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TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks Reviews

TritonCORE 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks
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Customer Reviews

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Tritoncore and Joy Carpets Damascus
from Az wrote...
I found you guys while searching for home theater carpet but ended up buying some vinyl planks from you as well. My wife and I have a basement we wanted to turn into a swanky speakeasy style Bar/ Theater. We ordered samples and fell in love with the Joy Carpets Damascus black carpet for the theater right away. We were also looking for an appropriate hard surface flooring by the bar and for the stairs and heard waterproof vinyl planks were all the rage. We ordered samples of tritoncore and coretec and ultimately settled on the tritoncore nottingham oak. The service was great, the samples were great, and the shipping process was seamless. Furthermore, the space turned out exactly as we envisioned. It looks Amazing!!! We hope you like the pictures. Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Daughter’s bedroom
Installed in Daughter’s bedroom
from Cambridge, MN wrote...
We installed the new floor in our daughter’s bedroom!! She loves it, and so do we! Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Used Tritoncore Golden Pine in a a southwest theme
from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
My husband and I recently built a custom home and wanted to do something special with the casita so our guests truly felt like they were on a getaway. We wanted a low maintenance flooring that also looked like it had some character. We chose Tritoncore Golden Pine and we love it. Our installer said it was easy and he finished the whole 400 square foot room in less than a day. Here are some pictures but please forgive the windows. We are still waiting for our window coverings to come in so we just taped them up with some paper for now. Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
So happy
from Grand Rapids, MN wrote...
We love our new floors, they look amazing and feel great! We have three kids and a dog and they are holding up nice. We are so happy with our purchase! Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
from AZ wrote...
Updated another condo with Tritoncore Vintage color
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Summer house
Self-installed in Summer house
from Valatie, NY wrote...
It is a summer house. We are currently not there. I can send 1 picture off a family room in process of being put together. Customer Uploaded Photo
Upgrade for my rental property
Installed in Rental
Verified Purchase
from Scottsdale, AZ wrote...
I have a rental property that had really old carpet in it - it was ready for an upgrade. I found the Vintage Oak to be comparable to other floors I had looked at but at a much better price. The contractor installed the floor over a weekend, and I am now quickly back up and running with my rental. Love it, thanks!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
My condo install
Self-installed in She-Condo
from Tempe, AZ wrote...
I recently purchased a condo and I hated the carpet that they had in there. There are a lot of things I want to update about my new place, but I am going to take it bit by bit. The floor and my dining area where the first things that I wanted to get right. The Acacia color matches so well with my decorative mix of gold, silver, black, and white. It was really easy to install and I think that it will be easier to clean with one of those little duster mops rather than having to buy a big vacuum for the carpet that was in here. Anyways, this is my favorite corner of my condo, enjoy the pic!
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Self-installed in Living room, kitchen
from Kansas City, MO wrote...
I purchased this to replace old carpet. The price was less expensive than other waterproof vinyl. Because it's waterproof I put it throughout the house. My house looks much better with vinyl than it ever did with carpet! The installation was easy too and didn't require much effort. I was able to do it myself. I'm happy with this purchase and the quality of the product!
Remodel Manufactured Home Kitchen
Self-installed in Kitchen, Dining, Pantly.
from South East Arizona wrote...
This product is perfect for my needs installed across dining room, kitchen and utility (400sqFt). 50 year old manufactured home with linoleum and sagging flooring of sawdust composition, or whatever. Used 30# felt to fill in the low spots, especially where the cabinets sat. The planks sat on top and now floor if flat and no more squeaks. New cabinets installed on top of the planking all leveled. Time will tell if the cabinets / refer / dishwasher re-sink into the floor. I used 3 different colors mixed randomly laid together and this matches up with the new and old cabinets as well as the white refer and black stove, dishwasher and sink. Really impressive. One note - the plank size is actually 7-5/32 wide. Each design essentially 3 different graduations of color(s) and 6 to 8 design changes due to be printed forward or backwards. With my layout, I had very little repetition with in 4 or 5 rows and 3 or five planks across. Used a good pull bar 90% of the time (even with good blows) as the tapping block was mostly useless and messed up plank edges. Make sure the planks are clipped properly together and recheck every locking seam every 3 or 4 rows. Do NOT use magic marker, will absorb. Sharpies are OK. Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Experience was great
from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
I had a customer who recently moved out of their house and wanted to turn it into a long term rental property. They were looking for something low maintenance, waterproof, wood looking, and wouldn't have to be replaced between renters like carpet often does. I normally suggest that we go look for tile or vinyl plank at Floor and Decor but they find you guys online and found a color they liked right away. We ordered the product and it is one of the nicest loose lay vinyl planks I have ever worked with. We used it in almost every room of the house to replace old outdated looking ceramic tile and carpet. I am including some before and after pictures to show the difference. Overall the experience was great, the product arrived fast, and the quality of the product was great. I will be using you guys again. Thank you. Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Happy customer
from Portland, OR wrote...
Looks nice
from Tonawanda, NY wrote...
This floor lays very tightly and the butt joint Valinge fastening system is wonderful. I did a whole house of 1500 square feet and am delighted with the outcome.
Great value
from Conway, NH wrote...
This seems like the best waterproof floor at such a good price. I couldn't pass it up, and I'm glad I didn't. I like the way it looks and I know I can count on it.
I like this floor!
Installed in Kitchen and living room
from Washington wrote...
This is great flooring. I was happy with my sample and purchased it for my kitchen and living room.
Very Durable
Self-installed in Living Room
from Salt Lake City wrote...
I was worried that vinyl would be sort of flimsy like the old school laminate I've had, but this wasn't the case. This vinyl seems very durable and solid. It has an attached underlayment too so I don't have to worry about purchasing one.
Good Product
Self-installed in living room
from Houston, TX wrote...
The salespeople helped me pick out this product for my living room. It was affordable, looked great and easy to do myself so we saved money. Looks like a good quality product that'll hold up.
Big upgrade
from GA wrote...
Ordered a sample and made our decision within a few weeks. The Vintage Oak came in almost as soon as we ordered the floor - record timing. It was a pleasure doing business with them and we are happy with our floors.
Thumbs Up!
Self-installed in bathroom
from Grand Rapids wrote...
Great product and it was just what I was looking for. My wife loves it.
Great floor
from San Diego, CA wrote...
Love it
results 1-20 of 41
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