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Pet Turf Rolls

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Product Highlights

  • Pet-friendly turf.
  • UV stable and heat/frost resistant.
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty.


Turf Fresh
Turf Fresh
1 Quart
Pet safe and bio-degradable. Leaves a fresh smell.
Learn More
$53.32 ea.
$53.32 ea.
Turf Fresh
Turf Fresh
1 Gallon
Pet safe and bio-degradable. Leaves a fresh smell.
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$79.99 ea.
$79.99 ea.
Zeolite Max
Zeolite Max
50 Lb Bag
1 Bag covers ~33 sqft. Helps to neutralize ammonia-based odors.
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$39.99 ea.
$39.99 ea.
50 Lb Bag
Helps keep your turf cool. Mix 50/50 with silica sand to get 1.5 lbs. per 1 in. pile height of turf
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$66.99 ea.
$66.99 ea.
Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile
Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile
32" x 32" Tile (7.11 sq ft)
32" x 32" x 1" tile
Learn More
$22.25 ea.
$22.25 ea.
Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile (Case of 114 tiles)
Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile (Case of 114 tiles)
114 tiles per case (798 sq ft)
32" x 32" x 1" tile
Learn More
$2,394.00 ea.
$2,394.00 ea.
  • Pet-friendly turf.
  • UV stable and heat/frost resistant.
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty.
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals.
  • Perforated for superior drainage.
Description - Our Pet turf has been designed to sustain superior resilience and durability. Featuring realistic colors, this pet-friendly artificial grass feels friendly on the most sensitive of paws and requires little maintenance. This rolled turf features a short pile height which aids in drainage to create a sanitary, sterile environment that is insect-free. Pet artificial grass is UV stable and is heat and frost resistant making it great for any outdoor application. These rolls are backed by a 15-year warranty and are made right here in the USA.
Specs -
Material PE fiber with thatch
Color Olive/Field Green
Width 7.5' & 15'
Thickness Approx 1-1/8"
Face Weight Approx. 60oz
Weight Approx. 0.62lbs per sqft.
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Drainage Yes
Length Custom (max. 82')
UV Stable Yes
Warranty 15 years
Heat & Frost resistant Yes
Recommended Uses – Pet Turf Rolls are perfect for any outdoor or indoor application and can be used as landscape turf, doggy daycare turf, and much more.

In Stock - Ships between Jul 23 - 26

Turf rolls are very easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance for these interlocking tiles typically includes the following:
  • Periodic raking with a plastic rake to remove leaves and other debris to keep the flooring surface clean.
  • Rinsing the turf with a hose to remove dirt and dust.
  • For stains and blemishes, clean the rolls with a warm water solution of household detergent and water. Never use bleach.
  • For animal urine, use a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Make sure to flush thoroughly and vacuum any excess solution.
  • For chewing gum, the use of dry ice or refrigerant packets may be necessary to remove gum from the flooring surface.
  • If your turf becomes matted, brush the surface to restore the aesthetic appearance and add your choice of Turf Infill to the lawn annually. Always use a synthetic brush and never a metal or wire bristled brush when performing this task.

Installation of our Turf rolled flooring is very easy and typically done by our customers. Below are instructions for both outdoor and indoor installation of our rolled flooring.

Synthetic Lawn Outdoor Installation
  1. First, you will want to remove all grasses, sods, mulches, etc. from the marked areas. Note: If you are landscaping around trees shrubbery, flowers, light poles, utilities, etc., remember to mark around those areas and account for the turf edge configuration. Remember to leave ample area uncovered around the bases of trees.
  2. Next cap any sprinklers that will not be used. Cap the sprinklers at the pipe level to avoid any leakage that might occur. Relocate sprinklers if necessary. Make sure to mark the location of the unused sprinklers. Move electrical sprinklers and wiring 6”-8” inward and away from any hardscape or perimeter to avoid accidental damage when nailing turf edges. Once the wiring and other materials are moved, lay the items on top of the subgrade surfacing and secure them with U-shaped nails.
