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Indoor Sports Tiles

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Product Highlights
  • Indoor sport court tile for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and much more.
  • Made in the USA!
  • 12" x 12" tiles.

Female Edges
Female Edges
3" x 12"
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$1.99 ea.
$1.99 ea.
Male Edges
Male Edges
3" x 12"
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$1.99 ea.
$1.99 ea.
Female Corner Edges
Female Corner Edges
3" x 15"
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$1.99 ea.
$1.99 ea.
Male Corner Edges
Male Corner Edges
3" x 15"
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$1.99 ea.
$1.99 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Half Court Basketball Kit
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$599.99 ea.
$599.99 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Full Court Basketball Kit
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$819.99 ea.
$819.99 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Volleyball Court Kit
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$599.99 ea.
$599.99 ea.
Game Line Paint Kits
Game Line Paint Kits
Tennis Court Kit
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$699.99 ea.
$699.99 ea.
  • Indoor sport court tile for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and much more.
  • Made in the USA!
  • 12" x 12" tiles.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain.
Description – Indoor Sports Tiles are constructed of high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene, which is an extremely durable hard thermoplastic polymer. This ensures colorfastness, durability, and chemical resistance in each and every Indoor Sports Tile. These tiles have been designed to be a primarily indoor court tile for basketball courts, badminton courts, and shuffleboards, just to name a few. These tiles come in various colors that can be mixed to create many unique patterns and designs and can be painted to create the custom court of choice. Our court flooring tiles have been built to last, providing shock absorbency for high-impact sports. As an addition to the floor, a rubber underlayment can be laid under the floor to provide an even greater amount of shock absorbency and a springy surface to play on. These solid surface tiles are also backed by a 10-year warranty, ensuring that your new court floor will last for years to come.
Material High-quality impact-resistant polypropylene
Color Assorted
Size 12"x12"
Thickness Approx. 1/2"
Weight per tile Approx. 1lb
Made in USA Yes
Application Indoor
Drainage No
DIY-Friendly Yes
UV Stable No
Warranty 10-year
Mold & mildew resistance Yes
Recommended Uses - – Indoor Sports Tiles are truly a versatile indoor sports tile. These tiles have been successfully used for basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, shuffleboards, roller hockey rinks, and many more. They’re also perfect in-home gyms, church gyms, indoor rec rooms, multi-use gyms, elementary gyms, and much more.

Available For Order - Ships between Oct 6 - 27

Indoor Sports Tiles are easy to maintain. Cleaning of these multiuse tiles typically includes:
  • Vacuuming or sweeping any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the sport tiles when necessary.
  • Hosing off or mopping the sport floor tiles with a mild soap and water mixture for tough or caked-on dirt and/or stains.

Indoor Sports Tiles are easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes:
  1. Clean your subfloor so that it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, or other foreign material.
  2. When installing the hard plastic tiles, we recommend starting in the front left corner of the room and working your way out from there.
  3. Make sure the female side (loops) of the tile is facing away from the wall.
  4. After lining the left wall and the adjacent wall with tiles, proceed to fill the rest of the room with whole tiles.
  5. When you come up to a wall or obstruction, measure the area and cut the tiles with a tile cutter or a power saw with a fine-toothed blade. Then put the trimmed tiles into place.
  6. When making cuts, ensure you leave a 3/4” space between the tiles and the wall or obstruction.

Game Line Application:
  • Make sure when applying painted game lines that you use painter's tape or 3M 2060 tape to outline the lines that need to be painted. For painted game lines, you will want to use two-part polyurethane paint.

