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TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks

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43 reviews
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In Stock - Ships between Jul 15 - 16
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Richmond OakTritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks
Coastal OakTritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks
Traditions OakTritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks

Product Highlights

  • Limited stock. Final sale.
  • Floor Score certified
  • Waterproof wood floors.


Quarter Round
Quarter Round
.59" x 94"
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Learn More
$55.99 ea.
$55.99 ea.
T-Molding & Track
T-Molding & Track
1.65" x 94"
Joins two floors that are the same height
Learn More
$58.65 ea.
$58.65 ea.
1.5" x 94"
Transitions a taller floor to a lower floor
Learn More
$57.32 ea.
$57.32 ea.
2" x 94"
Absorbs impact & protects your stairs
Learn More
$39.99 ea.
$39.99 ea.
1" x 94"
Absorbs impact & protects your stairs
Learn More
$57.32 ea.
$57.32 ea.
  • Limited stock. Final sale.
  • Floor Score certified
  • Waterproof wood floors.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Beautiful colors and real wood looks.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • Microbeveled edging & textured surface.
  • Installation is a breeze with the Valinge 5G locking system.
Description - TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks feature attractive colors and classic wood-look patterns that are sure to look great with any decor in any room of the home. Finished with a durable 20 MIL wear layer, TritonCORE planks can even be installed in high foot traffic spaces such as offices, boutiques, stores, and more. This budget-friendly wood-look flooring is durable and built to last, ensuring you love your new floors for years to come. This product is Clearance, there are no returns on Clearance products.
Please note: Final sale. No returns. No exchange.
Note: We recommend for the high variation floors that you “loose lay” it before installation to get it to a point where it is appealing to the eye. High variation colors are: Vintage Oak, Traditions Oak, Harbor Grey Oak
Material– TritonCORE planks are made using a 4.8mm bamboo and plastic composite to provide a core that is waterproof as well as being resistant to expansion and contraction. Features the Valinge 5G locking system as well as attached 1.5mm cork underlayment.
Plank Width 7”
Plank Length 48”
Attached Underlayment Yes
Edges Micro Beveled
Thickness 8mm
Phthalates None
Gloss Low
Installation Type Float, Direct Glue
Installation Location On, Above, Below
Waterproof Yes
Locking System Valinge 5G Interlock
Radiant Heating Approved Yes
Core WPC
Style Wood look
Wear Layer .5mm (20 mil)
Residential Warranty Limited Lifetime
Commerical Warranty 15 Year Limited
Pattern Repeat 6 Planks

In Stock - Ships between Jul 15 - 16

Engineered vinyl planks are easy to keep clean and maintain. Maintenance of the floor typically includes:
  • Daily or weekly vacuuming or mopping of dirt, grit, dust etc.
  • Use felt pads under chair and furniture legs to prevent scratching of the flooring surface.
  • Place door mats at all entrances to prevent tracked in dirt, rocks, moisture, and other debris.
  • Avoid using rubber backed mats as they can stain the flooring surface over time.
  • When mopping, use a damp and never a wet mop.
  • Clean up spills immediately to prevent damage to the floor.
Installation is simple, and is commonly done by our customers. Installation of TritonCORE planks and tiles is as follows:
  • Complete any necessary floor prep.
  • Start with the tongue side facing the wall.
  • After the initial starter board, press the end seam of the second plank into the end seam of the first plank, and then lock them together by laying the plank down. Continue working left to right.
  • Install the first plank in the second row by inserting the tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row. This is best done with a low angle of the plank.
  • Insert the long side seam at a slight angle first. As the top surfaces meet, rotate the plank down into the locked position. Engage the end seam, using a rubber mallet if necessary.
  • Continue installing planks removing any gaps using a tapping block and a scrap of flooring to cover the tapping block. Be careful not to damage tongue and groove.
  • Protect all exposed edges by installing wall moulding and/or transition strips. Make sure that no plank will be secured in any way to the subfloor.

For more detailed installation instructions, please Click Here.
For printable warranty information, please Click Here.