  3. Install the base with a decomposed granite which is a special mixture of gravel and sand. This material allows the liquids from the turf to properly drain. For non-pet landscape installations, install DG 3” in depth. Properly distribute and level the base material.
  4. Wet the existing base to allow the material to settle properly. Compact the base by vibrating, tamping, and rolling the gravel until you have a completely flat surface. Once this solid base is established, the turf can be easily nailed to the base.
  5. If using a turf pad, you will want to cut a hole in the base the size and depth of the pad that is being used.
  6. Roll out weed cloth if applicable. This fabric prevents any additional plants and weeds from growing through the base of the synthetic grass. Overlap the weed cloth edges by 6" and secure it with as many flat-head nails as necessary. This helps to prevent movement of the cloth. Trim the cloth to fit the landscape area leaving a 1/4” gap along the border. Note: Do not drive nails too deeply as this will cause dimpling.
  7. Before laying the turf down, be sure to find either a straight edge or two perpendicular edges for alignment. Square the turf to fit the area to minimize cutting and fitting on all four sides. Once the turf is square, secure the square edges with temporary nails to hold them in place while securing the opposite edges.
  8. When fitting the turf, over-cut the turf by 1” along the edges for a proper fit. The excess turf will be necessary for the tucking process. When seaming turf edges together, use a seaming tool. Cut the turf in an S-shape to avoid the turf possibly pushing against each other's angles, which can create discoloration illusion in the seamed area. Install nails every 6” along the edge and drive them down three-quarters of the way. When finished, separate the grass to avoid pulling the blades down with the nail. The nail will be hidden with the grass blade at the base of the mat. Don't drive the nails down too deeply as it will pull the turf down and create dimples. Be sure to secure seams with 6” U-nails every 6”. Make sure the U-nail is driven to the same level of the mat and hidden with the grass blades.
  9. Note: When seaming the turf over a turf pad, you will want to use our turf seam tape or our turf seam tape & adhesive pack which features turf seam tape and a gallon adhesive bucket.
  10. Tucking the turf means you will be hiding the turf edges against any hardscape or border by using a metal bar call a wonder bar. This will give your installation a clean plush look.
  11. Use a power brush or heavy bristled brush to pull against the grain of the grass to make it stand up. Apply your infill or sand and spread the granules evening throughout the entire turf installation. The infill will hold the blades upright and give the turf more weight.
  12. Brush up your turf once again with a power brush or bristled brush to force your infill into the base of the turf. This will allow the turf to settle and create optimal stability for your synthetic grass. Follow up the process to also remove excess debris.
Glue Down Indoor Installation
  1. First, you will want to make sure that your surface is level, clean, and dry. Our turf flooring can be installed on concrete, dusting, powdering concrete, gypcrete, pressure treated decking, wood, or backer board.
  2. Next, you will want to dry lay your turf to implement roll sequencing to minimize normal variations. Manufacturing details will be back stamped on one side of the backing; this will assist in determining fiber direction.
  3. If adding a turf pad, you would install this over the base with either double-sided tape or glue.
  4. Apply adhesive or double-sided tape and then lay the turf.
  5. Apply a bead of seam sealer to all seams.
  6. Roll the product with 75 Lbs. Weighted roller across the width and length of the product surface.
  7. Once completed, the installation must remain in dry conditions for 72 hours for the adhesive to cure properly.
For detailed installation instructions, please Click Here.

It Starts with the Yarn

  • Omega Turf Fiber: Soft feel with great durability

A popular turf shape for both durability and realistic feel, the Omega turf fiber is commonly found in our popular Pet Turf Rolls. Popular for a realistic grass blade appearance as well as it’s ability to handle high amounts of foot traffic, the Omega synthetic grass blade shape is a great option for durability while still maintaining a softer feel.

