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Deck Top Roof Tiles

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Available For Order - Ships between Jun 10 - 17
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Product Highlights

  • Smooth and comfortable underfoot.
  • Thermal and acoustical insulation.
  • 5-year warranty.

  • Smooth and comfortable underfoot.
  • Thermal and acoustical insulation.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Non-toxic and mold/mildew resistant.
  • Water permeable and slip-resistant.
  • Grooved bottom for water drainage.
Description – Introducing the ultimate 'Green' floor solution - Deck Top Roof Tiles! These rubber tiles are tough enough to handle high-rise and rooftop decks in any climate, and their grooved bottom allows water to flow freely, protecting your fragile waterproof roof membranes. And if you're worried about mold and mildew, fear not! These tiles are backed by a 5-year warranty and are made with 100% post-consumer recycled material, so you can feel good about your impact on the environment. Plus, with the use of dowels, these tiles are like the superhero of roof protection, ensuring maximum durability and protection for your roof. So, what are you waiting for? Give your rooftop a superhero makeover with Deck Top Roof Tiles!
Note: This is a custom order product, so our 30 day money back guarantee does not apply.
Material – Each tile is made from recycled SBR rubber from California recycled tires to provide a "green" rubber flooring solution.
Size – Tiles are 24” x 24".
Thickness – Available in 1-3/8" thick tiles.
Weight – Each tile weighs 21 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Deck Top Roof Tiles are versatile and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Ideal for high-rise decks and rooftops, they are also a great choice for residential playgrounds, high-impact workout areas, daycare facility play areas, and any space where water-permeability and durability are important. With their grooved bottom design, these tiles allow for water to easily flow under the tile, protecting fragile waterproof roof membranes. Plus, their 100% post-consumer recycled material construction makes them an environmentally friendly choice.
California Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Available For Order - Ships between Jun 10 - 17

Deck Top Roof Tiles are incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean. Here are some simple steps to ensure they look great for years to come:
  • Regularly sweep the surface of the rubber tile with a stiff outdoor bristle broom.
  • Occasionally spray or hose off the tiles with clean water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • If needed, vacuum the surface of the rubber flooring with a shop vac to remove any small particles that may be stuck.
  • If the tiles become stained in any way, use a mild soap and water solution and gently scrub the tiles with a soft nylon bristle brush or mop.
  • Never use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.
Note: For tough stains, try using a mixture of vinegar and water or a specialized rubber floor cleaner. Always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.
  • Deck Top Roof Tiles can be installed using a dowel system that attaches adjacent tiles together. We recommend using six dowels per tile.
  • Alternatively, these 1-3/8" thick deck top roof tiles can be installed by adhering them to a substrate such as a concrete pad, wood, asphalt, or compacted gravel. We recommend using a polyurethane adhesive for this method, as it can handle freezing and thawing and is moisture-cured.
  • If you require more detailed installation instructions, please refer to our installation guide.
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I have a deck off my master bedroom and over my garage. It has a black rubber roof surface in mostly direct sunlight. Are these tiles safe to place over a rubber roof surface?
Sean Serafino
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles were specifically designed to be installed over a rubber roof or EPDM surface without damaging it. The tiles allow water to flow through and under the tiles so that weight will never be an issue.
Are there any stores that carry these tiles? I need them and would love to have them - however the shipping costs are outrageous.
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles are not carried in any stores. These tiles are made in our facility in CA, and shipping to our east coast customers can be a little pricey. For our customers on the east coast, our 1" Monster Tiles are a great alternative for this product. We do offer the best shipping rates for flooring products, but if you still feel the pricing is too high, please feel free to contact one of our flooring heroes for further assistance.
Are your tiles class A rated per the IBC with a smoke developed index of below 450 and a flame developed index of below 75?
Since our Deck Top Roof Tiles are made for outdoor use, they are not tested for fire rating.
I received my tiles but there are no holes for the dowels. What size drill bit do you recommend and is there a jig to get the dowel holes consistent and straight?
The drill size is 9/32 and is 2" thin for the holes. We don't recommend drilling your own holes, but if you need to, this would be the size of the hole needed.
