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Playground Turf

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Playground Turf

When most people think of materials used in playgrounds they usually think of mulch, rocks, or rubber. But what if you could bring the beauty of green grass to your playground? Well, now you can with our Playground Turf!

Playground turf is just like our landscape turf, but typically has a higher face weight, a more durable fiber, or a combination of the two. These two factors are important because playgrounds are a battlefield and your turf will need more than love to withstand.

Face Weight

Face weight is important because it tells you how much material is being used per square yard. So a good rule of thumb is that the higher the face weight, the more material is being used; thus the fake grass will be more durable. Typically you will look for a face weight between 40 - 90.

Fiber Type

The next thing you will want to look at is the type of material that is being used. The best fiber for high traffic areas, which a playground area would fall under, is polyethylene. This fiber is very durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear compared to other types of fibers in outdoor applications. Polypropylene is also a good fiber for playgrounds, but when you spend thousands on your playset, you better make sure the fake grass is just as nice and more durable.


Now, the turf on its own will not give you the proper fall height rating that you will need to keep your kiddos safe. To keep children of all ages safe while at play, you will want to add padding under the turf. We have several types of pads that are great to use under your turf.

Lawn Pads

Our Lawn Pad comes in three thicknesses. The ¾” thick pad is great for general use areas where a little extra padding is needed for comfort purposes. For playground applications, you will want to use either our 1-⅛” thick pad or our 2-⅛” thick pad. Both the 1-⅛” thick and 2-⅛” pads are IPEMA rated and great for both home and commercial use.

Play Pads

Our Play Pads come in two different thicknesses. Our Play Pad 5 is 20mm thick and is great for home use. This underpad offers a 2’ - 5’ fall height. Our Play Pad 8 is 50mm thick and is great for commercial use and offers a 6’ - 8’ fall height.

All of our pads allow water and other liquids to flow through them, so no need to be afraid of any water getting stuck under your new turf.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The last thing you need to make sure is that your turf is rated to be used for outdoor use. An easy way to determine this is by seeing what type of material it is made of. If it is Nylon, then it is recommended for indoor use only. Nylon fades in direct sunlight and even though you may have had bleached jeans in the 80s, having bleached artificial turf is and will not be a thing!