Waterproof and Versatile

  • Perfect for any room in the home

Triton, mythological Greek god and Son of Poseidon, is said to be all too familiar with the water. With a blow of a twisted conch shell, he controlled the water. In the spirit of controlling the water, our TritonCORE engineered vinyl planks are 100% waterproof - unlike traditional flooring types. So whether you're dealing with rolling waves or calm tides, you can rest assured that your new flooring can handle the pressures of the metaphorical sea. That means you can use this WPC flooring throughout your entire home or business. While traditional solid hardwood floors are sensitive to moisture, gorgeous wood-look TritonCORE WPC flooring can be used in any room on any level.

It's all About the Construction

  • A multi-layered wonder

The construction of TritonCORE is the most noteworthy characteristic of the product. Starting with the solid foundation layer of these engineered vinyl planks is the attached cork underlayment, which helps to provide insulating properties, as well as sound dampening, it also saves you time and money during installation. The core layer is 100% waterproof and high-density, meaning it won't expand or contract and it can be installed anywhere! Finished with a high-quality luxury vinyl top layer, this realistic wood look not only looks great but feels great with a shockingly-realistic real wood texture and top-notch resiliency. It is certain to add a welcoming touch to any space. Last but certainly not least, this durable floor is protected by a superior wear layer that is built to withstand heavy foot traffic, even in commercial spaces.

Välinge 5G Interlock

  • Effortless Interlock System

All jokes aside, the Välinge 5G interlocking system is a dream come true for anyone new to the DIY game. Even for professional installers, this interlock system will have you wrapping up jobs faster than compared to other flooring systems. With the Välinge 5G vinyl plank interlock system, you simply line up and interlock the long sides of the boards, and easily push down the width of the plank into the plank next to it, allowing for an effortless install. With TritonCORE, installation can be done twice as fast - meaning that you can get to loving your new floors faster.

Floors You Can Live On

  • Making your house a home

TritonCORE WPC is 100% waterproof, kidproof, and petproof, making it the perfect flooring for any full home, complete with furry friends. The added underlayment on each plank helps to reduce noise, keeping little ones asleep for longer and ensuring you get a little break. Providing scratch resistance, you can rest assured your beautiful floors will look new for years to come.

Reliable Installation

  • No buyer’s remorse here

TritonCORE luxury vinyl planks are easy to install without the need for messy glue, mortar or perimeter bonding like other floor types. These rigid planks are also specially built so they won’t expand or contract under normal circumstance, ensuring your installation is reliable for years to come. You can even install these planks over most existing hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, hardwood or laminate, and imperfect subfloors. The rigid plank technology helps to eliminate ripples and waves that are often caused by uneven subfloors.

No Pro Needed

Certified: No Pro Needed

  • A DIY'ers Dream

Around here, we like DIY (do it yourself) projects. It's important to us that we offer products that we can get behind. When you see our Certified: No Pro Needed stamp of approval, you can rest assured that the product is tried and true, a product that you can install - no need to hire a professional. In this case, YOU'RE the professional. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for that!

