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Upgrade Your Garage in 4 Simple Steps

Do you finally have time to update your garage, but not sure where to start? Sometimes an upgrade doesn’t require completely gutting the garage and starting over. It can be as simple as adding some personality, so you’re not driving into a boring box every day.

With simple solutions like garage storage, garage flooring, garage furniture, and accessories you can have the personalized place that you always wanted. Create a space you’ll love with these four easy ways to upgrade your garage!

1. Organize with Garage Cabinets

Organize Garage Cabinets

A garage is a great place to keep things you don’t use on a daily basis. But after a while, you start to accumulate a lot of things that you don’t use, and it clutters your garage. So what do you do? With garage cabinets, you can organize your stuff to create a more functional, clean garage.

Our garage cabinets are simple, beautiful, and the perfect organizational tools to get your garage in order. With different forms, from base cabinets to more complex cabinet packages, your garage can be a well-oiled organized machine in no time, all you have to do is discover what garage cabinet is right for you!

Base Garage Cabinets

As you might guess from the name, base cabinets are one of the most basic ways to get your garage organized. This garage shelving is a stand-alone unit with doors or drawers opening up for easy organization. The top offers a convenient countertop space that can serve as a workbench or additional storage.

Base cabinets are a good solution if you have a lot of floor space to spare, but if space is at a premium you might want to consider wall cabinets. The great thing about base cabinets is that they’re pretty budget-friendly! They don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but they get the job done, and sometimes that’s all you need.
Top-rated base cabinet products include:

Tall Garage Cabinets

The next type of garage organization system is a tall stand-alone cabinet. The expansive interior ensures that you can fit all your tools and toys in one convenient space. The most frequently used items can be stored at eye level, while the more specialty stuff is tucked away at the bottom.

Tall cabinets are a great solution if you have a ton of stuff to store and you already have a workbench or other countertop space to complete your projects. These tall cabinets are also great because you can hide away potentially hazardous or dangerous items in a place where pets and children can’t reach.
Top-rated tall cabinets include:

Wall Garage Cabinets

If space is a hot commodity, then the best way to go is up, using a wall-mounted storage cabinet! To get the most out of your garage, simply secure a wall cabinet or two over your workbench and marvel at how organized you can be.

Wall cabinets are constructed for durability and made to hold the weight of all your belongings with ease. Some even come with cord management holes in the back, so you can charge your tools as you store them. Wall cabinets are also good for storing potentially dangerous items out of sight and out of reach.
Top-rated wall cabinets include:

Garage Cabinet Packages

If you’re starting fresh and gutting your garage, or you’ve got tons of clutter and need to get really organized, cabinet packages will give you the most bang for your buck. Garage storage systems can finally get you back to the point where you can actually park your car in your garage.

Garage cabinet systems range from simple sets with just three pieces to packages with twelve or more parts. This gives you a wide range of options for your garage setup. Plus, they provide a workspace as well as ample storage.

There’s one big factor you need to keep in mind with garage cabinet sets: price. Cabinet kits can get very expensive very quickly. However, in the grand scheme of things, that price can be worth the peace of mind knowing that everything is in its place, including your car.
Top-rated cabinet packages include:

2. Find Awesome Garage Flooring

Find Awesome Garage Flooring

Now that you’re working with a blank canvas, look down. Do you see that worn-out cement floor? Let’s talk about it.

Whether you’re wanting to park your cars or have an awesome party in your garage, your floor will be there for it all. To make sure your floors fit in with your cool, tricked out garage, consider some easily installed garage flooring!

Garage Tiles

There are two different types of garage tiles: hard plastic, and soft PVC. Depending on your desired use, either option is a stylish garage floor. To choose the best for your garage, consider the differences.

Hard Plastic Garage Tiles

For the most design options and the coolest customization, hard plastic garage floor tiles are going to be your jam. If you want to give your garage the update it deserves, and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, explore our many hard plastic garage tile flooring options.

Choose from vented, coin, diamond, and even smooth garage tiles for a look that’s uniquely you. And the texture is just half of the picture. With 25+ color options available to you, you can achieve a classic checkered look or a more unique color pattern. It’s all up to you!

Top-rated hard garage tiles include:
  • Nitro Tiles: These are some of the toughest garage tiles on the market today.
  • Swisstrax Garage Tiles: You can show off your performance vehicle like it’s in a real showroom with these Swisstrax tiles.
  • Vented Ecotrax Tiles: Look for a budget-friendly but durable tile option? These Vented Ecotrax Tiles are made for you.

Soft Plastic PVC Garage Tiles

Soft plastic garage tiles offer a low maintenance, eye-catching garage floor without a big price tag. You’ve heard how great hard tiles are, so why would you choose these soft PVC garage tiles instead?

There could be a couple of reasons that soft tiles are a better fit. Since they’re soft, they’re friendlier on your joints. PVC tiles are just as versatile as their hard plastic counterparts. Soft garage tiles still offer attractive coin, diamond, and smooth patterns, and they come in 10+ vibrant colors.