How much water can the tiles handle in terms of drainage? Is there a point at which the grooves underneath can't handle all the water?
We have no specific testing for the drainage rate for our Deck Top Roof Tiles, but we have installed these tiles all over the US and Canada even in areas that experience hurricane events and these tiles have held up the copious amounts of water that can occur during these events.
Do the roof tiles come with dowels needed and are the tiles pre-drilled for the dowels?
If you order the dowels, our Deck Top Roof Tiles will be drilled with the necessary holes so that you can use the dowels purchased. If you order your flooring without dowels, we will not drill holes in the tiles.
When do you need the dowels? I have a rubber membrane roof that we are installing these over, and I'm wondering if I need the dowels?
You can install our Deck Top Roof Tiles without dowels or with dowels. It just depends on what method of install that you prefer. We recommend using the dowels as not to damage the rubber membrane roof surface. Also when using the dowel method, the floor is more of a floating floor, so if there were any issues with your roof, you can remove the tiles, fix the issue, and then replace them. If you are looking for a more permanent installation and don't have any concerns with your roof being damaged, you can glue the tiles down.
Would they stand up to a horse on them? Looking for permeable floor mats to install over concrete.
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles can handle a horse walking over them.
Can these tile be placed over a wooden deck? Also, does the tile soak up water then releases it through the bottom?
You can install our Deck Top Roof Tiles over a wooden deck. These tiles are very easy to install and maintain and work as a great outdoor deck flooring option. These tiles are very slip resistant and are also mold and mildew resistant. These tiles do not soak up water but allow it to pass through the tile to the subfloor underneath. If the subfloor is an open deck with openings, then the water will flow to the ground below. If it is a solid surface, it will follow the grade of the deck and flow to a drainage system.
How are they secured, so they don't blow away during a storm on a rooftop? I have an open deck 24' up, on the shore.
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles are able to stay down to due to the weight of the floor. The tiles use a dowel system to interlock with each other which helps to keep the whole floor down. For extreme cases, you can glue the tiles down to secure them properly.
Can this be installed on a sloped roof but level? Do you have a system for this?
You can install our Deck Top Roof Tiles on a sloped roof. We would recommend gluing the tiles to the roof to keep them in place. You will want to use a polyurethane adhesive for this.
I live on the east coast and currently have a flat fiberglass roof deck. Are these safe for fiberglass?
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles are safe to install over a fiberglass rooftop.
Can these be installed over a torch down roof?
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles can be installed over a torch down roof.
Is any test data available regarding the sound deadening qualities of your rooftop deck tiles?
Jerry Stanton
No, we do not have data on that.
How hot do they get in direct sunlight? Too hot for bare feet?
Elizabeth Johnson
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles will get warm in direct sunlight. These tiles will be cooler than concrete in direct sunlight, but depending on where you live, they could be too hot to walk across barefoot. To keep these tiles cool in the middle of the day, we recommend hosing them down periodically. Since these tiles are made from rubber, they are very slip-resistant and even more so when wet. Also, they are porous, which means they will not pool any water on their surface.
We have a roof off out bedroom which has a hip roof. How flexible are the tiles and would they be able to flex to a slight change in grade?
David S
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles are somewhat flexible and could be installed over a roof that has a very slight change in grade. If there is a larger change in grade, we recommend cutting the tile to fit the grade.
Do the dowels come with the squares?
Dowels are available for purchase separately. These can be found on the product page under "Accessories".
How are the dowels installed?
The dowels for our Deck Top Roof Tiles are installed the same way dowels or pegs are installed in furniture from places like IKEA. The dowels would be installed into the tiles horizontally.
Can these be glued to the face of a concrete porch? They would be perpendicular to the porch floor.
Our Deck Top Roof Tiles can be glued to the face of a concrete porch. You would use a polyurethane adhesive to adhere the tiles to the concrete.
What is the best way to cut the tile to fit a diagonal?
Vicki Rossettie
You can cut our Deck Top Roof Tiles with a large bread knife or with a band saw.
Are there border tiles that have a finished edge?