Don't see what you're looking for? 
How does this compare to other products like Coretec?
TritonCORE vinyl flooring is very similar to the Coretec products in size. Like Coretec, TritonCORE has underlayment attached and has an attractive color offering. Unlike Coretec, ALL TritonCORE colors are available to ship same or next business day.
Can this be used in a home that is not climate controlled all year round?
Waterproof floors are typically stable between 32 and 140 degrees. TritonCORE would be just fine for this use.
Can this be DIY? When I pulled my tile from my bathroom some of the sub floor stuck to the tile. Would the TRITONCORE work over the uneven spots in the sub floor? If so can this be purchased the Baton Rouge Louisiana area? Thanks Penny
WPC floors can be installed over floors that are slightly uneven. Make sure that high spots are sanded down or very low spots are filled in.
Will a grand piano damage the waterproof vinyl flooring, eg. TritonCore7?
Objects of heavy weight need to be set using floor protectors to help distribute the weight.
My existing flooring is carpet flooring with padding. I can still hear my downstairs neighbors. Will this flooring provide enough soundproofing. If not can I add any additional sound barrier that is recommended
Our TritonCORE has not been tested for sound ratings, however, you may use any of our rubber underlayment under the flooring to help with sound-proofing.
I am told to be wary of the toxic Oder that comes off of flooring. I think it called the VOC? How does tricor compare? Thank you
TritonCORE passes FloorScore® Certification for Indoor Air Quality.
I’ve just bought a home that has brand new laminate through out. I don’t like the dark cherry color. If I want to install your brand can it go on top of the old or does that all have to be removed?
TritonCORE planks can be installed over and level, clean subfloor surface. You can install this over your laminate floor.
if i get water under this floor will mold be a problem?
Jeremiah Hundley
If water gets underneath the planks, you would want to remove the flooring and let your subfloor as well as the plank dry before placing them down again. Water stuck beneath flooring could become moldy.
Would this hold up on a wall??
Ofelia Porras
We have never tested for any use other than for use as flooring. You would have to interlock and glue the planks. Once adhered, they should perform just fine.
I have a "Trap Door" located in the middle of the floor to allow access to a basement. Can this floor be glued or nailed down to the trap door? If so, what is the recommended glue/nailing method?
You can glue the planks the that area. You can use our Mega Bond 5900 pressure sensitive adhesive for that area.
can this be installed over engineered glue down wood 3/8" , on a cement slab, it was put down with bostic wood glue with mvp in it. we live in florida. thanks
diane maciejewski
Tritoncore can be installed over any flat, stable subfloor.
Can I install kitchen cabinets on top of the TritonCore7 flooring?
TritonCORE is engineered to be installed utilizing the floating method. Do not install cabinets or fixed objects on top of the planks. Proper expansion space is required.
Can this be used in a basement which may flood? can these tiles be submerged in water without getting ruined?
Yes, our TritonCORE vinyl planks are waterproof. If flooding occurs, you can pull the planks up to allow your subfloor to dry. Also allow the planks to set out and dry before reinstalling.
Is this phthalate free? What kind of green certification (indoor quality) does it have?
TritonCORE passes FloorScore® Certification for Indoor Air Quality.
What is the maximum allowable run for this product before transitions are required ?
1000 sq ft
Does TritonCore contain potentially harmful phthalates in their plasticizers.
Wanda Taliaferro
TritonCORE passes FloorScore® Certification for Indoor Air Quality.
Would like to know if this product is phalate-free. Floorscore certs do not include any testing of phalates since they are not considered hazardous to air. So does your product contain phalates?
TritonCORE has not been tested for phthalates specifically but has been tested: Formaldehyde emission according to EN 717-1:2004, results: undetectable.
What is the sound proof rating of the life Proof Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Robert J Lukasik
Our TritonCORE has not been tested for sound ratings.
It says 100% waterproof but then says to clean up spills immediately to prevent damage, how is that even remotely close to being waterproof?
Sierra Woodhouse
Waterproof vinyl floors are waterproof, and will not swell due to moisture or excess water. It is common practice to clean up spills immediately as to reduce likelihood of staining the floor as well and to remove a potentially dangerous slipping hazard.
how do I install the transition piece on concrete floor? Should I nail it or glue it down?
You can glue it down.
Can TritonCORE 7" be installed under my kitchen appliances, Gas Range, Dishwasher, and Refrigerator?
Ronald Janes
Do not install cabinets or fixed objects on top of the vinyl planks. Proper expansion space is required.
Is it ok to use caucking around the edge instead of 1/4 round?
arland childers
Yes, you can do that if you'd like. Be sure to allow enough space for expansion.
Where is the triton made? Cortec?
Triton is made from a WPC core.
Does this product line (TritonCORE) incorporate UV protection?
Rich Schaefer
This product has not been tested for UV as of yet.
I want to install this flooring throughout several rooms and hallways in my house totaling approximately 1800 sqft. While I understand that this is designed as click flooring, can I glue the flooring down to prevent the need for transitional pieces?
Yes, you are able to glue down the triton core. One thing that you will need to be careful is to not get any glue in the tongue and groove of the product and be sure to glue just the bottom of the plank so there is no issue of the product locking together.
Does Triton flooring require any type of Quietwalk or similar product to ease noise when walking on the floor?
