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Hydrochill Cooling Sand - 50lb Bag

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Product Highlights

  • Keeps your turf cooler in direct sunlight and summer.
  • Sand infill with Hydrochill precoat.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Keeps your turf cooler in direct sunlight and summer.
  • Sand infill with Hydrochill precoat.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Will not affect the durability or the warranty of your turf.
Description - One of the biggest complaints with turf is that it gets warm in direct sunlight, especially in the summer. Well, fret over that no more with our Hydrochill. What is so special about this infill is that when wet, it helps to cool down your turf for days depending on local conditions. Studies have shown that it can keep your turf anywhere from 30 – 50 degrees than standard synthetic lawn surfaces. Our Hydrochill is UV-resistant. For maximum effectiveness, please refill the areas on your turf that could be low on infill due to migration by foot traffic.
Material – Sand infill with a Hydrofill technology precoat.
Weight – 50 lb. bag
Recommended Usage - Proper spread rate for a bag of Hydrochill is 1.5 pounds per square foot when used alone (per 1 in. pile height of turf). 1 bag covers ~33 sqft. When mixed 50/50 with silica sand, the proper spread rate is a total of 1.5 pounds per square foot (per 1 in. pile height of turf).

Available For Order - Ships between Jul 19 - 26

Hydrochill should be mixed 50/50 with regular silica sand to achieve 2 pounds per 1 inch pile height of turf. Hydrochill must be stored in a dry place. Once wet, it is nearly impossible to install. If you are adding it to an existing install, then we recommend using 1-1/2 pounds per square foot for proper effectiveness.

Smart Science

  • Evaporative Cooling Technology

Turf can become very hot in direct sunlight, especially during the summer months. With Hydrochill, you now have the ability to cool the surface temperature of your turf by 30-50 degrees once hydrated. Through strong science and independent testing, a product has been made that will revolutionize how you interact with your artificial grass.

Easy Application

  • Simple Application, Great Benefits

HydroChill is very easy to use and apply. HydroChill is a specialized infill that is either applied as a spray or as a pre-coated sand. Once hydrated it can last for days, slowly releasing moisture and cooling the surface temperature by 30-50 degrees. HydroChill will 'naturally' grab moisture, so rainfall, dew, and watering of your lawn will reactivate it. HydroChill lasts for years, making life a bit more comfortable.

Cool Results

  • Noticeably Cooler

So what is all the fuss with this HydroChill stuff? Well, the fact is, artificial turf gets very hot in direct sunlight, especially in the summer, and to properly enjoy it all year long, there needs to be a way to keep the turf as cool as grass. HydroChill helps to achieve this by simply activating the product with some water. Like perspiration, the product works in a natural way keep feet and paws just that more comfortable. The length of the hydration cycle will vary depending on the climate, but the effects are the same, cool turf.

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Hydrochill is to be reapplied every two years. How is it applied in the first place? How is it reapplied? Does it go directly on top of the synthetic grass? When hydrated, is it wet? Can children play on it and not get their clothes wet? Is it subject to developing mold or bacteria?
You would apply Hydrochill like you would any other infill with a seeder. You would use the same tool to reapply as needed. Hydrochill is not wet when applied. Just like any other infill, you would need to brush they Hydrochill into your turf. You would have to water your turf to activate Hydrochill, and it wouldn't be wet to the touch after the water has been applied. Hydrochill is mold and mildew resistant and does not promote bacterial growth.
Hydro Chill : is it California complaint?
We do sell this infill to customers in California.
Is this pet friendly? Will it hold urine smell in it?
Hydrochill is pet-friendly and will not hold onto urine or the smell.
When you re-apply the Hydrochill every two years, do you need to remove the previously applied Hydrychill? If so, how would this be done (e.g., vacuuming?)? What are the possible side effects of the UV coating breaking down (e.g., does the Hydrochill breakdown into smaller particles and/or different chemical compounds?)?
You do not have to remove the previously applied Hydrochill. We only recommend re-filling certain areas on your turf that may have lost some infill due to foot traffic or because of any other activity, every two years. The UV coat will not breakdown, all you need to do is, re-apply infill to areas where you see it's less.
I live in Portland, OR. How will the continuously wet winters effect the Hydrochill? Will it become ineffective after being wet for so long?
Cindy Carter
Hydrochill utilizes moisture to keep your turf cool, so rains will only help it. In most of the country, you can expect 3-4 years before the lawn would need to be treated again with infill.
How does one care for the turf? Rake? Vacuum?
annie Fence
Taking care of our turf products is very easy. Every once in a while a nice brushing with a push broom may be needed to keep the turf blades standing up if they get matted down. To remove leaves and other debris, you can use a leaf blower or vacuum to remove.
Can you add the product to an artificial turf lawn that has already been covered using regular silica infill?
Patrick McKean
You can add Hydrochill to any turf install any time.
What happens if the Hydrochill is not watered every 3-4 days? Does it quit working? For example, during the winter when it is not hot, but there is no snow, does it still have to be watered to maintain its functionality? What if it is watered once a week vs. 3-4 days?
Nothing happens to the Hydrochill if it is not watered every 3-4 days. The 3-4 day watering schedule is a suggestion to get the full benefits of the product. You can still water this out of this timeframe and still get the great benefits of Hydrochill. You will not need to recharge Hydrochill during the winter, at the turf will already be cool. The timeframe is really during the summer and during times when rain is not falling. Rainwater will help recharge this as well. Same with snow. You can water Hydrochill as often as you like and it will still keep your turf cooler in direct sunlight compared to other types of infill.
My lawn was installed about 6 years ago with normal sand. If I go with Hydrochill infill now on top of my existing infill how much do I use per sq ft? I'm guessing the 1.5lb per sq ft is for new installs. I dont want to end up with to much infill. thanks!
Josh Jones
Ideally, turf infill is reapplied every 5-6 years. In your case, the sand may have already sunken down so you may have to do a fresh infill install. If not, you may also simply refill the areas that need the infill the most.
Do you need to add sand to the Hydrochill?
William Henry
No, Hydrochill can be used as in, you do not have to add sand to it.
I just had artificial turf put down but they used some other type of infill. Can I put down Hydrochill now also? Or is that too much infill? I'm in Florida and the temp of the turf in the sun is about 165-170 degrees - way too hot for my pups. I'm having to water it everyday before they go outside.
You may still add Hydrochill to your turf, depending on how much space there is for it. One good idea would be to check your turf to see if the current infill was filled up to the top or if there is still room for more infill. Adding a thin layer of Hydrochill should work.
Can Durafill be used to replace Silica Sand in the 50/50 mix?
Francessca Merdes
You can for sure can replace the Silica Sand with any other infill. So you can use a 50/50 mix of Hydrochill and Durafill no problem.
Can I mix HydroChill and Zeolite? (We have no infill at all right now.) How would HydroChill react if sprayed with some sort of enzymatic agent for neutralizing dog urine?
You can mix HydroChill and Zeolite. No enzymatic agent is needed if you use Zeolite Max as this infill is odor-neutralizing. But if you do need to use one, this will not affect the HydroChill in any way.
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  Turf cooler
Self-installed in Back yard
Anonymous from Arizona wrote...
This stuff really works especially living in Arizona. Just water the turf every 3-4 days and it keeps the gruff and a reasonable temp so my dog or you can enjoy it during the tough months.
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