Top-rated soft garage tile include:
  • Coin Flex Nitro Tiles: While just as durable as hard plastic tiles, these PVC tiles are flexible and resilient enough to handle the pressure of car jacks.
  • Coin Flex Tiles: One of our most popular garage floor tiles, our Coin Flex Tiles come with a raised coin pattern design that prevents slipping when wet.
  • Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles: Get the popular tread plate design in a tile that is not only durable but comfortable underfoot with our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles.

flooring designer icon
Design Your Own Garage Floor
Do you want a custom design? Try our flooring designer to design your dream garage floor. Look for the designer icon in the product highlights from our product pages, enter your room size, start designing, then add it all to your cart!

Garage Rolls

Maybe you’re not looking for flooring that you have to put together. That’s alright, that’s why there are garage rolls! These are soft vinyl rolls that simply roll out, removed, hosed off and put back into place, at your convenience. They’re comfortable underfoot and can be the perfect addition to your dream garage.

Available in multiple textures and colors, garage rolls can be the simple garage upgrade you’ve been looking for!

Top-rated soft garage rolls include:
  • Diamond Nitro Rolls: Diamond Nitro Rolls were designed from the ground up to provide the best value roll out garage floor covering on the market.
  • Coin Nitro Rolls: With a raised coin pattern design, Coin Nitro Rolls are the perfect slip-resistant addition to your garage floor.
  • Ribbed Nitro Rolls: Our Ribbed Nitro Rolls are very durable and can withstand most household and vehicle chemicals. The ribs featured on this roll help direct water flow to solve any issues of water puddling.

3. Update with Garage Furniture

Update with Garage Furniture

Do you have enough room in your garage to create an office or workspace? With garage furniture, you can have a customized multipurpose garage in no time!

Designed to feel right at home in your edgy, industrial garage, this furniture is all about functionality, so you can stay organized and feel like a professional, no matter the location. With chairs, desks, tables, and awesome accessories to finish off your garage, it can be the workshop you always dreamed of.

Garage Chairs

With classic designs reminiscent of a bucket seat, it feels like you’re sitting at the track. One of a kind accents to these chairs may include spring shocks, gear shift knobs, and tire tread armrests. After working in the garage all day you’ll be wanting to take a break in these chairs.
Top-rated garage chairs include:
  • PitStop GT Receiver Chair: A three-way adjustable design will keep you comfortable all day or night. Available in many colors, this is the right chair for your home or garage.
  • PitStop SE Office Chair: The Pitstop SE Office Chair is a one of a kind addition to your office. Each chair stands out with its racing-inspired features like embossed tire tread armrests and a racing suspension spring.
  • PitStop GT Office Chair: Roll around on 5 racing style wheels and lean back into 4 ergonomic settings. Adjust your office chair’s settings on a Billet Aluminum Shift Knob.

Garage Tables

The next thing you need after purchasing your chairs is a table to pull up to. Whether you need an end table to hold your drink and remote or a bar table to sit and watch the game, we’ve got it.
Top-rated garage tables include:
  • PitStop Crew Bar Table: Grab your chair and pull up to a Pitstop Crew Bar Table. Its racing-inspired design includes a leatherette tabletop with accent stitching.
  • PitStop Crew Chief Bar Table: There are so many unique automotive-inspired features with Pitstop’s Crew Chief Bar Table, from the racing suspension spring down to the steering wheel footrest.
  • PitStop Chicane Side Table: Accent your chair with a Chicane Side Table. A sturdy steel base creates not only a quality product but also a racing-inspired design.

Garage Desks

Maybe a typical desk isn’t your style and you’re looking for something edgier. We got your back! You can be a trendsetter with some car-inspired garage desks that feature thematic race car designs; your desk will feel right at home in your garage!

It’s hard to stay organized and especially when you have the wrong office setup. With options like a multi-desk setup or a compact desk for those crowded garages, you can have a garage workspace no matter your garage use!
Top-rated garage desks includes:
  • PitStop Compact Desk: Too much stuff in the garage and short on space? This Pitstop Compact Desk won’t take up much room. Due to its condensed design and 22” racing-style wheels, this desk is also easy to move.
  • PitStop GT Spoiler Desk: Keep organized in the PitStop GT Spoiler Desk, with not one but two stainless steel braided hoses for lateral control. Choose to move the desk or keep it in place with four lockable racing wheels.
  • PitStop GT Spoiler Desk Connector: If you need to connect more than one desk to create a larger workspace, this is the accessory for you. The Pitstop GT Spoiler Desk Connector creates a finished look to your multi-desk setup.

4. Personalize with Garage Accessories

Accessories are the most exciting part of decorating your space. They provide the last steps of creating a personalized garage. That may be anything from a privacy screen to a computer stand. It’s the icing on the cake.

Top-rated garage accessories include:
  • PitStop Chicane Bookshelf: Finally, a great place to keep all your manuals! The Pitstop Chicane Bookshelf’s racing-inspired design is extremely functional with steel braided hoses for lateral support and tempered glass shelves.
  • PitStop Diamond Plate Chair Mat: Protecting your flooring is important. The Pitstop Diamond Plate Chair Mat will help to keep your flooring safe from any scuff or chair marks. It also makes it easier to roll around in your office chair.
  • PitStop File Cabinet: Keep your files in order and in style with Pitstop Furniture’s File Cabinet. With four 22” racing-inspired wheels and two full drawers, staying organized is simple.


Do you feel confident about updating your garage now? With simple solutions like flooring, storage, and furniture, upgrading your garage can be done in a snap!