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Organized Garage Storage: A Space You Can Actually Use

Wondering what to do with all the junk in your garage? We’ll help you with organized garage storage and transform your garage into a space you can actually use.

Garages are notorious for being filled top to bottom with all the junk you don’t want to organize. They are the forgotten middle child of home decor. Poor garages.

The thing is, with just a little forethought and some basic materials, you can easily turn your garage into a usable space with storage galore. Imagine all that space you will save once everything has a home!

There are a lot of different ways you can organize your garage. Here are a few options we suggest.


Full-Size Cabinets

full-size cabinets

So, you’ve got a lot of stuff. Me too.

If you’re using your garage for storage or a hobby that requires a lot of things, you definitely need a decent amount of storage. A few floating shelves are not going to cut it.

We offer 1-piece, 3-piece and 5-piece full-size cabinet sets. Each cabinet shelf can hold up to 100 lbs., so these babies can hold your heavy-duty tools and protect your fragile items. You can even store those things that have been taking up so much space like brooms and shovels. Everyone in your home will be happy about that!

These cabinets are sleek and modern in both white and slate gray. They will easily match your color scheme including any accent colors you’ve chosen.

The best part? You don’t have to hire a professional to come out and install them. Have you ever bought cabinets? That ish is expensive! In fact, cabinets were one of the most expensive parts of my remodel.

If you can get good quality for a steal and no insulation, you are winning, my friend.



Base Cabinets

base cabinets for garage storage

The little guys.

These base cabinets are a perfect addition to full-size cabinets. Or, if you don’t have a ton of things to store, you can probably get by with one or two base cabinets and maybe a floating shelf or two.

Choose between 1- and 2-door cabinets, 3-drawer cabinets and even portable rolling cabinets. Those things are the bomb! They’re so easy to move around and use wherever you are. Ain’t nobody got time for all that back-and-forth business.

These cabinets are sleek and modern in both white and slate gray. They will easily match your color scheme including any accent colors you’ve chosen.

Each shelf still holds up to 100 lbs. so these are not delicate flowers. They are small but mighty.

These cabinets are sleek and modern in both white and slate gray. They will easily match your color scheme including any accent colors you’ve chosen.

And, again, these little guys don’t require any professional installation. Once they show up, you can easily put them together and get storing!



Wall Cabinets

wall cabinets

A space saver!

If you have a desk or workspace, you may not need a huge full-size storage system. Additionally, you also probably don’t want something taking up extra floor space when you can fully utilize your space with wall cabinets about your work area.

Choose from 2-, 3- and even 6-door wall cabinets, depending on your storage needs. Each of these beastly cabinets can hold up to 300 lbs., so you don’t have to worry about storing your heavy things in there. Fill ‘em up. They can take it!

These cabinets are sleek and modern in both white and slate gray. They will easily match your color scheme including any accent colors you’ve chosen.

All of our cabinet and storage solutions are designed to be DIY-friendly. You can easily install these wall cabinets in next to no time.



Slat Walls

stall cabinets for garage storage

Sometimes you need a place for your things to go, but you don’t want them hidden from the world. You love them! You want them on display for everyone to see.

Or maybe it’s just something that can be easily hung out of the way rather than taking up space in your cabinets? I love hanging space to keep the things I use easily accessible at all times.

Our SlatWall strips are made of stainless steel for a sharp, modern look. Each of them can hold up to 300 lbs. – that’s like two entire people. But, um, don’t hang people on them. That is a very poor life choice.

These SlatWall strips come alone or with different hook package options. There are several different looks so you’re sure to find something that fits your space.

Thinking about installation? These babies come with 6 pre-drilled countersunk holes, which means any amateur put them up really easily.





Not, like, one for your hand. We are not trying to be Captain Hook. Although, really, I think he was just misunderstood.

Anyway, hooks are a sweet option to hang tools, shop clothes, brooms and more. Each of our hooks is made from powder-coated steel – a clean, modern look.

These are a great option if you just have a few things you want to get out of your way but don’t want an entire SlatWall system. You can choose from several different styles to perfectly match your space.

Each of our hooks is designed to burden the weight of your tools. However, each hook has its own weight rating so make sure to check out the specs on the product before you commit. If you have super heavy items, it might be worth weighing them in advance to avoid any issues after your purchase.

Just like with all of our storage solutions, any Jane Doe could install these babies in an afternoon. Piece of cake.



Work Surfaces

Work Surfaces

A desk, workstation, craft table, you name it. You can use these simple, elegant work surfaces to create your ideal workspace.

We offer work surfaces in bright, gorgeous, blonde bamboo and dark, rich, black laminate. Both options are rated to hold up to 300 lbs. so you don’t have to worry about storing your tools, sewing machine, etc.

These babies are a breeze to install. You will be up and working in no time.



The Whole Enchilada

cabinets for garage storage

For those of you looking for a more complete package, we have a wide range of full cabinet packages. These babies often include full-size cabinets, a workspace, drawers and more.

You can easily find exactly what you need. And, it’s always cheaper to buy a kit rather than individual pieces.

I know I sound like a broken record, but in case you were still wondering, everything comes with an easy, DIY installation.



Custom Cabinets & Storage

This is where things get pricey.

One thing I heard a contractor say that always stuck with me is “Everything is possible.” It’s true, though. If you have the vision, the budget and the right help, you can do just about anything with your garage, home, life. How’s that for your daily dose of inspiration!

Custom cabinetry will likely cost you at least a few thousand dollars, ranging up to over $25,000. But if you want a very specific look, a great contractor can use cabinetry as much more than storage. They can use custom cabinets to transform the entire look of your garage.

When going custom, you have full control over colors, pulls, closing mechanisms and internal storage solutions. They add up, though. So make sure you get a good idea of how this will fit into your budget from the get-go.