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Outdoor Sports Tiles

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Midnight BlackOutdoor Sports Tiles
Midnight Black Outdoor Sports Tiles Midnight Black
Shelby BlueOutdoor Sports Tiles
Shelby Blue Outdoor Sports Tiles Shelby Blue
Victory RedOutdoor Sports Tiles
Victory Red Outdoor Sports Tiles Victory Red
GraphiteOutdoor Sports Tiles
Graphite Outdoor Sports Tiles Graphite
Camel's BackOutdoor Sports Tiles
Camel's Back Outdoor Sports Tiles Camel's Back
GreenOutdoor Sports Tiles
Green Outdoor Sports Tiles Green
Brick RedOutdoor Sports Tiles
Brick Red Outdoor Sports Tiles Brick Red
EvergreenOutdoor Sports Tiles
Evergreen Outdoor Sports Tiles Evergreen
Charcoal GrayOutdoor Sports Tiles
Charcoal Gray Outdoor Sports Tiles Charcoal Gray
Product Highlights
  • #1 choice for basketball courts.
  • Top-selling multi-sport outdoor court flooring.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty.

Female Edges
Female Edges
2" x 12"
$1.95 ea.
$1.95 ea.
Male Edges
Male Edges
2" x 12"
$1.95 ea.
$1.95 ea.
Female Corner Edges
Female Corner Edges
2" x 15"
$1.95 ea.
$1.95 ea.
Male Corner Edges
Male Corner Edges
2" x 15"
$1.95 ea.
$1.95 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Half Court Basketball Kit
$524.59 ea.
$524.59 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Full Court Basketball Kit
$731.99 ea.
$731.99 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Volleyball Court Kit
$512.39 ea.
$512.39 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Tennis Court Kit
$609.99 ea.
$609.99 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Pickleball Court Kit
$561.19 ea.
$561.19 ea.
  • #1 choice for basketball courts.
  • Top-selling multi-sport outdoor court flooring.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • Perfect outdoor court flooring.
  • Create unique sports & gym courts.
  • Used for basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton, and much more.
Description - Our Outdoor Sports tiles are constructed of the best high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene on the market today. Their material ensures colorfastness, durability, and chemical resistance. You’ll find these tiles used for basketball courts, tennis courts, roller hockey rinks, and many other sport floor surfaces. These court tiles have been formulated to withstand the harshest of environments, which is evident with these tiles being UV-stable and slip-resistant when wet. These tiles feature a perforated surface that allows for water, dirt, and debris to easily flow through the flooring system, which aids in making these tiles non-slip. These outdoor gym floor tiles, when interlocked, will create a seamless flooring surface that will provide more shock absorption than standard concrete and can be easily painted or taped to build the sport floor of choice. Outdoor Sports tiles are also backed by a 10-year warranty.
Specs -
Material High-quality impact-resistant polypropylene
Color Assorted
Size 12"x12"
Thickness Approx. 5/8"
Weight per tile Approx. 1lb
Made in USA Yes
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Drainage Yes
DIY-Friendly Yes
UV Stable Yes
Warranty 10-year
Mold & mildew resistant. Yes
Recommended Uses - Outdoor Sports tiles have been designed to be the tile of choice for outdoor sport court flooring due to their durability and ease of installation. These tiles have been used as flooring for tennis courts, basketball courts, roller hockey rinks, shuffleboard, badminton, volleyball courts, and many other outdoor sport courts.

In Stock - Ships between Oct 26 - 27

Outdoor Sports tiles are easy to maintain. Cleaning of these flooring tiles typically includes:
  • Vacuuming any loose dust, dirt, or debris from the tiles.
  • Simply hose down the floor and let the self-draining design allow for the dirt and debris to be swept away.

Outdoor Sports Tiles are easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes:
  1. Clean your subfloor so that it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, or other foreign material.
  2. When installing the Outdoor Sports tiles, we recommend starting in one corner of the room and working your way out from there.
  3. If your flooring is going up to a wall, make sure the female side (loops) of the tile is facing away from the wall.
  4. After placing the tiles in a perpendicular pattern, fill the rest of the area with whole tiles to your predetermined size and design.
  5. When you come up to an edge, wall or object, don’t worry. Just measure the area and cut the tiles with a tile cutter, or table saw.