For underlayment installation instructions, please Click Here.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
Are boundary lines on the tiles?
Amber Ward
The Indoor Sports Tiles do not come with lines. You may call us to get custom lines on your tiles, or use our Game Line Paint Kits to manually make the lines per your need. If not, we recommend using Krylon paint to place the lines on your court. The best way to do this is to stencil out the court lines with two pieces of cardboard leaving space in between so you can paint the lines onto your court. This will help to keep your line nice and neat and will also help to minimize the paint splatter.
Can these tiles be installed on top of indoor/outdoor carpet?
Our Indoor Sports Tiles can be installed with ease over low pile commercial carpet. Over a high pile carpet, there is potential for the tiles to become separated.
I am looking to replace a gym floor at a correctional facility where the court is a heavily used area. Would your gym floor tiles hold up under this kind of use? Also, periodically maintenance equipment is brought on to the floor for inspections and repairs. What is the recommended amount of that can be on that floor?
Our Indoor Sports Tiles have been made to be used on a daily basis for indoor sports and activities such as basketball, volleyball, graduation and the like. These tiles are made from hard plastic polypropylene and are strong enough to have a car driven over them. So having maintenance equipment on the flooring periodically would not be an issue.
Regarding indoor sports floor tiles: Can the system be installed directly on interior concrete slab? If adding a rubber mat, how thick is floor system all together? How does rubber mat attach to interior concrete slab? Is a detail in CAD format available? How to achieve striping effect for the tile system for an interior basketball court?
Our indoor sport tiles can be installed over concrete. You can add a rubber underlay underneath the tiles which will help to quiet the floor and add extra spring. We recommend using a 3mm rubber underlay. This will make the playing surface about 3/4". You can loose lay the rubber underlay or use double sided tape or glue to hold the underlay down. We do not have a CAD format available for this product, but we can assist you with any questions you would have about your installation. For outdoor and indoor striping, paint is the best to use. For indoor striping, tape may be used.
Will the surface of the tile hold up to high heeled dress shoes? If not please recommend a product that will.
Our Indoor Sports Tiles are made of a hard plastic polypropylene and will be able to withstand high heeled shoes on them.
Can I use this outdoor?
You can use our Indoor Sports Tiles outdoors. They don't perform as well as our Outdoor Sports Tiles, but they still can be used. These tiles will drain to a certain extent as there will be some space for the water to flow through between each tile. You may get some ponding on the surface after or during a rain event. The amount of slip resistance you get will be similar to that of concrete or asphalt whether wet or dry.
What is the recommended method for cutting tiles when building around notches in the wall?
We recommend using a hand saw with a laminate blade.
Would you recommend the use of this flooring in a church gym where there are occasional parties with food and drinks?
Our Indoor Sports Tiles have been installed in church gyms where other events are held and are great for that type of space. These tiles are non-porous and are easy to clean and maintain and can be easily replaced if damaged.
You've recommended your Indoor Sports Tiles for high-heels. Are these tiles scratch and scuff resistant? Does the guarantee include damage due to high heel scuffing? Your Grid-Modular tiles scuff easily from high heels as I've witnessed in a ballroom dance studio. Also, will the tiles differentially deflect at the seam connections when mounted above the recommended 3mm underlayment? The concern here regards safety and the potential of shoes catching on the seams.
Our Indoor Sports Tiles are not scratch and scuff resistant. They will scratch and scuff if any object is slid across them. If you place the 3mm rubber underlayment under the tiles, you will not have any deflection of the tiles at the seams. So no need to worry about a tripping hazard being created. These tiles interlock very tightly and the underlayment is thinner and denser than a carpet pad.
I want to make my garage into a basketball dribbling area for high schoolers who are working on quick stops, take offs, and abrupt turns so I want a system as low impact, soft, forgiving to the joints as I can while keeping the basketball bounce similar to a wooden floor. How is the bounce impacted by this rubber? Will the 3MM rubber matt do this work well under your tiles? Where do I purchase the rubber mat?
You can place a rubber underlayment under our Indoor Sports Tiles for added shock absorption. We recommend using our ShockPad which you can purchase on family of sites. When you are in the process of purchasing your flooring, we recommend the amount of underlay you would need to purchase. The bounce on the Indoor Sports Tiles will be similar to the bounce on a hardwood floor.
Is the surface slippery for barefoot exercise?
Our Indoor Sports Tiles can become slippery if your feet get sweaty or if there are other liquids on the tiles. It is recommended to wear slip-resistant footwear when playing on these tiles.
Can these tiles be installed over carpet? We are interested in puttting these in our basement, which is carpet over concrete slab.
You can install our Indoor Sports Tiles over commercial grade carpet. Over plush, high-pile carpet these tiles would have the potential to separate when walked over.
Will it work with in-floor (radiant) heating?
Sean McQuaid
You can install our Indoor Sports Tiles over a radiant floor heating system. Since these tiles are non-porous, you may not get the full effect of having the radiant heating system.
If installed in a garage can you drive and park a car on top of the surface? If so is there an issue if there for a potentially prolonged period?
zachary landgraf
Our Indoor Sports Tiles are made with the same material as our hard plastic garage tiles to virtually the same specifications so, you can drive and park a car on these tiles, even over a long period. These tiles will not buckle or crack under the weight.
How easily do these come apart? We're looking to get a portable gym floor that will get set up and torn down on a semi-weekly basis, Curious to how easy these can be set up.
Kyle McIntyre
Our Indoor Sports Tiles are very easy to install and uninstall. They are so easy to install; a kid can do it. These tiles are very durable and will not break due to the constant installing and uninstalling of the flooring. These tiles were built for this particular situation. They are the perfect temporary or permanent floor for any space.