Worry-free Drainage

  • Drains Better than Natural grass

Most artificial grass backing is perforated with holes that measure approximately ½ centimeter in diameter and can drain at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard. Believe it or not, this is actually better than a natural lawn! Whether it’s water or pet urine, the drainage capacity ensures your turf will continue to look great after installation. No need to feel like you can’t have a picnic, run around or let your dogs loose on it. Synthetic grass harnesses the technology to keep your landscape hassle free with great drainage capability.

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We have two dogs, what if they pee or poo on the turf? We want to install it outside.
donna izaldine
Your dogs can pee or poo on our Pet Turf Rolls without it affecting the turf. To clean the turf rolls all you would need to do is pick up the poop and clean it by hosing it down or spraying it to make it smell better.
I have a fenced next area which is a dog run approximately 12' X 50'. The area is well packed down with either dirt areas or solid grass both alive and dead. I would like to put the artificial turf over it without digging it up and would like to know if it is possible.
Dean Hebert
You can install our Pet Turf Rolls over your existing surface with ease. For optimal results, we do recommend following our standard turf installation instructions, but if you wanted just to lay this over your existing dirt as is, you would still get the benefits of having turf in your yard.
What about hair collection. My welcome mat has little plastics to wipe your feet on but it tends to collect dog hair, tree seeds, strings etc and i can never get it clean because its trapped in there. will this type of turf trap hair and debris or will it release it if i took the leaf blower to it. I just dont want an oversized welcome mat in my back yard. i know some of the carpet style turf traps things in the tiny plastic. (my 4 danes slept my grass to death now they roll in the remaining dirt.)
Our Pet Turf Rolls will not collect hair in them like your mat. This artificial grass is meant to look and feel like real grass with added comfortability for pet paws. If you use a leaf blower, the hair would blow away like the leaves from the trees.
My dogs like to dig, will the turf stop this?
We have learned never to say never, but unless their favorite bone is underneath that spot, it is highly unlikely. In the 2+ years, we have been selling this product; we have not had one incident where a dog has damaged out turf rolls.
My dogs try to dig, will this turf stand up to dogs digging?
Billy Jack eaton
If a dog were to dig at our Pet Turf Rolls, they would eventually be able to tear through it. Since the turf is not organic, in most instances the dog won't try to dig. These rolls are constructed to withstand even the toughest play, and even if a dog did try to dig from time to time, the turf would be able to handle it.
My lawn has rolling mounts and slopes, will the turf take the shape of the land?
Our Pet Turf Rolls would take the shape of the ground it is being placed over.
Does it get hotter then cement in summer time?
Our Pet Turf Rolls will be cooler than concrete in the summer time. The turf will get warmer than natural grass in direct sunlight but can be cooled with the use of a hose. We also have a product Hydrochill that will help to keep your turf cool even in direct sunlight with the use of some water.
Do you have to use infill?
denis watson
You don't have to use infill when installing our Pet Turf Rolls, but we do recommend using it. Infill helps to keep the turf blades standing up. This will help to make your turf look more like natural grass. Infill also helps to keep your turf properly draining. We offer a wide range of infills for our turf, with all of them being safe. For pet installations, we do recommend a certain few as they will help to mitigate smells and keep your turf cool. Our Zeolite Max is great as it is formulated to neutralize the smell from pet urine. This infill is recommended to be used under and on top of our turf as infill. This in conjunction with our Pet Fresh spray will help to keep our turf smelling fresh all day. The other infill we recommend is our Durafill. This infill is pet safe and helps to provide proper drainage for your turf. Not only will it help with drainage, but it will also help to keep your turf cooler than using rubber or silica sand infill.
What is the difference between the Pet Turf and the Bow Wow Turf? Do you recommend one over the other for a dog play/potty area?
Claudia D.
Both products are really good for dog play/potty areas. They're both our best-selling pet turfs. The only major difference is the sizing, the Bow Wow Turf Rolls are 6.5' wide, whereas the Pet Turf Rolls are 7.5' and 15' wide.
