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3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Great for practicing tap dancing.
  • 12 year warranty.
  • Consists of 1 - 3' x 3' tile and 12 edge pieces.
  • Eases impact on your limbs and joints.
Description - Hone your skills while at home or on the road with our 3' x 3' Personal Dance Floor Kit. This kit consists of 1 - 3' x 3' tile and 12 edge pieces making assembly and disassembly a breeze. Easily connect multiple panels then add the edging to create a larger finished dance floor. Delivering great “sound” for tap dancing and easy to clean and maintain, makes this the perfect practice floor for any dancer. The all-weather, smooth vinyl surface is specially engineered to handle the elements both indoors and out. Additionally, the Practice Dance Floor is 100% waterproof, making it perfectly suited to hold up to rain, snow, sleet, the works! Backed by a 12-year warranty.
Material - Manufactured with high-grade polypropylene and a vinyl top surface.
Tile Size - 3' x 3'
Thickness - 1/2"
Weight - 18 lbs/tile
Shoe Style – All shoe styles, hard or soft
Recommended Uses - Our 3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor Kit is the perfect practice floor for any dance student and is commonly used as a practice dance floor for tap dancing, as a home dance floor, as flooring for folk dancing, for clogging and much more.

In Stock - Ships between Oct 4 - 7

3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor interlocking tile kits are easy to maintain. Cleaning of these multiuse tiles typically includes:
  • Vacuuming or sweeping any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the modular tiles when necessary.
  • Hose off or damp mop the floor tiles with a mild soap and water mixture for tough or caked on dirt and/or stains.
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will it work on carpet for pointe work?
We have had customers use this on carpet for pointe.
For the 3' x 3' practice dance floor tiles, would these need a sub floor if put on concrete, or is it recommended? It would be for ballet practice
Edward Dewey
You can use this directly on concrete if you'd like to or you can put down a rubber of foam underlayment for added support/cushion.
What is on the back of this floor? I have ceramic tiles in my house. Will this floor damage my tile floor?
The back side of the tiles are hard plastic, it would not damage ceramic tile.
Can you buy 2 or more and then connect them together to make a larger dance board area?
Nickie Corey
Yes you can.
Can you make it 2x4 for a narrower space?
This product only comes in 3x3 sizing but you can choose one of our dance tile products to customize your own space.
Im just wondering - I'm just doing simple pointe at the barre. I live in a small apartment with a ballet barre that fits in a door way - would this floor be big enough? and is it slippery for pointe
Erica Sykes
This practice dance floor space is 3 ft x 3 ft and we've had customers successfully use it for pointe.
Will this potentially damage my hardwood floors?
The back side of the tiles are hard plastic, so if you have hardwood floors you can put something like a rug, mat, or foam tiles in between these tiles and the hardwood to protect it.
When not in use, what is the best way to store the 3 x 3 tile?
Store it flat. Under a bed would be a good place that's not in the way.
Does this dampen the noise if I'm tap dancing in an upstairs apartment?
The surface is a flat and hard vinyl top. Tap noise will not be dampened.
Can the dance floor since waterproof be used for a outdoor basketball court? With proper subfloor?
No, this product is not meant to be used outdoors like that. Please see our Court Flooring for suitable options.
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Average Rating

  Looks as like picture
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in bonus room
ALEX WELLS from Portland, OR wrote...
I purchased two of these, pretty simple to click together, nice 3x3 large plastic/vinyl (I don't really know, just not wood) tile. Comes with the black border you click on. I have mine on top of carpet, the carpet has rubber padding, so resulting dance floor was a bit squishy (for a large adult), but works great for my 11 year old practicing her tap dancing. Pros: Large single tile, easy to put together, visually appealing Cons: not actual wood, a little spongy ontop of carpet (probably be just about right on a hard surface.
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  Happy Customer
Verified Purchase
Angela M S from Apple Valley, CA wrote...
This is how we use our floor!
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  Thank you
Laurie from Fayetteville, NY wrote...
My son has been greatly enjoying his tap floor! He’s pretty new at the dance, and he’s in a production of Newsies currently. It’s working so nicely to let him practice at home without damaging our wood floors. Thank you so much, FlooringInc!!
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