

  • 18 oz. - Best for 6 uses or less per year.
  • 22 oz. - Best for 6-12 uses per year.
  • 27 oz. - Best for 13-23 uses per year.
  • 32 oz. - Best for 24 or more uses per year.

Our gym floor cover rolls are available in several colors and can be custom cut to any length desired in whole foot increments. Our gym floor cover rolls are 12’ wide for our 10 oz. cover and 10’ wide for our 18 oz., 22 oz., 27 oz., and 32 oz.covers. These rolls are very slip resistant and pass all standard fire codes. Our floor covers are waterproof, rot and mildew resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

For a more slip resistant floor, we offer our Diamond Plate Gym Floor Covers. These covers feature a tread plate pattern that helps make these floor protectors 2 times more slip resistant than our standard gym floor covers.

Gym Floor Cover Tiles

Gym floor cover tiles are a large format, carpet top floor protector that is easy to install and remove. These tiles offer the same protection to your gym floor while providing added comfort under foot. These tiles are available in three colors and pass all standard fire codes.

Gym Floor Cover Tile Installation

Gym floor cover tiles are very easy to install. On the back of each tile are installation arrows. These arrows help you place the grain of the carpet in the proper direction. You will want to face the arrows in the same direction. When installing these tiles, you will want to install them in a 90 degree angle to the direction of your gym floor. Installation of your gym floor cover tiles can be sped up with the use of a trolley or cart. Once your event is over, clean them off and place them back onto the cart or trolley for proper storage.

Gym Floor Cover Accessories

For our gym floor covers, we offer a wide range of accessories that help to install and maintain these covers.

Storage Racks

We offer two types of storage racks for our gym floor covers: a standard version and a premium version. Both are virtually the same, except the premium version has a storage tray and safety legs.

Storage Rack Cover

Storage rack covers help protect your floor covers from children, young and old alike, who see the storage rack as a jungle gym. The covers come in several colors and can be customized with your school’s name or logo.

Self Cleaning Brush Attachment

The self cleaning brush attachment helps push trash off your gym floor covers as you are rolling them back onto the storage rack.

Electric Power Winder and Hand Crank

Hand cranks are a very labor intensive way to roll up the gym floor covers onto your storage rack. For those of us that have a life, the electric power winder is for us. This does the same thing the hand crank does, but faster. Now you will be able to catch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy after all!

Tape Dispensers

There are two types of tape dispensers available for installing our gym floor covers. Our handheld tape dispenser is tedious and labor intensive way to tape down our gym floor covers. For those of us from the ‘Easy Button’ generation, we have our walk behind tape dispenser. Now the spring prom will start on time!