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Flagstone Rubber Pavers

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Product Highlights
  • Water permeable.
  • More comfortable and shock absorbant than brick or stone.
  • Green Floor composed of recycled rubber!

  • Water permeable.
  • More comfortable and shock absorbant than brick or stone.
  • Green Floor composed of recycled rubber!
  • Reversible Tiles.
Description - Featuring an elegant pattern in two different colors, Flagstone Rubber Pavers are the perfect addition to any outdoor patio or deck. Being slip-resistant and shock absorbent, these rubber pavers are very easy to maintain and install. These rubber tiles are softer underfoot than standard brick or concrete pavers, so start enjoying the outdoors again in style and comfort with our Flagstone Rubber Paver Tiles.
Material – Each paver tile is made from recycled rubber providing you with the ultimate green flooring solution.
Size – 16” x 16”
Thickness – Available in 3/4" tiles.
Weight – Each tile weighs approximately 6 Lbs.
Origin – Made in the USA
Recommended Uses – Flagstone Rubber Pavers have been used successfully as an outdoor patio floor covering, deck flooring, around pools, as a walkway path, in horse stalls, as an outdoor play area and any other outdoor area where a tough, shock resistant floor is desired.
California Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)
Flagstone Rubber Pavers are are easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance of these outdoor deck and patio tiles typically includes:
  • Sweeping the surface of the tile with a stiff outdoor bristle broom when necessary.
  • Spraying or hosing off the tiles with clean water as needed.
  • Vacuuming the surface of the recycled rubber tiles with a shop vac if needed.

Note: If the tiles do become stained in anyway, use a mild soap and water solution and gently scrub the tiles with a soft nylon bristle brush or mop.
Flagstone Paver Tiles are very easy to install. Installation of these tiles is as follows:
  • Thoroughly clean the surface where the pavers are to be installed. Allow to dry completely. Make sure that both paver and surface have no moisture on them for best adhesion.
  • Place Flagstone paver on surface to assure you have the proper amount and that you like the overall design.
  • To achieve the best results, snap chalk lines as a guide and pavers will be straight during installation.
  • Begin installation in a corner or against a wall and work in a small section.
  • Apply a polyurethane adhesive to the bottom of the paver and place on surface.
  • Gently tap tiles into place with a rubber mallet for adhesion.
  • Continue laying full pavers in place until complete.
  • For any pavers that require cutting, use a razor knife, cutting the paver in a series of scores to acquire a clean edge.
  • Allow area to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before use.
  • After installation, some natural weathering of pavers may occur.
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Flagstone Rubber Pavers look like a good solution for hiding a shifting concrete problem I have on a front porch. However, this is southern Arizona and porch is on south side, so question is: will the material hold up to intense desert sun and heat? And do you have finish edge pieces (like a bull nose edge for the perimeter?) Thank you.
Gene O
Our Flagstone Rubber Pavers will hold up to the intense desert sun. During the day you may see some expansion of the tiles with the heat of the day, but that will subside with the cool of the day. If the pavers will be in direct sunlight for a long period of time, you may experience some fading. We currently do not have any edging for these tiles.
I want to install pavers in the back yard. Do I need to prepare the ground before laying the pavers ?
If you are placing the pavers over grass or compacted dirt you will want to ensure the surface is flat. You will also want to place a weed barrier under the pavers to keep grass from growing through the flooring surface. If the pavers are being placed on a concrete slab, you will want to ensure the surface is clean of dirt and debris.
From the answer to a question, I see that you can install the rubber flagstone pavers on compacted dirt (with a weed barrier). But installation instructions require the pavers to be glued down; I assume because of wind lift. How does one prevent wind lift when installed on dirt or what is the substitute for gluing it down?
If a full spread glue down installation is not available, you can use a seam sealer adhesive to glue the pavers to each other. This will help to create a solid floor that would be able to withstand most wind events.
This tile would be installed outdoors over a concrete flooring. In the winter it will ice up for days and possibly weeks at a time. How well will it withstand these cold and icy conditions?
Our Flagstone Rubber Pavers hold up well in all temperatures. These tiles are made to be installed outdoors and will not get brittle in cold temperatures.
From the photo of the tile, it looks like these tiles do have enough space under them to allow water to run out from underneath them. But no mention is made of this (unlike for some other products you sell). Also - is there any acoustic reduction using these tiles? We want to use them on our deck, which is above two bedrooms, and in a wet climate (Seattle).
Our Flagstone Rubber Pavers are a two-sided paver and allow for water and other liquids to flow under them easily. These tiles would provide some impact resistance and noise reduction from the floor above, which would make them perfect for your deck.

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Anonymous from Abq., NM wrote...
It is an excellent constructed product, but nowhere on the web-site is there any mention of how much this product is affected by temperature. I installed it with four tight borders and during the heat of the day it resembles the peaks and valleys of the Rockies.
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in balcony
John H. from Toms River, NJ wrote...
Same time next year some lucky resident of One Ocean Boulevard will enjoy the views of the Barnegat Bay and this incredible sky.
  make over patio pad
Self-installed in outdoor patio
Pete Jr from Barnegat, New jersey wrote...
i bought the rubber pavers to make over my patio pad which was poured concrete and it discolored of the years and hard to keep clean so i decided to put down rubber pavers to make the patio new again. it was easy to install but the only thing was it was very hard to cut, but it was manageable i did like the directions said and glue the perimeter and kept the inside free. its nice to walk on either bare footed or wearing sneakers and easy to clean all i use to keep it clean right now is a leaf blower. i would recommend this product to any one.
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