We don't have a specific ramp that will fit our Deck Top Roof Tiles. The only solution that you have would be to order one of our 2" ramps on our Safe Play Tiles and then cut the ramp down to fit. You would then affix the ramp to the tiles with our Premium Seam Sealer Glue or our Seam Sealer Glue.
Is the finish smooth? I am wondering whether it can be washed with a mop. If it's not smooth, bits of mop material will get caught and snag, leaving behind more to clean.
The surface of our Deck Top Roof Tiles are not smooth. They have a slight texture to them.
I have a roof that I want to turn into a deck, it's covered with TPO, and I would like to know if I can use the tiles on the roof/ future deck?
Yes, our Deck Top Roof Tiles are safe to install over a TPO roof.
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  Small Roof Top Project
Verified Purchase
Installed in Small Roof Top
James from Chicago, IL wrote...
Please see attached pics for your monthly Best Pics Contest.
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  Did wonders for our sound problem
Self-installed in Rooftop deck
Scott from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
We recently added a partial second story to our house with a rooftop deck over our master bedroom. Our house is wood frame construction with stucco. Our contractor did not follow best practices for sound proofing during the build (despite our discussions) and as a result the noise from any use of the deck was terrible in the bedroom. Even an empty soda bottle rolling on the deck would echo so loudly downstairs that it could wake us up in the middle of the night. We met with another contractor that told us we needed to remove our ceiling, put soundproofing insulation, and then remount the drywall using special channels to isolate the noise. While trying to find an alternative to that approach I came across these deck tiles. Instead of ripping out our ceiling I laid these tiles with plastic dowels. The tiles took a little while to arrive and because of the weight shipping was a bit on the expensive side. Fortunately we live in Southern California which is where the tiles shipped from so it helped minimize the shipping costs. I purchased just over 90 tiles for the job. Each one weighs just over 20 pounds so carrying the up the stairs to the deck took a bit of work but was manageable. Laying the tiles was easy. Cutting them to size was also easy once I used the right tools. I used a very sharp utility knife to score the top layer and then used an old bread knife (as the instructions suggested) to do the rest of the work. Frankly, I found that I was able to rely mostly on the utility knife once I got good at things and a few passes went right through. At first I tried to use a hacksaw but the teeth just got caught on the rubber and made it impossible to cut. Don't bother using power tools either, that was a waste of time. The hardest part about the entire installation was using the plastic dowels (sold separately). The video shows them easily sliding into the predrilled holes and then the tiles pushing effortlessly together. That is NOT the case. In fact, it was virtually impossible for me to use the dowels at first. I tried using a rubber mallet to force the dowel into the hole of the first tile, and then tried using a mallet to hit the edge of the tile to press them together like the instructions said. This was still ineffective (rubber absorbs a lot of impact). It was also hard to do this while sitting on the floor of the deck. Finally my father had the idea to spray a little bit (VERY little) of WD40 into each hole to lubricate it. As soon as I did that the tiles slid right over the dowels and installation was a breeze. I don't know if WD40 is recommended by the manufacturer but it's what I used. Another point (although it's nitpicky) is that not all of the tiles have the exact same coloring. Some of the tiles look a little 'washed out' but overall it's not very noticeable or concerning. I can say that the results have been incredible. Not only does the deck look great with the tiles, but the sound reduction has been considerable. My father used to take his 80-pound dog out on the deck and the sound of her nails scratching was very loud inside the house. Now I can't even hear the dog scratching at all. Since our deck is just plywood covered with a thin layer of water-resistant cement, fiberglass, and a painted on waterproof coating, there will always be the sounds of the wood frame flexing while being walked on (just like the upstairs floors inside). But now that's mostly all I hear. If someone is walking heavily on the deck I can hear the impact noise of their footsteps but the loudness has been reduced by some 75% (that's an unscientific made up percentage, I didn't actually measure the decibels). I've had the tiles installed about 1 1/2 months now. I won't know how they stand up to the direct sunlight for a while and I won't know if I have any drainage issues until the winter when it rains again in Los Angeles.
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  Oh So Happy
Self-installed in Roof deck on ocean.
Timothy from East Coast wrote...
Very easy to install and looks great on the roof deck.
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