I'm reading that water will be able to penetrate through this product, however, if I install the weed cover underneath will the water penetrate through both products?
Water and other liquids would be able to penetrate through both our Pet Turf Rolls and weed barrier to the subsurface with ease. Both products are designed to allow liquids to flow to the soil below.
do you have contractors you recommend that can install your artificial grass?
Yes, please call us directly and we will help you connect with installers in your area.
I'm looking to get your Pet Turf for a potty patch that I have on my porch for my dog. Is the thatch permeable? It will have soil underneath it, I don't want any urine to sit on top of the grass, I want it to be able to just soak into the soil underneath. Thanks!
Our Pet Turf Rolls are permeable and will allow the urine to drain to the soil below.
We have a 4' x 50' strip which widens to a larger patch of grass. Our greyhound likes to run and do her figure 8s in this area. We put down wood chips & then straw, both go flying when she runs. She really digs in when she turns or goes around the corner. Will artificial turf stay put or will we end up with wrinkles or just flat out pulling up from where it's staked?
Cissy Gustafson
Our Pet Turf Rolls will not come up from your Greyhound running and playing on the turf. The turf on it's on is pretty heavy and will be hard for the dog to push up, but we do recommend nailing the turf into the ground to prevent movement from high winds are heavy rains. Installation instructions are provided on the product page under the installation instructions tab.
How does it do in the snow?
Our Pet Turf Rolls work great in all types of weather and have been installed all over the U.S and Canada. So our Pet Turf will work great in snow.
Will l still have use insecticides on this turf for fleas, red ants, and ticks?
The great thing about our Pet Turf is that it does not attract bugs, so you will not have to use insecticides on the turf.
I'm building an boarding kennel. Can this be used on the floor of the kennel without holding the urine odor in it? I'm wanting it to cover the concrete and hopefully it's easy to feel clean and odor free.
Wagalong grooming
Our Pet Turf Rolls can be installed on the floor of your kennel without holding onto the urine odor. We also offer cleaners that can also help with mitigating the smell of the urine.
Does the turf have drain holes?
chris Hembree
Our Pet Turf does have drainage holes and more than out other turf products to help ensure optimal drainage of any liquid.
We have gophers in our area, is that a problem with this grass?
Karen Zich
Since there is not organic material associated with our Pet Turf Rolls, gophers would not want to eat it or make their homes there.
How does this product work with rain absorption?
Our Pet Turf Rolls can drain rain at approximately 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard.
My dog run has a concrete floor. Can Pet Turf be attached securely?
You can install our Pet Turf Rolls over a concrete floor. We recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive to adhere it to the concrete.
Will artificial turf hold up in the winter used in a dog run?
Our Pet Turf Rolls will be able to withstand winter temperatures and still perform like normal.
Can this be installed on a concrete patio?
You can install our Pet Turf Rolls on a concrete patio. If you do, to keep it in place, we recommend using adhesive to keep it in place. You can use our polyurethane adhesive for a more permanent installation or our 5900 Series for a semi-permanent installation.
our 4 dogs love to run along the fence line with neighbor dogs and of course there is no grass; only mud or dust depending on the weather. Would this product work along the fence? It would only need to be about 18" wide.
This product would be suitable for your application. These rolls can be cut as short as 1 linear foot, so you could actually turn the width of the roll into the length that you need for this fence line.
Can it be stapled to plywood? It's for a turtle enclosure.
We recommend using adhesive, but you could staple our Pet Turf Rolls to plywood.
Do you sell squares 20"x20" to fit a plastic tray? What is the smallest amount of turf can you buy? Does it have a rubber backing?
The smallest size we can sell our Pet Turf is 7.5' x 1'. Our turf is not rubber backed but has a K29 Dual Layered Non-Expansive Backing.
Bit of an odd question here but hopefully you can answer. I have retired racing greyhounds who still love to run. They have established a sort of race track in the backyard where they run. Imagine a greyhound (or horse) racetrack and you know what it looks like. In the corners I have no grass due to their turning. Will your Turf Roll withstand them running on it? It would have side-wise pressures as they round the corner. Thanks for your assistance!