  6. When trimming the tiles into place, make sure you leave about a 3/4” space between the tiles and the outside of the court or near a while to allow for expansion and contraction of the floor.
  7. Once the tiles are in place, you can then snap in the edge pieces, if you purchased them.
Note: Outdoor Sports Tiles are not recommended if you need to drive repeatedly over the court. We have found that when driven on repeatedly, the weight of a car can damage the tiles. We recommend the use of our Vented Grid-Loc Tiles.Vented Grid-Loc tiles in the area where the vehicle will cross. Both our Outdoor Sports Tiles and Vented Grid-Loc tiles will interlock with each other.

Game Line Application:
  • Make sure when applying painted game lines that you use painter's tape or 3M 2060 tape to outline the lines that need to be painted. For painted game lines, you will want to use two-part polyurethane paint.

For rubber underlayment installation instructions, please Click Here.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
How would this product hold up having cars parked on it, with a compacted gravel base?
You can park a car on our Outdoor Sports Tiles. These tiles are made from hard polypropylene plastic which is the same material all of our hard plastic garage tiles are made of.
Do these tiles have a fall rating? I want to use them as a play area for toddlers.
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles do not have a fall height rating.
Do you ship to Canada?
We do ship our Outdoor Sports Tiles to Canada. Please feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes for a shipping quote for Canadian orders.
How do you recommend adding lines to a sport court? I thought a saw painting them on mentioned? What type of paint?
Cathy Williams
We recommend using a Krylon paint to place the lines on your court. The best way to do this is to stencil out the court lines with two pieces of cardboard leaving space in between so you can paint the lines onto your court. This will help to keep your line nice and neat and will also help to minimize the paint splatter.
I purchased the black court tiles for my gym floor and it shows a lot of scuff marks. Is there something I can put on the tiles to prevent more scuff marks? Is there something I can use to remove scuff marks?
There isn't any way to prevent scuff marks on our Outdoor Sports Tiles, but you can clean scuff marks with a soap and water solution and a hose. For tougher scuffs, you can use a magic eraser.
I want to install an outside sport court, and the subfloor can't be concrete or asphalt. Are there any other options for a subfloor? I need to have drainage.
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are best installed over concrete or asphalt, but if either is not an option, you can install these tiles over compacted gravel base. This installation will allow for the proper drainage you desire.
Can we put these tiles over grass?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles should be installed over a solid surface. Acceptable subfloors would be concrete and asphalt. Installing these tiles over grass is not recommended because when it rains, the playing surface will become unstable, but many of our customers have installed these tiles over grass with success.
Does this come apart and add-on easily, or is it permanently attached after laying it down? We move a lot and would like to be able to move it with us.
The beauty of our Outdoor Sports Tiles is that they are modular and can be easily added on to or moved as need be.
Once snapped together, do they easily come apart?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are a floating floor and can be easily put together and removed.
How would these hold up to a 210 lb man doing some crossfit activities - box jumps, skip rope, burpees, and maybe dropping 100-200 lbs of rubber bumpers on them?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are made from sturdy polypropylene plastic and can withstand the weight of a 210 lb man doing CrossFit activities on them. These tiles are also able to withstand the dropping of 100-200 pounds of bumper plates on them.
I have a 20'W X 20'7" long concrete slab. Can you design a basketball flooring to fit?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles feature a floor designer that can be used to create your custom basketball floor. It will not provide you with the lines for the court, but you will be able to create the floor itself.
I need to extend the driveway into the dirt where the BB goal is. What type of base is needed for the sports tiles? Do you have an installer in the Houston area?
We recommend installing our Outdoor Sports Tiles over concrete or asphalt. We do not have any installers in the Houston area, but these tiles are very DIY friendly and can be easily installed over a weekend. If you would like to find a qualified installer in your area, we recommend using Angie's List or Home Advisor.
Looking to create an outdoor basketball court tile floor adjacent to a garage. A car would drive over tiles to enter the garage. Would these hold up or would you recommend something else?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can withstand vehicle traffic on them on a daily basis. They are made from the same plastic as our hard plastic garage tiles.
How do the tiles stay in place? Once in place do they shift? What are the edges used for, to hold the tiles in place?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles interlock with each other which helps to keep your floor in place. Once all of the tiles are installed, the weight of the floor keeps the tiles in place. The edging helps to reduce the tripping hazard that can be present in certain installations. Most installations do not need edging.
