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WellnessMats FitnessMat

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4 reviews
This product has been discontinued.
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  • Features beveled edges to reduce tripping hazards.
  • Will never curl or delaminate.
  • Made of 100% polyurethane.
  • Puncture and heat resistant.
  • Non-toxic and anti-microbial.
  • Backed by a 20 year warranty.
Description - FitnessMats a thick and durable mat for your commercial gym or home gym. These mats are easy to clean and store, making them the perfect option for a long term investment. FitnessMats are a commercial grade gym mat that are used in thousands of facilities across the United States. These mats are anti-microbial with easy to clean surfaces that dry quickly, they can be cleaned with any standard sanitizer. Each mat comes with a 20 year warranty and can handle repeated daily use for years to come.
Material - WellnessMats are constructed with APT (Advanced Polyurethane Technology) which is a polyurethane composite that gives each mat added comfort and durability for the life of the product.
Color – Available in Black, Brown and Grey.
Size – Available in 26" x 48" and 30" x 72" mats.
Thickness – Each mat is 5/8" thick and features beveled edges on all sides that reduce tripping hazards.
Weight – 26" x 48" is 12lbs. per mat, and 30" x 72" is 17lbs. per mat.
Recommended Uses – WellnessMats FitnessMat is the ultimate floor exercise mat and have been used successfully for yoga, pilates, aerobics, crunches, stretches, and any other exercise where a sturdy comfortable floor mat is desired.

Available For Order - Ships between Sep 3 - 9

WellnessMats FitnessMat is very easy to clean. Maintenance of these mats typically includes:
  • Sweeping the top surface of the mat clean.
  • Occasional damp mopping of the mat with a mild soap and water solution. A few recommended soaps are Dawn dish detergent or Tide laundry detergent.
For printable warranty information, please Click Here.
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Can the 26" x 48" x 5/8" mat be folded or rolled up for storage?
You can roll up WellnessMats' FitnessMat and store it.
Hi. I have hardwood flooring underneath wall to wall (low pile) carpeting in my apartment. I am looking for a mat that will help with the impact of jumping jacks, running in place, etc. Would this work for the type of flooring and exercise? Thank you.
Our WellnessMats FitnessMat would work great for reducing the impact of doing Jumping Jack, running in place, etc. These mats will lay nicely over your low pile carpet.
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Average Rating
Visual representation of average product rating from all associated reviews using stars

Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  WellnessMats Fitness Mat
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Mobile
Dana from Corpus Christi, TX wrote...
Great product. I have tile floors in my house & doing planks or abs was impossible. This is wonderful. Doesn't slip & provides excellent padding. Thank you!
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  Perfect Workout Mat
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Sandy, UT wrote...
This mat fits perfectly in my exercise room. It is the perfect size for doing sit-ups, planks and other floor exercises. It is not too soft to cause incorrect form but it is soft enough to give the bones a little cushion from the hard floor. It is durable and easy to wash and maintain. I highly recommend this mat for those looking for a mat to exercise on.
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  Best mat for my needs!
Verified Purchase
K.C. from Corte Madera, CA. wrote...
I've purchased several mats in my days. Thin mats made of natural fibers like hemp that were thin, medium thickness yoga mats made of a recycled foam material that was someone thick, and gym maps that are made of vinyl and were very thick. All but the natural fiber mats smelled chemically. All of them slipped around so being very careful when stepping off or on as well as doing certain exercises like lunges were met with apprehension. All but the gym mat made crunches uncomfortable due to the floor still creating a pressure on my spine at the peak of every crunch. But the gym mat was never meant to be portable in taking it to a yoga class, down to the park to perform Freeletics or being at home in my spare room for home exercises. So I eventually ran into this mat to fix the problem of slippage, smell, portability and maximum comfort. It exceeds all of these requirements. Unfortunately, it's not cheap. That is in and of itself the only down fall to it. But my crunches are done with out discomfort against my spine, the smell was anticipated but it was completely absent, the portability was entirely doable and in order for me to get to so slide on the floor would mean that I'm doing something wrong. So if you can find this product on sale (which I did here on, then it makes a good thing even better.
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