Gary Standiford
Our Pet Turf Rolls can be used as a dog run. These rolls are very durable and will also keep your pet's paws safe.
Does the turf have to be installed onto dirt? Could you just lay it over pavers, or would a dog relieving himself on that sort of installation cause a problem?
You can install our Pet Turf over any hard, flat surface. Our turf has been installed over concrete and asphalt pads with great success. If a dog were to urinate on the turf, it would seep through the turf to the concrete below. We recommend not gluing the turf down so that you could periodically clean the subsurface from time to time. This will help to help to reduce any unsightly odors. If you do glue it, we do offer a range of products that help with reducing odors. Our Turf Fresh and Zeolite Max products are great for this and are safe for pets and very easy to use.
Could the padding that is used for the PlaySafe turf be used under the pet turf? I'm not sure which turf would be best as both children and pets would be in the area and it needs to have high drainage capabilities. Is your outdoor turf also lead-free/UV/frost resistant?
You can use any of our pads under our Pet Turf Rolls and any of our Turf products. Depending on what you will be doing on the turf will determine which type of pad will be best for your application. All of our outdoor turf products are UV stable, lead-free, and freeze/thaw stable. So they will not get brittle in the dead of winter.
We are purchasing a home with what is referred to as Arizona landscaping aka rock. The rock is approximately 1" pieces. Would it be feasible to install over the layer of rock for added drainage? Or would it destroy the backing?
Sharon M.
When installing our Pet Turf, we recommend installing it on a flat, hard surface. Typically you would install this over compacted crushed granite. This will help with drainage and also keep from destroying your turf when installed. So for this particular install, we would recommend removing the larger rocks before installing our Pet Turf Rolls or any other artificial grass rolls.
Can you putt on pet turf as well?
Since our Pet Turf Rolls are a longer blade, putting on them would not be the best, but you can putt on our Pet Turf Rolls. If you are looking for a putting green surface, please check out our large selection of putting green rolls and mats on our putting green page.
Can it go on an incline? What would be recommended to go under the turf in an outdoor dog pen that was grass?
Debby Sullivan
You can install our Pet Turf Rolls on an incline. You would just follow the installation instructions that we have on the product page under the installation tab. You wouldn't need to put anything under our Pet Turf in a dog pen, but you can add our Zeolite Max to help mitigate odors and pet urine. This product you can place under your turf and in the turf as an infill. If you wanted to use our Durafill infill, you could always use Pet Fresh to help mitigate any smells. You would just spray it as needed per the instructions on the bottle.
Can a fire pit be used on top of the Pet Turf?
Adam Pepitone
We would not recommend using a fire pit over our Pet Turf Rolls. We don't recommend using a fire pit over our Pet Turf because hot embers can fall out of the fire and melt the turf.
Can pet turf be put down on a wood deck? If so, would like to avoid nails/glue but leave it so that I can pick it up to clean the under deck routinely (the area is small).
You can install our Pet Turf Rolls on a wood deck. You don't have to glue or nail the turf down; you can free float it. If you do want some security with your turf, you can hold it down with some double-sided tape.
I would like to use it on the bottom of my many trees as a weed guard so Not to let the weeds grow But to let the water go thru and into the roots of the tree, will this work?
You can use our Pet Turf Rolls as a weed guard under trees in your yard. We would recommend also placing a weed barrier under the turf to further prevent weeds from growing.
What is the lifespan of the pet turf? I have southern exposure in Florida.
Our Pet Turf Rolls, when maintained properly, can last as long as you own your home. The warranty that we have on these rolls is 15 years.
We have a puppy in the digging stage, will the turf hold up to digging?
Our Pet Turf Rolls are very durable and would be able to hold up to the digging that any dog or puppy would do.
