Jumbo Soft Tiles

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$1.88 sqft
$7.52 tile
reg: $2.51 sqft
tile: $10.03

kid safe, allergen free
Ships same or next business day
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Accessories for Jumbo Soft Tiles
26" x 26" x 17"
Soft Cases
Holds up to 16 tiles
$78.99 $105.32 Weight: 3.00lbs
53" x 26" x 9"
Wheeled Soft Cases
Holds up to 16 tiles
$118.95 $158.60 Weight: 6.00lbs
50" x 28" x 12"
Wheeled HardCases
Holds up to 16 tiles
$307.99 $410.65 Weight: 30.00lbs

Description - Our Jumbo Soft Tiles are constructed with the same high density closed cell foam as our standard Jumbo Soft Tiles, but are softer creating a surface that is more shock absorbent. Since these tiles are softer, they are even better for high impact play and workouts making them perfect for any playroom, martial arts studio, MMA gym, Judo, and much more. Featuring the same reversible colors, these interlocking tiles are still just as easy to carry and store and are still waterproof helping to prevent mold and mildew growth. Coming with two removable edge pieces, the creation of corner, border, or center tiles is a breeze, allowing you to create any size finished flooring surface. These tiles are also latex-free and allergen free, making them safe for children of all ages.
Note: Foam products can be punctured by sharp animal nails, rough use, high heels, and moving furniture.
Material – Closed cell EVA foam rubber.
Size – 2' x 2'.
Thickness – ~20 mm
Weight – Each tile weighs ~2 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Jumbo Soft Tiles have been used successfully in kids playrooms, martial arts studios, children’s day care centers, home gyms, for tumbling and other gymnastic evens, as pilates and yoga mats, home exercise rooms, and anywhere else where a cushioning floor tile system would be helpful.

  • All of our Jumbo Soft Tiles are in stock and ready to ship via Fedex.
  • Soft tiles typically ship the same day or the next business day and deliver within 2-7 business days depending on your location.
  • An email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your tiles ship and your tracking information becomes available.

  • Jumbo soft tiles are a cinch to clean and maintain. The foam tiles are constructed of durable closed cell foam, no liquids can penetrate the surface of the tiles.
  • If the tiles do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is necessary to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the interlocking floor tiles with a damp cloth and your soft tiles will look like new.

Installation of interlocking tiles is very simple and typically done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  • First, clean your sub floor so it is free of all dirt, grease or debris.
  • Start in one corner of the room with a corner tile and add border tiles outward along the adjacent walls. Add center, corner, and border tiles where you see fit.
  • When coming up to an opposite wall, make sure you cut the tiles to fit the area leaving a gap that’s roughly the thickness of the tiles being used to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double-sided tape or mat tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.


  • Softer and More Durable.
  • Tiles are reversible and available in 4 total colors.
  • Includes two removable edge pieces allowing you to create corner, border, and center tiles.
  • Great for High Impact Workouts and Play.
  • These tiles may not interlock correctly with our previous Jumbo Soft Tiles.
  • Note: Removable corner can become a choking hazard.


Foam Tiles Category Video
Soft Tile Installation Video

Customer Questions & Answers

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    What is the warranty on the foam tiles? I plan to use these over carpet under heavy gym equipment. I'm concerned about color transfer . Please advise. Thank you


    Our Jumbo Soft Tiles do not come with a warranty due to them being made of foam. Depending on the carpet they are going over, there is a potential for some color transfer. This would be an issue with a white carpet or very light carpet. If you do have a light colored carpet you can put a plastic sheet under the tiles to prevent any color transfer. Since these tiles are made of foam, they will indent under the weight of the heavy gym equipment. If that is an issue, we do have rubber tiles that are better able to handler the weight of heavy gym equipment. Our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles and our 3/8" Sport-Lock Tiles are great alternative products for your installation.

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Very Happy
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Michele G. from Mission Viejo, CA
Very Happy

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Garage - Home Gym
Was this helpful? 113 0
Great For Home Gym
4/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from Fredericksburg, VA
We installed these in our home gym over a year ago. They've taken a beating - lots of high impact exercise (Insanity, P90X, etc). No wear seen and they have held up great. I am very happy with these and would recommend for any home gym environment - price is tough to beat. not as durable as commercial solutions that you see at your local gym. But commercial solutions are overkill for most home solutions.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home Gym
Was this helpful? 2 0
Great product, perfect for workouts and play rooms
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from Missouri
We purchased these tiles for a room that serves as a workout area and our son's play space. We have wood floors and covered half of the room in the tiles, baseboard to baseboard. When done this way the tiles do not slide back and forth when doing aerobic exercise and jumping. They are also soft enough to sit on when playing with our son. We were able to cut a few of them to customize them for our space, even for an area that goes over an air vent. The look is clean and professional and I like the fact that you can easily wipe them off if something is spilled. Great product that I would highly recommend to others!
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home gym/playroom
Was this helpful? 2 0
Rubber mat
4/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from san diego
Real nice mat. No complain except for the corners that tend to fall off.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - play pen for 1 1/2 yr old
Was this helpful? 2 0
7/8" soft tiles reversible black and gray
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from Union, KY
These are great tiles. They are firm so you don't feel like you are sinking, yet I can do yoga, crunches all that stuff without any additional cushioning or mats. I love the finished edges and it definitely is incentive to work out daily! My husband and I both love this floor. He has decided he doesn't need that gym membership after all. Well worth the price! I ordered 56 of the 2 foot square tiles. It only took me about 30 minutes to complete.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Basement
Was this helpful? 2 0
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from Marion ,Ar
Received the floor fast after I ordered it. And myself and my students love the floor
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it -
Was this helpful? 1 0
Excellent for inside a tent while camping
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from Maryland
I recently spent a week camping and used the rubber flooring in my tent. Despite the fact that we had very little rain, the mats were great, no hard spots and moving around the tent on my (54 year old) knees was very comfortable and no moisture seeped in from underneath. I needed four more to completely fill my current tent and will probably be buying more for my next tent. I did not order samples first.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Tent
Was this helpful? 1 0
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from cincinnati OH
You can purchase this product just about anywhere on the net. Buy it here, fast delivery!
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - gym
Was this helpful? 1 0
Great home gym flooring
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Anonymous from Cape Cod, MA
I decided to buy this flooring as my friends recommended this flooring as well as this company to buy from. I had no idea how many pieces of flooring to buy, so I called and spoke to someone from the customer service. Gave them the measurements of the space in my basement I wanted to use as my home gym and he gave me the amount I needed. It was perfect. Had a couple extra but that's ok I may want to expand the space a little more. The product is a lot better than I expected as it is so cushy on the floor and great for my workouts.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - home gym
Was this helpful? 0 0
The best
5/5 Jumbo Soft Tiles
Matt from Chicago, IL
I order the jumbo soft tile for a workout/Kids room and not only was the price great but the order that was free shipping was there 2 days later like it said it would be. Never had something go so smooth and easy to assemble. Great product and great company. I never write reviews when company's send you an email asking for one cause everything is usually just mediocre but rubber flooring inc. is a cut above the rest.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Gym/kids play area
Was this helpful? 0 0
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