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Pet Friendly Turf

Pet-Friendly Turf

To a dog, the backyard is a dog’s best friend, and when you live in an area with water issues, the backyard can turn into a dog’s worst nightmare. One way to keep your dog happy even in the toughest of environments is by putting pet-friendly turf in your yard. So what is pet-friendly fake grass anyway, and how is it different from other types of turf? Great questions. So let’s breakdown the difference.

Pet artificial grass is different than other types of turf because the blades of the grass have been specifically made to not irritate or harm a pet’s paws. Typical turf blades are made in a straight almost jagged like way that can poke your pet’s paws as they run and play. Our pet turf blades, on the other hand, are curled slightly so that they don’t poke the animal’s paws. This ensures that your little one will have the time of their life every time they run in the backyard.

So not that you know the difference between standard turf and pet turf, it’s now time to figure out how to pick the right product for your installation.

Face Weight

The first thing that you will want to look at is the face weight of the product. Essentially the face weight is the amount of material used in your turf per square yard. Mind blown! What you need to take away from that sentence is this, the higher the face weight, the more durable the product. So if you have a very energetic dog and you want your yard to look great for years to come, pick the highest face weighted pet fake grass we offer.

Pile Height / Thickness

The next thing you will want to pay attention to is the pile height or thickness. The thicker the turf, the plusher the turf. The plusher the turf, the more comfortable the fake grass will be for both your and your pet. Now, most pet turfs are not too thick as to not irritate your pet. This is key if you want to have your pet see the backyard as their ultimate play place or the yard of horrors.


Now one thing you probably are wondering is how easy is it to clean the turf? Well, it is very easy. You can scoop up and scat with a pooper scooper easily and you can hose off the fake grass as need be. We also offer cleaners and deodorizers to help mitigate any smells that may linger after a mess has been cleaned.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The last thing you will want to consider is if the turf is meant for indoor or outdoor use. Most of our pet turf is made for outdoor use, but there are some turfs that are not. Typically these turfs feature nylon, which is a fiber that will fade in direct sunlight, and no one wants a bleached yard; yikes!