Have you had any incidences of dogs trying to eat pieces of the turf, especially if there are treats sprinkled into the turf for fun? What is the material and if a dog ingested a little bit of it would it make them sick?
We have not had any instances where a dog or pet has tried to eat the turf. Our Pet Turf is make constructed with Polyethylene. This plastic is pretty common in many items that we use in our homes and is safe if ingested by a dog or pet. It should not make them sick.
Can I use the pet-friendly turf on a solid OSB deck around an above ground pool and if so should I have some sort of drainage?
Richard Barrow
You can use our Pet Turf Rolls on a solid OSB deck around a pool. The turf itself will drain, but the OSB underneath will keep the water between the turf and the OSB until it evaporates. If this is an issue, then we would suggest adding some sort of draining to the OSB.
Can bugs and ticks get into this type of grass?
Ronda JonesBeltran
Since our Pet Turf Rolls are typically used outdoors, bugs and ticks can be present in the turf, but they will not stay for long as it is not natural and has no nutritional benefits to it. The one comment most people make when they add turf to their yard is the lack of bugs, especially mosquitos. Since there isn't anything that will attract bugs and other pests to the turf, they tend to stay away.
If I install this inside over wood/vinyl flooring and they pee on it, how do I clean it? Or what should I be putting underneath, so it doesn't seep into the wood every time?
If you were to install our Pet Turf Rolls indoors over existing flooring, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet under the turf or a puppy pad under the turf to keep pee and other liquids from going to the surface below. You would then just pull up the turf and change out the pad to keep the area sanitary. We would also recommend using our Turf Fresh spray to keep your turf smelling great.
I have used other products in the past and after a few weeks they stick of urine smell. If I lay this product down over grass/dirt area will it smell of urine?
kenneth shapazian
Our Pet Turf Rolls like other turf products would smell like urine over time. To mitigate this, we have a few recommendations. The first would be to use our Zeolite Max under and in your turf. This will help to suck up any urine and neutralize the smells. The next thing we would recommend is using our Turf Fresh spray as needed. This will just reinforce what the Zeolite Max is doing already.
You recommended Zeolite Max under pet turf roll to neutralize urine odor - will this product also provide a barrier, so the travertine patio floor doesn't get a stain from the urine that permeates through?
kenneth shapazian
Zeolite under our Pet Turf Rolls would not prevent urine from staining travertine if the urine were to pass through that layer. To prevent issues with staining, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet under the Zeolite to keep the urine from reaching the travertine below.
what is the primary difference between Newport and Pet grass?
The primary difference between our Newport and Pet Turf is the blade. The blades on our Pet Turf are cut in a way that will not poke and animals paws.
Can this turf be placed over compacted gravel? Or should I install 4" of compacted road base? I can imagine that it might be hard to install 6" nails into the compacted gravel. would I run into other problems? What about installing it over sand. Sand compacts to 100%. But will the turf stay in place over the sand?
We recommend installing our Pet Turf Rolls over compacted crushed granite. We recommend this due to the great drainage properties this material has versus others. You can install our Pet Turf over any hard flat surface such as compacted gravel. You would still want to follow the recommended install steps for securing and ensuring that your turf lasts for years to come.
How does this affect cement? We have a patio that is cement, and that is where we would use this.
Linnea Stewart
Our Pet Turf Rolls will not affect your concrete in any way. You can install our Pet Turf Rolls over any hard flat surface. When installing our turf over concrete, we recommend loose laying the turf so that you can easily clean under it. If you do want to secure it a bit, we would recommend using our double-sided tape.
Does it contain lead?
Patricia Card
Our Pet Turf Rolls have been tested and do not contain lead. If you would like the testing report, please reach out to us via chat, phone or email and we can provide you a copy.
I'm considering pet turf as a surface for a sloping dog ramp which will be exposed to rain and snow. Is the turf slippery, or does it become slippery when wet?
Our Pet Turf Rolls will be a little slick but no more slippery than wet grass. Our Pet Turf Rolls can drain rain at approximately 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard. Our Pet Turf Rolls work great in all types of weather and have been installed all over the U.S and Canada. So our Pet Turf will work great in snow.