Can these tiles be installed over decking planks, made for a deck?
peter anand
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be installed over decking planks as long as the gap between the boards is not too wide.
The floor where it will be installed must be even?
We recommend installing our Outdoor Sports Tiles on a solid, even surface. Some surface imperfections are ok, but if there are huge divots or holes in your subsurface, the integrity of the floor may be compromised.
I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have a lot of debris that falls down from the cedar and maple trees. Each fall we end up with everything from small pine cones to large leaves on our cement court. Typically we just use a blower to clean the court, which works well considering the smooth cement surface. How would this type of debris effect the outdoor sport tiles and would I still be able to clear it using a blower?
The debris will not affect our Outdoor Sports Tiles. You will still be able to use a blower to remove the debris. The only issue you may run encounter is that the debris may get in between and under the floor.
Can you play roller hockey on this tile?
You can play roller hockey on our Outdoor Sports Tiles. Our best tile for this sport is our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles.
I want to install them in my garage and use it as a cross fit gym. Can I park my car on them if I need to?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are constructed with a hard plastic polypropylene and can withstand the weight of a car driving over them.
We want to install some tiles on our driveway for a pickelball court. Are these tiles durable enough to be driven on every day?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are made from a hard plastic polypropylene that is very strong and durable. These tiles can be driven over on a daily basis.
I have a cobblestone driveway. Can I place these tiles over a section of it to create a basketball area for my son?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be placed over any level, hard surface.
Can a car drive over these if I put them in front of a garage door?
A car can drive over our Outdoor Sports Tiles. These tiles are made from a durable hard plastic polypropylene similar to our standard garage tiles. The only difference is that these tiles have been made to provide extra shock absorption when jumping up and down.
What is the difference between these tiles and the RUGGED GRIP-LOC TILES?
The only difference between our Outdoor Sports Tiles and the Rubber Grip-Loc Tiles are the colors that are offered. They are both made from the same material and feature the same pattern. They are also both UV resistant and very easy to install and maintain.
My son has a basketball net in our backyard. Can I place large boards over the grass & install the rubber flooring on top of the wooden boards?
You can install our Outdoor Sports Tiles over a wooden subfloor.
What is the recommended process and type of paint needed for the basketball lines?
You can either paint or use tape to put basketball lines on our Outdoor Sports Tiles. First, you will want to stencil the outline for the lines with tape and then place the tape or paint within the tape lines. You can use any paint for these lines.
Can you install these tiles directly over a completely flat sand base? I want to build a 30 x 60 ft pickleball court. I have a tractor with a front-end loader, so I can prepare a flat surface. My property is fine sand several feet thick.
We recommend placing our Outdoor Sports Tiles over a solid surface like concrete or asphalt, but these tiles have been installed over compacted sand.
I have an irregular shaped area. Can the tiles be cut. If so what is the best way to cut the tiles.
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be cut with a tile cutter or a power saw with a fine-toothed blade and put the trimmed tiles into place.
What product would work best for under outdoor trampoline (over brick pavers, to protect pavers from damage) and stand up to hot summer Arizona sun?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles would work perfectly as a protectant floor over brick pavers under a trampoline. These tiles are made of hard plastic polypropylene and can withstand the weight of a car with out breaking. These tiles have also been installed all over the US and Canada and can withstand the hottest of hots and the coldest of colds without breaking down.
Can you install these snap tiles on artificial turf?
You can install our Outdoor Sports Tiles over artificial turf. These tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface.
How much click-clack noise do these make when playing basketball versus the concrete itself?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles will make more noise than playing on concrete. To help reduce the noise, we recommend placing an underlay under the tiles. Not only will this help to deaden the noise, but it will also add bounce and cushion to your court helping to protect your joints.
Do these tiles help with sound proofing? (bouncing basketballs can be loud) Thanks!
Wendi Garland
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles themselves do not help with soundproofing. We do offer an underlayment that can be installed under the tiles to help quiet the floor. The underlayment we suggest is our 2mm Shockpad.
Will this work for a floor in an entrance to a building?
Charlie Wiesner
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles would not be the best solution for the entrance to a building. Even though they are vented to allow water to flow through them, they still can be a little slick when wet and may pose a potential slipping hazard depending on the types of shoes worn by people as they are entering the building.
I have a smaller cement basketball court with a sand box the same size next to it. I want to make the sport court cover both areas. Do I need to pour cement in the sand box area?
