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Soft Flooring Soft Tiles, Foam Flooring

Soft Flooring

Sometimes you need a little extra cushion. Whether that little touch of softness is for the kids, your grandparents, working out, or extended periods of standing, there is a soft flooring option for you. Are you new to the world of soft flooring? Typical home flooring is hard, often cold, and not exactly conducive to rolling, playing, etc.

Soft Floor Tiles

Now hold on for just a minute. Before you make any snap judgements, preconceived notions or false facts going on in your brain, let me tell you that soft floor tiles are not all created equal, and soft floor tiles absolutely are durable, long lasting and tough enough to give you the support you need. Soft floor tiles are one of the most versatile flooring options out there. We offer soft tile flooring for gyms, playrooms, martial arts, trade shows and more. These soft floor tiles protect your joints and offer some extra temperature insulation, keeping you warmer in those cold winter months. People love the ease and dependability of soft flooring tiles. Need to put them together? Don’t worry, it’s so easy a toddler can do it! You just put each tile piece together like a puzzle and enjoy. Soft flooring is warm and inviting, and so is the installation process.

Soft Floor Mats

Sometimes you need your entire floor to be pillow soft; sometimes you just want a little bit of softness in the exact spot you want it. Enter: Soft Floor Mats! Soft floor mats are good for all sorts of things. Cheer, wrestling and martial arts practice, exercise, playrooms, and more...yeah, we’ve got a soft floor mat for that! Explore, learn and grow with our soft floor mats for kids and playrooms. Get svelte and conquer new goals on our soft gym floor mats. You can even take up a fun new hobby with our soft floor mats for martial arts. The possibilities are endless, and soft floor mats can get you where you want to go.

Soft Flooring For Babies, Kids & Playrooms

Okay, let’s just talk about kids for a hot minute. Kids are awesome, but keeping them safe can be...less than easy. As they learn to crawl, walk, jump, etc. there are bound to be some minor accidents. Although, it’s true, you can’t avoid the spills and tumbles that come with growing up, we can make them a little less scary for both kiddo and parent. Soft flooring for babies provide a space for your little one to practice tummy time, crawling and more. This is where you’re little one (once they’re ready) can lay and play while mom and dad do those fun things like laundry and dishes. Soft flooring for kids and playrooms offer the same warm, cushiony feel, but we also have options that promote learning and fun. For example, you can teach your toddler the ABCs with a soft ABC floor mat, or go on a trip with a soft foam road trip map. Fun, educational and safe, soft flooring for playrooms is one of those jack of all trades flooring solutions.

Soft Flooring for Sweating

Soft flooring for gyms is a popular option that many people don’t even realize exists! It’s like when you wake up at 4am thinking it’s time to wake up, look at your clock and then realize you have another hour to sleep! That’s the kind of surprise soft flooring is to the world of gym floors. Now you can get the soft, resilient flooring you need at a fraction of the price. There are soft gym tiles and soft gym mats for everything from light bodyweight exercise, to high impact exercises and everything in between, including soft mats for cheer practice and soft floor mats for wrestling. Here’s the deal: as we mentioned earlier, not all soft floors are created equal. While you can use something like our Eco-Soft+ Tiles for some light weights and even underneath your treadmill (with the use of furniture sliders), they are not appropriate for 300lb deadlifts. Alternatively, our HD Tiles are so harcore that you can even use them for horses! This means it’s super important to do your research when choosing soft flooring for gyms and fitness. All of our soft flooring has directions indicating the best applications, but if you have questions, you can always hit us up and allow our soft flooring experts to assist you in choosing soft gym flooring you will love for years to come.

Soft Flooring for Business on the Road

Want to know why soft flooring has become one of the most popular and sought after trade show flooring options? Soft tiles and mats are soft (duh) and comfy, light and portable, and easily customizable. If you’re floor is hard, cold and uncomfortable, people are not going to hang out in your trade show booth for long. However, if you have a warm, cozy, inviting soft floor, people will end up staying to browse and learn for significantly longer, making them much more likely to take the leap from potential customer to loyal customer. Soft floor mats and tiles are easy to put together, take apart and lug around. In fact, it’s hardly “lugging” when you’re traveling with the lightest flooring option on the market.

Soft Flooring for Martial Arts

Anyone who’s participated in martial arts can tell you, there is a lot of impact on your body! Jumping, kicking, rolling - you need extra protection to keep yourself safe. Let’s save the feel of the streets for that very rare occurrence when you have to roundhouse kick someone in an alley. Just kidding. I hope you’re not getting into fights in back alley and, instead, keeping your martial arts skills to our soft floor mats. This soft flooring option keeps you safe, healthy and happy while you continue your martial arts training.

Who Can Benefit from Soft Flooring?

Sure, we talked about soft flooring for kids and babies, soft flooring for gyms and soft flooring for martial arts, but is there anyone else that can benefit from the comfort and resilience our soft flooring options have to offer? Heck yes! Want to see your grandparents have more comfort in your home? Soft flooring for the elderly helps soften the impact on their joints, allowing them to be more comfortable in your home. Another popular option is soft flooring for basements. Basement flooring can be tricky, but the extra warmth brought from our soft tiles will make your basement extra cozy. You can also install soft floor tiles for outside for everyone from the kids to the grandparents to enjoy. Our outdoor soft floor tiles such as our Life Floor line offer cushion, slip resistance and a nice little pop of color. However, please note it is very important to only use recommended outdoor soft tiles for outdoor use. Other soft flooring will fade in the sun and can be damaged by rain, so please stick to the Life Floor Soft Tiles for outdoor flooring. So, to answer our own question, everyone can benefit from soft flooring materials!