I need the turf for an area behind my pavers up to the fence. It is a triangle area, with a curve. Can the turf be cut to fit. Thanks
Robbi Frishman
The Pet Turf Rolls can be cut manually using heavy scissors or an industrial cutter. You may measure the area and cut as needed. Or you may buy the Pet Turf Rugs that are pre-cut in smaller sizes and then cut them as per your need.
Do you have “how to” videos to install?
Yes, please see our "Installation Info" tab on the product page for the install video. Or, simply click on this link
I am wondering about the seams. In many of the pictures from customers it seems that the seams are obvious. Will this diminish with time, or is it something that can be avoided with proper installation? I have a large area I'd like to put turf in.
Cndy Carter
Avoiding seams or at least making them not look too obvious is possible with proper installation. There are many youtube videos that can help you achieve this. We do offer accessories that you will need for this, please see our turf staples, turf nails and seam tape here
I have a area of 16 ft long and 4 ft wide on my side lawn that I want to cover with the Pet Turf Rolls. What would be the price and is this something i could do myself?
Evelyn Graham
Please use our flooring calculator to calculate, or call us directly for a quote. Yes, you may self-install Pet Turf Rolls, please see our step by step installation instructions on the product page.
Can you use a shop vac for rain and dirt? Considering putting in central atrium with drainage issues.
Sara Kvale
Our Pet Turf Rolls provide superior drainage and come with perforations in the back so water will pass through them easily. We'd recommend using a rake or a blower over the turf versus the vacuum cleaner.
how difficult to cut and shape to odd areas such as triangles? How to attach adjoining sections of carpet?
Our Pet Turf Rolls are super easy to cut! Just use some sharp scissors or a utility knife. To attach the sections, you may simply use a double-sided tape or our seam tape or turf staples.
what is the turf length
Russell Kirk
Turf length is custom, so you can choose the length you want.
We are thinking of fencing in an area in our backyard to hopefully keep puppy away from growing mushrooms. If we would install this would it prevent mushroom growth?
Karen Thielke
You could place our weed barrier underneath and install the turf on top of it. The weed barrier will prevent anything (like weed/grass) from growing into the turf. However, you may want to consider a certain chemical treatment to get rid of the mushrooms permanently.
I've already laid down around my putting green your Daytona turf. I like the look so much I was thinking about doing the rest of my back yard. However, I do have two golden retrievers. Would it be a good looking transition to the rest of the back yard to the Pet Turf rolls or should I stick with the Daytona?
The Daytona turf works great for pets as well, so you could definitely go with it! However, if you still want to consider buying the Pet Turf Rolls instead, we'd recommend you get a sample first to match it with the Daytona just to be sure.
We are on the upper floor in a condo complex. Is there one of your products we could use over our concrete deck? If so how would it be installed or would we just lay it down? Thanks
You may simply lay these turf rolls down on the deck or you may use a double-sided tape on the perimeter and then attach it to the deck. However, please ensure that the deck has room for drainage since these rolls have perforations and will allow water to pass through them.
Do you provide custom installation?
Rusty Crossland
Please call us directly and we can help you connect with local installers in your area.
How long would a Kiddie/doggie pool filled with water and placed on the turf be able to sit there before the turf were damaged or permanently flattened? Also, what would be helpful to spruce up the turf blades so that the regain their pre-pool look?
It would take quite a long time for the turf to get damaged, this isn't a regular occurring. You may simply use a turf rake to raise the blades once flattened.
I live in hurricane territory. Will this pet turf stay in place and can I handle 30 inches of rain a day for the duration of storms?
This turf can handle the rain & the winds, however, we highly recommend nailing the turf into the ground to prevent it from moving.
I have very little garden space in the backyard. Most is stamped concrete. Can I lay the artificial pet grass over the concrete if I rinse under it every week or so?