We recommend installing our Outdoor Sports Tiles over a hard, flat surface such as concrete or asphalt. We would not recommend placing the tiles over sand.
Cant, we get the male and female edges in other colors besides the gunmetal grey?
We only offer the Outdoor Sports Tiles edges in grey. You can get other colors of edging on our Grid-Loc pages. These edges are a little larger than the edging we recommend for our sports tiles, but will still interlock with them.
Do you have a prefab design with lines for a 30' x 60' pickleball court?
Scott bennett
We don't have a pickleball court kit yet, but we hope to have one soon. In the meantime, you can order the tiles and then paint on lines. We recommend using a two-part polyurethane paint or 3M 2060 tape.
Has anyone installed on top of pavers?
You can install our Outdoor Sports Tiles over pavers. These tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface.
Can you install them on carpet?
You can install our Outdoor Sports Tiles over a commercial grade, low pile carpet with ease. When installed over a plush, thick padded residential carpet, these tiles could separate a bit creating a potential trip hazard. They can still be installed over the thicker carpet, but this issue would need to be factored in.
Do they need to be removed during the winter? Can they withstand snow & ice? Could they be installed over tamped sand or does it need to be gravel?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are made from a hard plastic polypropylene and can withstand the elements without being damaged, so there is no need to remove them for the winter. They will be able to withstand the ice and snow. We do recommend placing our Outdoor Sports Tiles over a hard flat surface like concrete or asphalt, but customers have installed these tiles over grass, sand, and crushed gravel with success.
Do u do any stenciling to the tiles for the customer (lines, logo, etc.)?
charles w. love jr.
We do offer a line painting kit for our customers with our Game Line Paint Kits. There are no stencils available with this kit, but we do provide enough paint for, someone, to paint the lines for the court of their choice.
Can you use these to roller skate on?
John Tyson
You can use roller skates over our Outdoor Sports Tiles. These tiles have a smooth surface that allows for wheels to roll over the flooring surface easily.
When falling on knees will this court cause more abrasion than a wood floor? Concrete?
Since our Outdoor Sports Tiles are made from hard plastic, falling on them would be similar to falling on concrete when it comes to abrasion. As far as how hurt you will get from falling on the floor will depend on if you add one of our rubber underlays under your court floor. If you add an underlay under the tiles, falling on the court itself would have a similar impact as falling on a standard wood court.
What kind of drainage works best for concrete slab beneath the tiles?
David St. Germain
You will not need to add any drainage under our Outdoor Sports Tiles. These tiles will allow the water to evaporate from under the tiles. Also if there is a slope to your concrete pad, the water will flow off of the concrete pad to the ground around the concrete pad or a drain.
What is the permeability of the outdoor sports tiles?
Russell Posthauer Jr
Our Outdoor sports Tiles are vented, so water will flow freely through and under the tiles.
Nothing prevents these tiles from being used indoors is there? Sometimes water will pool on my gym's rubber flooring and get a little slick. These "grates" would eliminate that.
You can use our Outdoor Sports Tiles indoors and out as flooring in virtually any space. These tiles can be installed over any solid, flat surface and would create a slip-resistant floor. The vents are what help to keep these tiles slip-resistant when water is present.
Is it slippery when the tiles are wet? How long does the color from the tile last? Will the color fade in 1 year or more? How does a basketball bounce on this tile? Some flooring the basketball bounce terribly?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles will be a little slippery when wet. Since they are vented, water can flow through and under the tiles helping to keep the tiles somewhat slip-resistant. These tiles are UV stable, meaning the color will look virtually like new for as long as you own the floor. Basketballs bounce excellently on these tiles, which is why we push them as the perfect flooring option for any size and type of basketball court.
It looks like the outdoor flooring has holes in it? does it collect dirt and debris in the small mesh or holes?
Dirt and debris could get caught in the holes that are in our Outdoor Sports Tiles, but this dirt and debris would be very easy to clean with the use of a water hose and broom.
We just put these tiles down on our driveway, which is primarily concrete but with a dirt strip down the middle. (It had been gravel, but we replaced with dirt to create a flat surface.) When the ball hits the dirt portion, it falls flat. Is there some sort of mat we can put underneath the tiles to make it more consistent? Thank you!
You could use our Indoor Sports Tile underneath to get some bounce back, but we recommend filling the dirt strip with concrete if possible to get maximum bounce.
