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Premium Rubber Mulch

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Available For Order - Ships between Aug 5 - 19
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Product Highlights

  • Premium realistic wood-look mulch.
  • Perfect for playgrounds and landscaping.
  • Will not fade, rot, or compress.

  • Premium realistic wood-look mulch.
  • Perfect for playgrounds and landscaping.
  • Will not fade, rot, or compress.
  • Does not attract termites, carpenter ants, or other harmful insects.
  • Made from 100% recycled tires making this a very 'Green' product.
Description - Our Premium Rubber Mulch is made at the highest standards to provide our customers with a superior product at discounted prices. This is the most innovative replacement for traditional loose- fill safety surfacing for Playgrounds, and provides a critical fall height rating of 8' when installed at a 6" depth (pre-compacted). Manufactured from 100% recycled shredded SBR rubber tire buffing, this mulch it will not fade, rot, attract insects, or compress over time, and is heavy enough to stay put in heavy rains and wind. Our rubber mulch is also non-toxic and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew which helps reduce allergy risks. With all of these great benefits and it’s ease of maintenance, you just can’t go wrong with our rubber mulch. So if you are looking for mulch that is not only safe for your plants but also for your pets, then our Premium Rubber Mulch is for you.
Material – 100% recycled rubber material.
ThicknessFall heightRecommended Usage
1 inch1.5 ' fall heightRevitalization of existing mulch areas, small plant flower beds
2 inches3’ fall heightSandbox type play areas, tree island planters
3 inches4.5’ fall heightSmall equipment play areas, landscape coloring and erosion protection.
4 inches6’ fall heightSurrounding playground slides and climbing equipment, commercial landscape beatification and erosion protection, light duty equestrian show areas.
5 inches7.5’ fall heightSurrounding taller or higher traffic play ground equipment, wetter commercial landscaping with larger plants, high traffic equestrian areas.
6 inches8’ fall heightSurrounding community play ground equipment, any landscape area where soaking or “flood” irrigation is used, heavy use equestrian or live stock show or competition arenas.
Weight – 50 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Our Premium Rubber Mulch is designed for use in areas around playgrounds, play areas, and playground equipment, and well as in and around trees and shrubbery, gardens, flower beds, landscape planters, walkways, and in any other area needing a safe, attractive, low maintenance, highly durable, loose surface.

Available For Order - Ships between Aug 5 - 19

Rubber Mulch is virtually maintenance free. But if you do need to clear debris from the mulch such as leaves or grass clippings, you would want to use a blower on a low setting. Since our rubber mulch is heavier than grass clipping and leaves, it will stay in place while the debris is blown away.

Installation of our Lanscape Rubber Mulch is very easy, and below are some easy to follow instructions for both Landscaping and Playgrounds.

Landscape Instructions:
  • First you will want to install the landsacape rubber mulch at 1" to 1.5" in depth.
  • Even though it is not required to install the rubber mulch over a permeable weed fabric, it will increase coverage per bag and decrease the risk of weeds. Also, using a felt type week fabrick will help keep the mulch in place.
  • If you are installing the lanscape mulch over existing mulch/soil, then you want to make sure that the ground is compacted and free of any debris or loose material. Our Lanscape Rubber Mulch looks it's best when not mixed with other material.
  • When installing our rubber mulch in plant beds, it is recommended that the beds have a border to help contain the mulch which can be a raised border (i.e. concrete or brick border) or a dug border or trench around the bed of about 2".
Playground Installation Instructions:
  • First, the area where the rubber mulch will lie should be a location that will not hold water or have a slight grade to allow for proper drainage. In areas where drainage could be an issue; it is recommended to install a drain tile system with a 3" base of pea gravel or rock to allow for proper drainage.
  • Heavy duty weed fabric should be installed under the Playground Rubber Mulch to separate the mulch from what lies beneath. Depending on the size of the playground, it is recommended to use large rolls of weed fabric, typically 12' wide, to minimize the number of seams.
  • You would want to use landscape stakes to stake down the weed fabric seams and corners. You will need to make sure that the stakes are completely hammered down.
  • A border is recommended to enclose the playground to contain the mulch and it is recommended to leave a few inches between the top of the border and the top of the mulch.
  • Finally it is recommended to loosely compact the mulch to either 4 or 6 inches to achieve the desired fall height rating.
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