What is the recommended method for cleaning the floor after installation? Is there any concern with moisture buildup under the tiles?
Cleaning of these multi-use tiles typically includes: Vacuuming or sweeping any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the sport tiles when necessary. Hose off or damp mop the sport floor tiles with a mild soap and water mixture for tough or caked on dirt and/or stains. You can seal the subfloor beneath the tiles, or pull up tiles to allow for quicker drying.
What would the shock resistance feel like?
The shock absorption for our Indoor Sports Tiles without underlay will be better than concrete, but not by a lot. To really get true shock absorption from our Indoor Sports Tiles, we recommend installing the tiles over our 2mm ShockPad.
How many tiles are needed for a complete basketball court?!
Kevin Greer
Here are the official sizes for the different levels of basketball courts. High school basketball courts are 84' x 50'. College and NBA basketball courts are 94' x 50'. The keys for all are the same, 12' wide by 18'10" long. The number of tiles needed for each area is as follows: 4200 total tiles for a high school court. 4700 total tiles for a college or NBA court. The number of tiles needed for the key area is 228 for a 12' x 19' area.
Do these tiles hold up when folding chairs are used on them?
Daniel Scharnhorst
Yes, folding chairs can be used on our Indoor Sports Tiles.
Is the sport tile surface suitable for playing pickleball?
We don't recommend using our Indoor Sports Tiles for pickleball since they don’t provide a good bounce or trajectory for the ball. Please look at our Outdoor Sports Tiles and Mateflex II tiles for this purpose.
Can the tiles be laid over concrete that has in floor heating underneath? Will the heat go through this tile?
Yes, our Indoor Sports Tiles can be used over concrete that has in-floor heating underneath, the heat will be absorbed by the tiles, not necessarily go through them.
Hi! Can you tell me the difference between indoor court tiles and indoor sport tiles? This would be for a residential indoor sport court, primarily used for basketball. Thanks!
Our Indoor Sports Tiles and Indoor Court Tiles are very similar, they're the same size and are made of the same material. They just have different thicknesses (Indoor court tiles are 3/8" thick and Indoor sports tiles are 1/2" thick) and we offer more colors on our Indoor Sports Tiles. But the products are good for basketball!
Would there be any damage if a truck would park over the tiles? I’m asking because the basket is in a garage
Andres Maldonado
Indoor Sports Tiles are made with the same material as our hard plastic garage tiles to virtually the same specifications so, you may park your truck on these tiles, however, if you are looking for tiles specifically for your garage, please see our garage tiles.
I see on another questions you said that these tiles are strong enough to have a vehicle drive across them. Would they also be strong enough to support a scissor lift needed to service the lighting above the tile floor?
Kelvin Brown
Yes, you may use a scissor lift over these tiles.
Can this be put over a concrete surface and does it come with the rubber to put under the tiles?
Courtnei Houston
Yes, these tiles can be placed directly over concrete. The tiles do not come with rubber underlayment since with these tiles you wouldn't need it.
Do you ship to Canada?
We only ship within US. You may have the product shipped to a US-based address and then arrange for a freight forwarder who can ship to Canada.
can it be used for hockey
Yes, these tiles can be used for Hockey.
How do these tiles perform with dogs running on them? I dont want that to happen, but it is inevitable. Thank you!
Dogs running on these tiles is absolutely fine!
Can you install these tiles in a basement over vinyl plank flooring?
Yes, you may, however, the sports tiles may cause scratches on the vinyl planks with repeated use. Consider using an underlayment underneath.
Will this be good for riding bikes and roller blades in a basement?
Yes, our Indoor Sports Tiles can be used for bikes and roller blades.
Can these tiles be used as ballroom dance flooring?
Yes, these tiles can be used as ballroom dance flooring.
Will your indoor tiled floor work in a barn that is not a temperature controlled
Yes, these tiles would work fine in a non-temperature-controlled area. Please note that these tiles are not UV resistant, so they may fade eventually under direct sunlight.
Looking for a quote for a 17ft wide x 36 ft long inside court with a 4ft under back board. Will be in an unheated barn on a wood floor. Just wondering which floor would be best and quote, also does the floor come with lines already painted on? Thank you
Kevin Fritts
We recommend installing these tiles over a solid surface, like concrete or asphalt. These tiles can be installed on a wood floor, but make sure the floor is even and free of any damage or cracks. The tiles do not come pre-painted, please use our game line paint kits for this purpose. Please use the calculator on the product page for pricing, or call us for a quote.
Would these be soft enough to play volleyball if you dive for a ball? Is it more like hardwood floors or concrete?
Yes, you can play volleyball on these tiles. However, these tiles are made of hard plastic, so will have a hardness to them, but not as hard as concrete. Please get a sample to see how you like these tiles. You may use our rubber underlayment or shock pad underneath the tiles for added cushion.
Can you play baseball and softball on these tiles? If so, will it leave marks and cracks? Are these tiles slick?
We do not recommend playing baseball or softball on these tiles since with time the constant hitting of the surface with the bat may damage the tiles eventually. You may get a sample and test them with the bat and also check for the ball bounce before making a purchase.
Anyone using these indoor sports tiles for Pickleball?
Don H
This product has not been tested for Pickleball. We would recommend Mateflex II or Mateflex III for your application.
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  Love the Look!
Verified Purchase
Installed in Basement
Turkessa Jackson from McDonough, GA wrote...
Just started building the rec room in my unfinished basement and used your indoor sports flooring for my son’s mini basketball court. I love the look of the court tiles and my contractor loved the ease of installation! Court lines and the rest of the room are still a work in progress, but all the neighborhood kids never want to leave our basement already! See photos attached.
  Good tiles for hockey
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Illmois wrote...
My son uses them for indoor hockey practice. They hold up well and he is very happy with them.
  Follow up video
Verified Purchase
Vadim from Canoga Park, CA wrote...
See attached video!
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