I wish to use this on a roof deck 10' x 10'. Would you recommend? is it easy to walk on? is drainage good? will it damage the roof?
Leon Ramcharran
Typically, we recommend using the Outdoor Sports Tiles on a hard surface like concrete. You could use these on a roof deck by placing a plastic sheet underneath so the tiles so not pierce through the rubber deck. Yes, the Outdoor Sports Tiles are easy to walk on. You will not need any additional drainage underneath these tiles since the slope on your roof deck will allow the water to flow through the tiles on to the plastic sheet and finally to the ground.
Can the outdoor pickleball tiles go over clay courts?
Dan Stewart
Yes, these tiles can be installed over clay courts, however we recommend installing them over a hard surface like concrete.
Can you install these tiles as landscape for outdoor swing sets ? Would they help to cover and drain the ground to reduce mud ? Also would you need landscap fabric underneath or gravel ? thanks..
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be used for any outdoor application. These tiles feature a perforated surface that allows for water, dirt, and debris to easily flow through the flooring system. We recommend installing these over a hard flat surface like concrete or asphalt, but customers have installed these tiles over crushed gravel with success. You may also see our Jamboree Playground Tiles that are designed specifically for playing areas and also provide proper drainage.
what tile would you recommend for outdoor playset yard cover.. considering rain needing to filter thru the tiles.. thanks ( are your tiles cancer safe ? )
ryan williams
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be used for any outdoor application and feature a perforated surface that allows for water, dirt, and debris to easily flow through the flooring system. These tiles do not contain any carcinogenic materials.
Can you take this up easily or once you install it, you can't take it back up?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles are very easy to install, as well as uninstall. These come with a click and lock system, so to uninstall, all you have to do is simply unclick the tiles to unlock.
Can my child roller blade on these tiles?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be used for roller skating, but for rollerblading we recommend our Hotshot Hockey Floor Tiles. The Hotshot Hockey Floor Tiles are specially designed for roller skates and rollerblades. Please see them here
Can you play Shuffleboard on surface? Do yo send to Quebec?
stéphanie Lavigne
Yes, you can play shuffleboard on our Outdoor Sports Tiles. We ship only in the US, however our customers use their own freight forwarders when shipping out of the US. This means that we can ship to wherever you would want the product to be delivered within the US and then from there, your freight forwarder can pick up and continue to the final destination.
My concrete basketball court has some cracks and isn’t level on either side of the cracks. Can I still use the rubber basketball tiles?
We'd recommend filling the cracks with concrete to make the surface level before installing our Outdoor Sports Tiles over them to make sure the tiles stay stable during playtime.
Can these be used for tennis? How many tiles would be needed for a tennis court?
Amy Kaplan
Yes, our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be used for tennis. The number of tiles you would need depends on the size of your court. You may use the flooring calculator on the product page to calculate the number of tiles.
Can these tiles go over level dirt with a grass stopper sheet?
Daniel Price
Yes, you may install our Outdoor Sports Tiles over the grass stopper sheet, however we recommend installing these tiles over a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.
If I just want a volleyball court how many tiles would I need?
It depends on how big of a court you need. Please enter the dimensions on the flooring calculator that's on the product page to calculate the number of tiles that you would need, or call us directly.
How big a concrete slab do I need if I want to have a 30'x40' outdoor basketball sports court?
It should be big enough to hold the 30'x40' court.
How many tiles would the key require?
Albert Lopez
It depends on the dimensions of the key. Please use the "Flooring designer" located under "product highlights" on the product page to calculate the number of tiles.
How hot do these tiles get in the sun? Hotter than normal concrete would?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles will get warm in direct sunlight but will be cooler than concrete. To keep these tiles cool, we recommend spraying them water.
I am looking for an alternative for an outdoor dance floor. Need to know if you could pivot and turn on these or would boots stick to surface?
Diane Hill
You should be able to dance on these tiles since the surface is flat and the holes aren't as wide. We'd recommend you getting a sample before your purchase to make sure your boots don't stick.
Do you ship to Australia?
We only ship within the USA, however, you may arrange for a freight forwarder who can then ship the product to Australia.