TritonCore does not require the additional underlayment to ease noise however you may add more padding like rubber underlayment or a 4 in 1 underlayment to help reduce sound for tritoncore.
Tritoncore is a waterproof plank and is able to withstand everyday kitchen/eating area. This product would come with worry-free water damage and is resistant to expansion vs contraction.
is this product great for large open areas like 2500 sq.ft., dog traffic and people traffic? where it won't come apart?
Ray Minando
The maximum allowable run for TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks before the transition is 1000 sq ft. After the 1000 sq ft, you may use our TritonCORE 1.65" x 94" T-Molding & Track as trim and then continue installing the rest of the floor.
If I drop ice cubes and miss one, how slick is the little puddle? Does any of the flooring have traction when wet?
The puddle could be a little slick, we recommend cleaning the water as soon as possible.
Is this product good to use in a dog day care and boarding facility? Will this stand up to high traffic use in this type of environment? Will this product be waterproof even in the seams with pet urine?
Dorinne Whynott
Yes, our Tritoncore 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks can be used in dog daycares and they will be able to withstand the high traffic. As long as the product is correctly installed and the seams are correctly placed next to each other, the locking mechanism would forbid water from going through the seams. However, we do recommend cleaning up spills immediately to reduce the likelihood of staining the floor as well and to remove a potentially dangerous slipping hazard.
Thinking of installing this floor through my condo. I understand TritonCore is waterproof but subject to mold if standing water or flooding occurs. Would you recommended this type of floor for a high-rise condo building where leaks can occur regularly, particularly in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom?
Our TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks can be used in areas with regular leaks. These planks will hold the water on the surface. However, we recommend cleaning the water as soon as possible since the water could be a slipping hazard. Also, mold will be an issue if water gets underneath the floor. We recommend free-floating these planks instead of gluing them, so when water does get under the planks, you may simply pick the planks up and clean the water that is underneath and lay the planks back when dry.
interested in the TritonCore 7" Where is it manufactured ?
Our TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks are manufactured in China.
I ordered TritonCore floor in Tradition oak for my basement. There is a also a bathroom down the basement. I wanted to put a different floor in the bathroom. If I but the t-molding and track can I chose another floor. I am looking for more of the waterproof tile look not the hardwood for the bathroom. It looks like the TritonCore only had the hardwood look. Thank you!!
Lisa Eagel
For basement bathrooms, you may use any of our drainage tiles. These tiles are slip-resistant and work great for bathrooms. You may also see our vinyl tiles that come in different patterns!
Can these planks be used as stair treads?
Yes, these planks can be used as stair trends.
Is this safe to use on a rental unit/can it be removed?
Alexandra Atsidis
Yes, our TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks are great for rentals and can be removed easily. We'd recommend a glue-free installation, so you won't have any trouble taking them out.
can I put this in the garage for gym purpose?
Yes! You may use these planks as a gym flooring, but note that these planks won't be the best at providing shock absorption. You may want to use gym mats under your equipment to avoid any damage to the vinyl flooring.
Can you use the product triton core vinyl flooring on a screened porch?
We recommend using these planks indoors, in temperature-controlled areas.
What is the mil rate?
TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks have a 20mil wear layer.
Can this be used outdoors?
We do not recommend using these planks outdoors.
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Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  Tritoncore and Joy Carpets Damascus
kurt from Az wrote...
I found you guys while searching for home theater carpet but ended up buying some vinyl planks from you as well. My wife and I have a basement we wanted to turn into a swanky speakeasy style Bar/ Theater. We ordered samples and fell in love with the Joy Carpets Damascus black carpet for the theater right away. We were also looking for an appropriate hard surface flooring by the bar and for the stairs and heard waterproof vinyl planks were all the rage. We ordered samples of tritoncore and coretec and ultimately settled on the tritoncore nottingham oak. The service was great, the samples were great, and the shipping process was seamless. Furthermore, the space turned out exactly as we envisioned. It looks Amazing!!! We hope you like the pictures.
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  Used Tritoncore Golden Pine in a a southwest theme
Ashley L from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
My husband and I recently built a custom home and wanted to do something special with the casita so our guests truly felt like they were on a getaway. We wanted a low maintenance flooring that also looked like it had some character. We chose Tritoncore Golden Pine and we love it. Our installer said it was easy and he finished the whole 400 square foot room in less than a day. Here are some pictures but please forgive the windows. We are still waiting for our window coverings to come in so we just taped them up with some paper for now.
Customer review image of  in Daughter’s bedroom
Customer review image of  in Daughter’s bedroom
Customer review image of  in Daughter’s bedroom
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  Daughter’s bedroom
Installed in Daughter’s bedroom
Emily M. from Cambridge, MN wrote...
We installed the new floor in our daughter’s bedroom!! She loves it, and so do we!
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