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Confetti1/4" Tough Mats
Confetti 1/4" Tough Mats Confetti
Black1/4" Tough Mats
Black 1/4" Tough Mats Black
Blue1/4" Tough Mats
Blue 1/4" Tough Mats Blue
Gray1/4" Tough Mats
Gray 1/4" Tough Mats Gray
Bright Red1/4" Tough Mats
Bright Red 1/4" Tough Mats Bright Red
Blue/Gray1/4" Tough Mats
Blue/Gray 1/4" Tough Mats Blue/Gray
Product Highlights
  • Portable and easy to clean.
  • Made from the best quality rubber available.
  • 5 year warranty.

  • Portable and easy to clean.
  • Made from the best quality rubber available.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Can be used indoors and out.
  • Great as singular mat or as a full floor.
Description - Tough mats are our most popular rubber mat solution and our ideal for home gyms, as exercise equipment mats, as semi-portable exercise mats, and as general rubber gym mats. These rubber mats can be easily rolled up and stored when necessary and used as a more permanent rubber flooring solution by butting the mats together and using some generic double-sided carpet tape around the borders to prevent the tough mats from sliding. These exercise mats are also safe to use both indoors and out and can be cut to size to fit your needs with a utility knife and straight edge.
Material – Recycled rubber buffings and colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks. Recycled rubber buffing are the best recycled rubber material available and are used during production to ensure the highest quality rubber mats and floor products available.
Size – Availabble in 3' x 4', 4' x 6', 4' x 8', and 4' x 10'.
Thickness – 1/4 Inch
Weight – Our 3' x 4' mats weigh approx. 18 Lbs., our 4' x 6' mats weigh approx. 36 Lbs., our 4' x 8' mats weigh approx. 48 Lbs., and our 4' x 10' mats weigh approx. 60 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Tough mats are truly designed to be a multi-use mat. These mats have been used successfully as gym mats, exercise equipment mats, and as fitness and yoga mats. These mats are also frequently used as portable floor protection in high traffic areas, as protection for floors from spiked shoes, and in any area where a shock-absorbent floor mat would be helpful.

In Stock - Ships between Mar 3 - 16

Rubber tough mats can be easily cleaned in two ways. Maintenance of these rubber mats typically includes:
  • Vacuuming or sweeping any loose dirt, crumbs, dust, or debris from the rubber mat surface when necessary.
  • Occasional damp mopping of the matting with a mild soap and water solution. A few recommended soaps are Dawn dish detergent or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.

For more detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, Click Here.
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I need to block the noise from the apartment downstairs. Usually voice and TV. What underlayment do you suggest?
Adam Leite
We offer a wide range of underlayments that would work great for your application. Our most popular underlayment thickness is our 5mm. This underlayment will provide you with and IIC rating of 60 and and STC rating of 53. This will help to reduce the amount of noise coming into your apartment. For further information about this underlayment and others, please visit our Underlayments page.
Would this grip well on top of low-pile carpet?
Our Tough Mats are fairly heavy and would stay in place over a low-pile carpet for most exercises. If for some reason the mat were to move, you can place some double-sided carpet tape under the mat to keep it in place.
I am considering this product as a workout surface over my brand new carpet. Is there any chance the black mat will stain/discolor my new carpet?
If you have light colored carpet, there is potential for our Tough Mats to stain the carpet. If you are concerned that the carpet will get stained by our rubber mats, we recommend placing a plastic sheet under the mat to keep it from doing so.
Would this stain wood laminate flooring?
doug bashore
Our 1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats will not stain laminate flooring, but if you are still worried it might, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet between the floor and mat to keep the laminate protected.
Can the mats be cut to fit a specific area?
You can cut our Tough Mats to fit any space with a sharp utility knife and straight edge. Cutting these mats is like cutting butter with a warm butter knife.

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Average Rating

  Stinky and too hard
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
When the 4 x 10 mat arrived, we opened it up and put it in the workout room; then left for a while. When we came home, the whole house stunk of rubber. We put the mat outside for a week; but unfortunately the smell did not get any better. The mat is also harder then I would have thought. Tried to return it, but the cost to ship it was $70+. Might try to sell on Craigslist. Sorry to say the purchase did not work out and was a big disappointment.
  Great quality - exceeded expectations!
Self-installed in stair ramp for animal
Charlie from Charleston, WV wrote...
I purchased this mat to use as a non-slip surface on a ramp for my pet pig. It could not be a more perfect. I have tried numerous other rugs, mats, etc. and they all failed or ripped under his hooves. The tough mat was easy enough to cut to the right size and provides the perfect surface. He is so sure-footed on the ramp now, I cannot keep him off of it. Before this, he had to be coaxed with treats to use it. Now I have to coax him with treats to get him off of it.
Customer review image of  in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
Customer review image of  in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
Customer review image of  in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
Customer review image of  in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
Customer review image of  in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
Larger Image
  Makes a great Workbench Top!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
Choreo from Midland, TX wrote...
I have been scouring the Internet for years looking for a decent tough rubber material to use on workbench tops - can't believe that nobody sells a high-quality material pre-cut for that purpose. They installed this for flooring at my Gym, so I figured if it could stand up to that torture it could certainly protect my nice butcher-block workbenches from some hammer blows!
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