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Putting Green Turf

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Putting Green Turf

Want to be the next Tiger? Then you better work on your small ball with our putting green artificial grass. Our putting green turf is low pile turf that allows golf balls to roll true in all types of weather. So what is different between standard turf and putting green turf? The main difference is the pile height or thickness of the turf. Putting Green surfaces are thinner and have a very tight pile that allows a golf ball to roll and stop like it would on natural Bentgrass. So what are some of the things that you should pay attention to when purchasing putting green turf? Let’s go over them.

Face Weight

First, you will want to be mindful of the face weight of the fake grass. The face weight is the amount of material used per square yard in your turf. So what you will want to take away from this is that the higher the face weight, the more material used; Thus the more durable your artificial grass will be. Most quality putting green surfaces are in the 40-60 oz. range.

Pile Height / Thickness

The next thing you will want to be mindful of is the pile height or the thickness of your turf. You will want to make sure that you get a low pile turf for use as a putting green surface. If you get a thicker pile height turf, your ball may not roll true and there go your chances of making it to the PGA! Most putting green surfaces are 1/2” thick to 3/4” thick.


Now putting green surfaces can be installed indoors and out, so make sure that you pick the right type of turf for your installation. If you see that the turf is made with a nylon fiber, that should be installed indoors only. The reason for this recommendation is due to fading that can occur when this fiber is in direct sunlight.

What is a Stimp Reading?

A question we have gotten a few times and something that is important for anyone that is true to the craft is what is the stimp reading for our putting green turf. So for anyone that doesn’t know what a stimp reading just tells you how fast a ball will roll over the given green. Essentially the higher the stimp reading, the faster the ball will roll. Now, with our putting green turf, the stimp reading can vary depending on how the turf is installed, but with a typical installation, the stimp reading on our putting green turf is 9 to 11. Now if you want the ball to roll slower or faster, there are ways to manipulate the fake grass to get the number you wish to achieve. These include adding more infill or brushing the turf.