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Washer/Dryer Mats Reviews

Washer/Dryer Mats
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  Whole lot of shaken going on
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in laundry room
Microwave Dave from Innland Empire wrote...
Bought it to calm down the new washer machine we bought, to stop or minimize greatly the shaking and it did help some. But the new smell of the rubber or the material used is so strong that even after weeks of installing, it's smell is still overwhelming.
  Great Mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In the laundry room, under the washer and dryer.
Joe L. from Marlton, NJ wrote...
The mats are great. The washer doesn’t “walk” anymore with heavy loads. Only a small amount of vibration is transferred to the floor.
  Works as described
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In the kitchen under the washer/dryer
Steve Contrata from White Plains NY wrote...
I bought one of these mats to go under my washer/dryer to cut down on the vibrations. I live on the second floor of a coop and didn’t want to disrupt the people beneath me. This mat cut down on the vibrations so much that when you step into the hall, you do not hear of feel when the machine is in spin cycle. Highly recommend.
  Exactly what we needed!
Verified Purchase
Installed in Basement laundry room
Anonymous from Dobbs Ferry, NY wrote...
We just redid our laundry room with new composite flooring. We needed something to place underneath the washer and dryer to help stabilize them during spin cycles and to provide some sound muffling. These mats are perfectly sized and do exactly what we were looking for very well. We did first air them out in our garage for a couple days while the room was being finished to let the rubber odor dissipate and that was effective. Highly recommend these!
  Stopped the earthquake
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Pasadena, Maryland wrote...
Our washer and dryer are on the second floor. When the washer would go into spin mode the house would shake and it was very noisy. The washer would move 4-6” sometimes. I releveled the washer with a very accurate digital level but that didn’t help much at all. I installed the washer and dryer mat and now the washer is so quiet that I sometimes can’t tell if it is on. This is a great small investment in peace and quiet from a noisy washer. And it was also easy to install and the slight odor from the mat disappeared within a couple of weeks. I highly recommend this product.
  Stopped washer from walking
Verified Purchase
Installed in Basement concrete Floor
Judy from 53222 wrote...
This rubber floor mat stopped my new Whirlpool front loading washer from ″walking″ on the concrete basement floor! Would have been a challenge for me to install, but two nephews had no problem. Thank you. Sorry cannot send a photo.
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  Best rubber mats
Verified Purchase
Russell from Deltona, FL wrote...
When we bought our brand new washer and dryer we did not want to simply put them on the concrete. I searched for the best rubber mats I could find and for the value and came across these. Rubber flooring Inc not only had what we were looking for but their mats were so inexpensive and thick compared to others we found that we were astonished! Shipping was cheap as well compared to others and considering the weight!
  Bought for sound did ok
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from 23507 wrote...
I bought this to reduce the sound made by a loud commercial fridge on a tile floor. It did ok, but the mats were harder than I expected.
  washer/dryer mats
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Tahoe Vista, CA wrote...
Like the mats so far. I did need a couple of people to get them under the appliances for me.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Laundry Room
Anonymous from Denver, CO wrote...
These mats keep the washer from crawling and have definitely reduced the vibration and sound of both washer/dryer traveling through the floor into the ceiling of our finished basement. Glad I bought these!
  Didn’t work for me - Fridge
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from 92109 wrote...
I’ve got a noisy compressor that emits like a constant 62Hz droning sound. Was hoping this mat would help it didn’t. Giving it 2 stars bc it’s heavy duty, I like the handle, and the beveled edge is smart but heavy objects don’t really roll onto it.
  Washer/ dryer floor mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Laundry room
Chris M from Clarksville, Tennessee wrote...
They look great and keep the units from moving around on the new floor. They help minimize the vibration as well
  Washer dryer floor mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Laundry room
Anonymous from Ny wrote...
Works as it should, noise reduction and no vibration.
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  Washer Dryer Mats reduce walking and vibration
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Laundry room
Anonymous from People Republic of California wrote...
Washer Dryer Mats are a great solution for walking and vibrating washers and dryers. Tried silent feet first and they made it a year before falling apart. Expecting these mats to last longer. Washer still walks a bit but it's a top-loader that shakes quite a bit so I fault the washer vs the mats. Recommend these for your washer dryer and looking for similar products to go under some metal shelving.
  Appliance mat
Self-installed in laundry room
Anonymous from Florida wrote...
Good, Sturdy product. Would purchase again if needed.
  Washer/Dryer Mats
Verified Purchase
Installed in Home
Anonymous from Burlington, NC wrote...
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