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1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats Reviews

1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats
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Customer Reviews

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Great quality - exceeded expectations!
Self-installed in stair ramp for animal
from Charleston, WV wrote...
I purchased this mat to use as a non-slip surface on a ramp for my pet pig. It could not be a more perfect. I have tried numerous other rugs, mats, etc. and they all failed or ripped under his hooves. The tough mat was easy enough to cut to the right size and provides the perfect surface. He is so sure-footed on the ramp now, I cannot keep him off of it. Before this, he had to be coaxed with treats to use it. Now I have to coax him with treats to get him off of it.
Stinky and too hard
Self-installed in Home gym
from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
When the 4 x 10 mat arrived, we opened it up and put it in the workout room; then left for a while. When we came home, the whole house stunk of rubber. We put the mat outside for a week; but unfortunately the smell did not get any better. The mat is also harder then I would have thought. Tried to return it, but the cost to ship it was $70+. Might try to sell on Craigslist. Sorry to say the purchase did not work out and was a big disappointment.
Makes a great Workbench Top!
Self-installed in Workbenches in shop and Washer & Dryer tops
from Midland, TX wrote...
I have been scouring the Internet for years looking for a decent tough rubber material to use on workbench tops - can't believe that nobody sells a high-quality material pre-cut for that purpose. They installed this for flooring at my Gym, so I figured if it could stand up to that torture it could certainly protect my nice butcher-block workbenches from some hammer blows!
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Home gym
Self-installed in Home gym
from Apodaca NM wrote...
Easy to lay, edge to edge joint very smooth and clean with no adhesive or tape, slight curl in the ends lays flat after a few days. The pieces are not exactly the same length, and not cut exactly square. So you will have some trimming if you are butting pieces end to end. Looks and feels very good. I saw the same material used in high traffic area at Taos Ski Valley, tramped on by ski boots, with no sign of wear. You need a softer mat on top to do crunches and the like! Thanks.
Great transaction
Installed in Garage
from Orange County, CA wrote...
Super-helpful rep handled my order! Mat was recevied on-time and was well-packaged. Price was good and the mat has worked out perfectly for the use I bought it (exercise equipment).
Great flooring option for cold basement floor
Self-installed in Basement
from Wisconsin wrote...
Purchased this rubber flooring to try and match existing rubber flooring. The color I selected was not an exact match, but still looks nice. The product arrived in a reasonable amount of time and was very easy to install. It makes a huge difference from bare concrete!
Great Product
Self-installed in
from palatka, fl wrote...
love it. works great, quality product.
Just what I needed
Self-installed in Boat
from Pine Grove wrote...
The carpet on the floor of my boat was bad. I covered it with this matting. it looks great! It is also easier to clean than the old carpet!
Self-installed in habitat
from Chicago, IL wrote...
I bought this mat for my rabbit's habitat. I needed something that provided cushion, but that was also sturdy enough that he couldn't dig or chew through. I was able to (with a leather punching tool) poke small holes along the perimeter so I could zip tie his cage to the mat. It is easy to clean and wipe up and he can't destroy it. I have gone through several different types of flooring in his habitat, and though this is the most expensive single purchase, it has saved me money in the long run because I can tell I won't need to replace it for a long while. I wish I would have just started with this in the first place!
Jon boat floor
Self-installed in In my jon boat
from Sanders County, Montana wrote...
I needed a rubber floor to go over the 7.5R structural foam I placed between the ribs on my 16' Jon boat. I wanted to keep the floor light but have it be non-slip and comfortable to stand on for the many hours of casting I do for pike on the rivers here in North West Montana. It also needed to be sturdy enough that it would make the floor be smooth across the top of the ribs and structural foam and I didn't want to have to drill any holes in the boat to secure it down. This 4' x 10' x 1/4" mat worked perfectly. It absorbs vibrations from the engine and when I walk, it lays perfectly flat once I cut it into place. It is a dream to stand on vs aluminum or wood flooring in a boat and doesn't get slippery under my shoes even when there is water on it. Delivery was fast and cutting it to fit the contours of the boat with a sharp utility knife was super easy. I am 100% pleased with everything about this purchase.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Boat flooring
Self-installed in Boat
from Kansas City, MO wrote...
Used this for flooring in my flat bottom fishin boat and it works out perfect. Light weight, and easy to hose off and keep clean.
Self-installed in Home gym
from Sturbridge ma wrote...
Love it perfect for my home gym
Great product, service so, so
Self-installed in Vanagon
from Ogden, UT wrote...
I am happy with the mat I purchased to cover the floor of my 30 yo VW bus. As an architect, I had used similar products and found them to be amazingly durable, good-looking and affordable. It's a perfect surface for my needs - with time at the beach and an active dog. My only disappointment was the unexpected lag in shipping time - it took three weeks to receive my order. Granted this was over the holidays, but the website indicated that the order would be shipped in "2 to 7 days" and that they were closed only Christmas and New Years.
Perfect for placing under washing machine
Self-installed in laundry room
from New York, NY wrote...
I bought the mat to put under my washing machine because my laundry room is on the second floor and the whole house vibrated when the washing machine was on. Works like a charm. I can barely feel it now when is on!
Exactly what I needed
Self-installed in Vehicle
from Chicago wrote...
This particular product, "Elephant Bark" style rubber matting is exactly what I was hoping it would be for my flooring project. We used it to create a replacement driver area floor covering in a vintage vehicle. The color choices worked well with the vintage theme and the mat itself lays well, conforming to the basic angles in the floor without the need for additional fastening. The material itself has a high friction coefficient naturally, so it does not slide around once in place. Noise and heat levels were reduced immediately upon installation. Very satisfied with the product and service from the company.
Self-installed in Gym floor
from Lodi California wrote...
First gym and I picked the best company...hit a home run.
Great but not perfect
Self-installed in Home gym
from Fort Worth, TX wrote...
I will start with saying overall we are pleased with the mats for the price. We converted a room in our home to a gym and after removing the carpet these work great to have a better surface for working out. There are only 2 complaints: The mats were not the exact specified length which meant we had to cut length off and the ends were not completely straight in the cut so both ends had to be cut to some extent. The other complaint is that we ordered the mats on 2 different occasions and the mats are off in thickness by fractions but you can tell a difference if you step in the right spot. For our home gym it's working well, but I would advise making sure you buy all you need in one purchase if you are filling in a complete area and be sure to have a proper tool to cut it down and even out the edges. I would purchase again and would suggest it to anyone who wants something more durable than carpet or bare floors.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Living Room
from CHANTILLY, VA wrote...
Thank you!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Self-installed in office
from middleton wi wrote...
Worked out great.
Great rubber floor for home gym
Self-installed in Home gym
from Lake Stevens, WA wrote...
Great product, just wish the 4 I purchased were all the same length.. as now I have to cut 3 of them . Otherwise very happy with product.
results 1-20 of 94
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