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Dog Kennel Flooring Kennel Flooring

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Dog Kennel Flooring

For many families dogs are their children. And what do all parents do when they go to work? They take their kids to daycare. The same can be said about dogs and other pets. Doggie day cares are a great place for dogs to interact with each other and learn to appreciate other breeds and genders. These facilities also provide the training that dogs need so they can become a contributing grown up dog in our society.

The most important thing in any doggy day care is the floor. Since dogs don’t use bathrooms, they typically will choose a spot on the floor to do their business. Most flooring types are not able to handle this type of abuse. Take, for instance, carpet - when little Rufus decided as a puppy to do his business repeatedly next to the tv stand, a stain has formed over time. It has become unsightly, smelly and a real eye sore for you and your guests. Sounds like someone needs the dog whisperer. If you had the proper dog kennel flooring, Rufus’ spot would never show and there would be no smell and no ridicule from your friends and family. All would be happy in the world and you would be able to enjoy the Bachelor in peace!

At RubberFlooringInc, we offer a wide range of dog kennel flooring options from tiles to mats and in two different materials; vinyl and rubber. The key to a proper kennel floor is making sure the floor is non porous. That helps to keep pee and other liquids from getting inside the floor. We do offer some products that are porous which can be made non porous with the use of a sealer. All of our floors are very easy to install and can be maintained like many other floors. A broom would be needed for scat and a mop or hose could be used to clean up any stuck on stains. We suggest using a synthetic mop head with a mild soap and water solution.

Dog Kennel Rubber Mats

Our rubber dog kennel mats are our most popular products for doggy day cares and the best flooring for dogs because they are all non porous. These rubber mats come either as mat kits or as stand alone mats.

Our mat kits are very popular because they are comprised of multiple tiles that combine to fit a certain mat size. We offer several mat sizes that can fit small to large doggy daycares and kennels. These kennel mats interlock very tightly which helps to keep liquids from penetrating through the mat. However, if liquids are allowed to sit over the seam for a long period of time, there is potential for it to penetrate through to the subfloor, so it is imperative that you try and clean up messes as quickly as possible. Our dog kennel mat kits are very easy to install and they actually come with a tile layout which shows you where each tile goes, so it’s like putting together a puzzle. Our most popular mat kit is our ½” Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mats.

Our stand alone mats are great for smaller kennels. These doggy daycare mats can be combined to create a larger flooring surface, but the seams would need to be sealed with a seam sealer to ensure liquids do not penetrate through the floor. Our most popular stand alone mat is our 4’ x 6’ Premium Mat.

Rubber Rolls for Dog Kennels

Our rubber dog kennel flooring rolls are very popular with large dog kennels and doggy daycares. Dog kennel mat kits and stand alone mats are great, but when you have a large area to cover, installation of those products can become very time consuming. Our rubber rolls are porous so the use of our floor finish and sealer is imperative if you want to make them liquid resistant. The use of a seam sealer is also recommended for this type of dog kennel flooring.

Installation of our doggy daycare rolls would consist of either loose laying the floor, using double sided tape or, for a more permanent installation, gluing the floor down. Rubber rolls for dog kennels are typically more cost effective, which is often one of the first requirements for doggy daycares. Dog day cares are more an act of love than a business, which is seen in how they take care of your family members.

Rolled Vinyl Dog Kennel Flooring

Vinyl rolls are a great alternative to rubber flooring for doggy daycares and kennels. Vinyl rolls are great for doggy daycare and kennel flooring because they are non porous and easy to clean. They are installed in the same manner as our rubber rolls, with the use of tape or glue, or they can be loose laid. These rolls are larger than our rubber rolls, so depending on the size of the area you are trying to cover one large roll may be sufficient. If you are installing multiple rolls, you can use a seam sealer like Rubberseal to keep liquids from penetrating the seam. One issue that can come about with vinyl flooring is staining. Even though these dog kennel rolls are non porous, urine can react with the floor, causing a potential stain. There are two ways around this: you can make sure the floor you go with for your dog kennel is black or just make sure you try to clean up any messes as quickly as you can.