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Washer/Dryer Mats

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BlackWasher/Dryer Mats
Product Highlights
  • Help to alleviate the 'walking effect' seen with washers and dryers.
  • 1/2" thick to minimize noise and vibration.
  • Each mat features a handle for and a beveled edge for easy installation and removal.

  • Help to alleviate the 'walking effect' seen with washers and dryers.
  • 1/2" thick to minimize noise and vibration.
  • Each mat features a handle for and a beveled edge for easy installation and removal.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Non-porous making it mold and mildew resistant.
Description - Tired of the washer causing a magnitude five earthquake every time you use it? Tired of the washer walk? Then it's time for you to get our Washer/Dryer Mats. So why should you choose our mats over the competition? Easy, our mats are better; Just kidding! Most washer/dryer mats are thin pieces of foam or rubber that may help to keep your washer from walking but don't address the vibration issues that occur. Our mats do both. Not only will your washer not walk, but now your home will return to tranquility. These mats are a 1/2” thick and are non-porous. They are also resistant to mold and mildew growth and are very easy to place under your washer and dryer. These mats are backed by a 5-year warranty.
Material - Made from 100% recycled rubber tires vulcanized into premium high density mats.
Size - 28" x 34"
Thickness - 1/2"
Weight - 30 lbs
Recommended Uses - Our Washer/Dryer mats are the perfect remedy to washer walk and vibration. These mats are great under washers, dyers, and as portable workout mats.

In Stock - Ships between Sep 30 - Oct 4

Washer/Dryer Mats are easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance of this vulcanized rubber flooring mats typically includes:
  • Vacuuming any loose dust, dirt, or debris from the rubber surface when necessary.
  • Occasional damp mopping of the rubber mats with a mild soap and water mixture. Some soaps commonly used include Dawn dish detergent and/or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.

For more detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, Click Here.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
Do not have a vibration problem, but the floor beneath the washer/dryer gets awfully dirty. I have new flooring put into the house and wanted to use to protect the floor. Can these mats serve this purpose?
You can use our Washer/Dryer Mats as a floor protector for the new flooring under your washer and dryer.
Do these have any metal that will scratch a coated concrete floor? Looking for something not made from old tires that has pieces of metal belts that ruin floors.
well shaken
Our Washer/Dryer Mats are made from the treads of recycled truck tires. This part of the tire does not inherently have any metal, but since these are cut in areas that will also cut down whole tires, metal can find its way into the mix. To ensure that the metal shavings are removed, our rubber flooring is ran through magnets to ensure that all metallic material is removed. This ensures that your Washer/Dryer mat will not scratch up your nice floor.
What is the weight restriction? I have a washer with a pedestal washer totaling 305 pounds.
There is no weight restriction for our Washer/Dryer Mats. These mats are the most durable on the market and can handle a car sitting on them.
Do I need one mat for each washer and dryer, or will one serve both if they sit side by side?
Terri Meeks
Our Washer/Dryer Mats are made to fit under one washer or dryer. If you need a mat to fit under both, you would want to purchase our two-pack mat option.
Can these mats be cut to fit? My max space is 33” deep and 53” wide.
Vickie Hohauser
Our Washer/Dryer Mats can be cut to fit with the use of a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Since these mats are thick and are vulcanized, it will take a few passes with the knife to get through the mats, but you can cut these pretty easily with it.
what are the dimensions of this mat (length and width)?
Single mats are 28" x 34".
Will the rubber ruin/soften the finish on pre-finished hardwood flooring?
Kristi Morisi
The rubber used to make our Washer/Dryer Mats will not soften or ruin the finish on pre-finished hardwood flooring. If you are concerned that the mat will cause staining, we recommend placing a plastic sheet or mat protector under the mat.
Do the mats give off fumes smelling of rubber? If so, for how long?
Kristi Morisi
Our Washer/Dryer Mats do have a strong rubber smell to them. To help mitigate this, we recommend mopping the mat with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop head. You then will want to let the mat to air dry in a well-ventilated area. You may need to repeat this process a few times to get the smell to dissipate fully.
Are there any installation tips or videos?
charles biada
These mats are very straight forward when placing our Washer/Dryer Mats under your washer or dryer. You just lift the washer or dryer up and then place the mats under them.
Can I use this mat on an engineered hardwood surface? My washer-dryer is stacked in a closet in the kitchen and has engineered hardwood flooring. Looking for a solution to protect the flooring.
Our Washer/Dryer Mats can be used over hardwood flooring without damaging or staining it. If you are concerned, we recommend placing a plastic sheet under the mats to protect the wood flooring underneath.
Is your listing for one mat, or is it sold in pairs?
You can buy our Washer/Dryer Mats as a singular mat or as a pair of mats.
How do I install these pads?
Installing our Washer/Dryer Mats is super easy. All you would need to do is roll or lift your washer and dryer from their current resting spot. Place the mats, and then roll or lift the washer and dryer mat onto the mats. No glue or tape is necessary.
Another question, with vibration, do the mats leave a residue of black rubber on the floor? Would it be advisable to put a carpet pad between the mat and the floor?
E Blaustein
Our Washer/Dryer Mats won't leave a mark on the flooring they are placed over. If you are concerned they will, we recommend placing a plastic sheet under the mats.
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Average Rating

  Whole lot of shaken going on
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in laundry room
Microwave Dave from Innland Empire wrote...
Bought it to calm down the new washer machine we bought, to stop or minimize greatly the shaking and it did help some. But the new smell of the rubber or the material used is so strong that even after weeks of installing, it's smell is still overwhelming.
  Great Mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In the laundry room, under the washer and dryer.
Joe L. from Marlton, NJ wrote...
The mats are great. The washer doesn’t “walk” anymore with heavy loads. Only a small amount of vibration is transferred to the floor.
  Works as described
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In the kitchen under the washer/dryer
Steve Contrata from White Plains NY wrote...
I bought one of these mats to go under my washer/dryer to cut down on the vibrations. I live on the second floor of a coop and didn’t want to disrupt the people beneath me. This mat cut down on the vibrations so much that when you step into the hall, you do not hear of feel when the machine is in spin cycle. Highly recommend.
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