I am looking at configuring a 12ft x 22ft. How do I calculate what edges and corners I need? How would I know if they are male or female edges? thank you
You would need 32 male and 32 female edges, 2 male and 2 female corner edges for your court. To calculate the number of edges, you may use the "flooring designer" that's on the product page, enter your desired court size, and simply calculate the number of tiles on each edge.
Hi, I'm curious what the average expected lifespan is for these tiles if I use them strictly for an outdoor basketball court on top of concrete? I live in the midwest. Is it likely to be functional 10+ years in the future? Thanks in advance!
Yes, on average, these tiles will last you for 10+ years, as long as they're installed correctly on a hard and even surface, so they won't get damaged.
What does 5% overage mean? Are the interlocking loops part of the 12 inches, so the overage would account for the loss in square footage?
Overage is just extra tiles that you may order if needed. Customers often like to order additional tiles just to be safe.
I was planning to use these in a gravel the driveway to make a little pad for scooter riding and toddler play. Looking for something that can be put down and taken up occasionally. Will they stay interlocked on a gravel surface?
These tiles can be installed on compacted gravel, but the recommend subfloor is hard concrete.
we are building a summer home and want to include a place for our grandkinds to play hoops. What do you recommend for the ground prep? is compacted soil ok? or do you recomment concrete?
We highly recommend using concrete as a subfloor.
the order comes with the lines like a basketball court ?
No, these tiles do not come with game lines. You may either use our game line paint kits to create custom lines or see our Outdoor Basketball Court Kits that come as pre-made kits with the option for pre-painted game lines.
can you disconnect squares & then reconnect?
Yes! These tiles are very easy to install and uninstall.
What material can I use for the sub base (compacted aggregate, concrete..?) Thank you.
My Nguyen
Concrete works best as a subfloor for these tiles.
I’d like to find something I can use as a portable surface to practice my hockey goaltending. How easy are these to disassemble and transport?
These tiles are very easy to un-install & transport.
Hello, do you have a distributer in Canada or do you ship to Canada? Thank you, Ross
Ross Bailey
Yes, we ship to Canada. Please call us directly for a quote.
Basically, to have this ribber flooring in my backyard, I would have to first cement the area, correct?
This is hard plastic flooring. And yes, we recommend these to be installed on a hard surface, like concrete.
After it rains, What can i add to the outdoor basketball flooring to prevent slipping and falling down?
Darrell Osborn
These tiles will allow water to pass through them, so they are not truly a slip-hazard but may be slick after getting wet in the rain. After it rains, wearing appropriate footwear when walking on these tiles would be the best option.
Can you online skate and play hockey on these?
Yes, you can skate and play hockey on outdoor sports tiles. We also offer hockey-specific tiles called the HotShot Hockey Tiles which are great but are not meant for outdoor use.
Do the sports tiles get hot? Are they comfortable to walk on barefoot?
These tiles can get warm in direct sunlight but because of their vented surface, they will only get hot if the sunlight is very intense. They are comfortable to walk on.
Can these tiles be used for indoor basketball court ?
Saurav Raj Subedi
Yes, these Outdoor Sports Tiles can be used for indoor or outdoor sport courts.
Has anyone used this floor for an outdoor pickleball court?
Our Outdoor Sports Tiles can be used as a pickleball court but you would want to order a sample and ensure that the ball-bounce is adequate with the type of ball you will be using.
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George B. from Richland, BC wrote...
Good evening Whitney, Because of you our kids are in love with our back yard. My son would sleep outside if we allowed him to. We finished the yard this past weekend and all four of them ages 13, 10, 8 and 2 have loved every moment. I want to thank you for all your help and support in putting this together. Many many people helped to make this come together and you were a big part of it. Your company is incredibly lucky to have someone as dedicated as you are. I am very sure I made the right decision going with you.
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Erin K. from American Fork, UT wrote...
We are very happy with our purchase of these tiles and Rubber Flooring's price match guarantee. The outdoor Sportcourt tiles seem very durable and once you get the hang of how they snap together, it goes pretty quickly. We laid our 300 tiles over a leveled and compacted gravel area that we had covered with landscaping fabric. To snap the tiles together we had to put a hard board underneath because the gravel didn't provide a solid enough surface. Again, once we developed a system it went together pretty quickly. After getting them snapped together, we used a jigsaw to cut the tiles around the trampoline and remaining edges. That was a lot easier than we thought it would be and actually went fairly quickly. We look forward to a weed-free fun area for our kids for years to come. Sincerely, Erin K
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