Sondra Bergen
Yes, our Pet Turf Rolls can be installed over concrete.
I live in a very hot area where temperatures above 100 degrees F are not uncommon during the summer. Does the grass get hot?
Our Pet Turf Rolls and all turf will get hot in direct sunlight. To help mitigate this, we recommend using infills that will help to cool the turf. Popular infills that accomplish this are our Durafill, Hydrochill, and Zeolite Max infills. Hydrochill and Zeolite Max help to keep your turf the coolest in direct sunlight. Also, during the middle of the day, we recommend hosing the turf down with a little water and also try and provide shade in areas where the turf will use the most. This will help to keep the amount of heat the turf would absorb down.
What is the difference between the Pet Turf and the Bow Wow Turf? Thank you.
The main differences between our Pet Turf and Bow Wow Turf Rolls are the widths of the rolls and the face weight. Our Pet Turf has a few more width options to choose from, helping to make a large or small job easy to install. Our Bow Wow Roll only comes in one size. Our Bow Wow artificial grass rolls face weight is a little less than our Pet Turfs, but both will perform very well for any applications where pets will be on the turf. Outside of those two major differences, they both perform just as well in any installation.
I would buy this to save my grass from my dog. But if my only option is to put it on top of my original grass, then the dog turf will eventually kill the grass underneath. Correct?
If you put our Pet Turf Rolls or any turf roll over grass, it will kill the grass underneath if left over the grass for an extended period of time. If installed temporarily, the grass would not be affected. Once removed, grass would be able to grow again.
I have a strip at the end of my patio (3’ x 15’ approximately) where I would like to put down turf for my dog. Right now it has gravel on it. Will I have to remove the grave and how is the turf secured?
We recommend installing our Pet Turf Rolls over compacted crushed granite. This is due to the great drainage properties this material has versus others. That being said, you can install our Pet Turf Rolls over any hard flat surface including compacted gravel. You would still want to follow the recommended install steps for securing. This can be done with adhesive, nails, or staples.
Can you use silica sand as a base for a softer turf surface without adding a pad?
Yes. That being said Silica sand has been known to trap odors. We would recommend Durafill for your application. Durafill helps keep the turf cool, doesn’t absorb liquids and odors, and has antimicrobial properties. You can find this by searching "Durafill" in our search bar.
I have a rooftop terrace that has interlocking rubber tiles with a drainage system underneath. Can I install this on top?
Yes, this can be installed on a roof with proper drainage.
Can this turf be used for the fringe of a putting green?
Yes, our Pet Turf Rolls can be used for the fringe of a putting green.
What is the weight of pet turf?
Gerald Allen
Each square foot is approximately 0.62lbs.
We have regular turf down now on one of our balconies. One of our dogs must have sensitive paws because he hates to walk on it. Is this turf softer than regular
Our Pet Turf Rolls are a soft solution for artificial grass. They are softer than your average landscape turf. We recommend ordering free samples so you can see and feel in hand.
I have small yard of landscaping stones, 1-2 inch, rounded. Can I just lay this carpet on top for doggie area, maybe tack down edges?
Our Pet Turf Rolls can be loose-laid, secured by staples or nails, or glued to the ground. For your application, we would recommend securing the turf into the subfloor with staples or nails around the perimeter.
can the pet friendly turf be laid directly on a concrete slab in north texas
Richard Barrow
You can install our Pet Turf over any hard, flat surface. Our turf has been installed over concrete and asphalt pads with great success. If a dog were to urinate on the turf, it would seep through the turf to the concrete below. We recommend not gluing the turf down so that you could periodically clean the subsurface from time to time. This will help to help to reduce any unsightly odors. If you do glue it, we do offer a range of products that help with reducing odors. Our Turf Fresh and Zeolite Max products are great for this and are safe for pets and very easy to use.
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My lovely yellow lab Kody loves his new yard and his girlfriend Ida the Anatolian Shepherd -Oh the humans love it too -pretty, neat and super easy to clean.
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