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Putting Green Turf Rolls

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Lime/Field GreenPutting Green Turf Rolls

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Product Highlights

  • Putts and rolls true in all weather.
  • Looks and feels like real grass.
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals.


Cup & Flag Kit
Cup & Flag Kit
(1) Cup, (1) Flag, and (1) Flag Pole
Aluminum cup is 4" high. Flag pole is 32" high.
Learn More
$129.95 ea.
$129.95 ea.
Putting Green Infill
Putting Green Infill
30/50 - Green/Black Blend
Learn More
$43.93 ea.
$43.93 ea.
  • Putts and rolls true in all weather.
  • Looks and feels like real grass.
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals.
  • 8-year warranty.
Description - Putting Green Turf offers the beauty of a manicured putting green at discount prices. This artificial turf roll provides all the realistic play of natural grass with none of the hassle. These turf rolls will allow golf balls to roll true in all weather with no divots or bad lies. Putting Green Turf features a realistic multi-green fiber and is UV Stable and heat/frost resistant. Made in the US, these rolls contain no lead or other heavy metals and are backed by a 8-year warranty.
Specs -
Material PE fiber with thatch
Color Lime/Field Green
Width 7.5' & 15'
Thickness Approx 1/2"
Face Weight Approx. 34oz
Weight Approx. 0.43lbs per sqft.
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Drainage Yes
Length Custom (max. 100')
UV Stable Yes
Warranty 8 years
Heat & Frost resistant Yes
Stimp Reading - Like all artificial, or real for that matter, the stimp reading will vary with installation. The range will be between 9 to 11. You can speed it up by adding more putting green infill and rolling with a water roller. Depending upon the desired speed, you may also want to slow down the surface by using a power broom to "open up the fibers".

Recommended Uses – Putting Green artificial grass is perfect for any outdoor or indoor application and can be found used as turf for putting greens.

In Stock - Ships between Jul 16 - 19

Turf rolls are very easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance for these interlocking tiles typically includes the following:
  1. Periodic sweeping of loose dirt, dust, and debris may be necessary to keep the flooring surface clean.
  2. For stains and blemishes, clean the rolls with a warm water solution of household detergent and water. Never use bleach.
  3. For animal urine, use a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Make sure to flush thoroughly and vacuum any excess solution.
  4. For chewing gum, the use of dry ice or refrigerant packets may be necessary to remove gum from the flooring surface.
  5. If your turf becomes matted, brushing the surface to restore the aesthetic appearance. Always use a synthetic brush and never a metal or wire bristled brush when performing this task.

Installation of our Turf rolled flooring is very easy and typically done by our customer's. Below are instructions for both outdoor and indoor installation of our rolled flooring.

Synthetic Lawn Outdoor Installation
  1. First, you will want to remove all grasses, sods, mulches, etc. from the marked areas. Note: If you are landscaping around trees shrubbery, flowers, light poles, utilities, etc., remember to mark around those areas and account for the turf edge configuration. Remember to leave ample area uncovered around the bases of trees.
  2. Next, cap any sprinklers that will not be used. Cap the sprinklers at the pipe level to avoid any leakage that might occur. Relocate sprinklers if necessary. Make sure to mark the location of the unused sprinklers. Move electrical sprinklers and wiring inward and away from any hardscape or perimeter from 6-8” to avoid accidental damage when nailing turf edges. Once the wiring and other materials are moved, lay the items on top of the subgrade surfacing and secure them with U-shaped nails.
  3. Install the base with a decomposed granite which is a special mixture of gravel and sand. This material allows the liquids from the turf to properly drain. For non-pet landscape installations, install DG 3" in depth. Properly distribute and level the base material.
  4. Wet the existing base to allow the material to settle properly. Compact the base by vibrating, tamping, and rolling the gravel until you have a completely flat surface. Once this solid base is established, the turf can be easily nailed to the base.
  5. If using a turf pad, you will want to cut a hole in the base the size and depth of the pad that is being used.
  6. Roll out weed cloth if applicable. This fabric prevents any additional plants and weeds from growing through the base of the synthetic grass. Overlap the weed cloth edges by 6" and secure it with as many flat-head nails as necessary. This helps to prevent movement of the cloth. Trim the cloth to fit the landscape area leaving a 1/4” gap along the border. Note: Do not drive nails too deeply as this will cause dimpling.
  7. Before laying the turf down, be sure to find either a straight edge or two perpendicular edges for alignment. Square the turf to fit the area to minimize cutting and fitting on all four sides. Once the turf is square, secure the square edges with temporary nails to hold them in place while securing the opposite edges.
  8. When fitting the turf, over-cut the turf by one inch along the edges for a proper fit. The excess turf will be necessary for the tucking process. When seaming turf edges together, use a seaming tool. Cut the turf in an S-shape to avoid the turf possibly pushing against each other's angles, which can create discoloration illusion in the seamed area. Install nails every 6” along the edge and drive them down three-quarters of the way. When finished, separate the grass to avoid pulling the blades down with the nail. The nail will be hidden with the grass blade at the base of the mat. Don't drive the nails down too deeply as it will pull the turf down and create dimples. Be sure to secure seams with six-inch U-nails every 6”. Make sure the U-nail is driven to the same level of the mat and hidden with the grass blades.
  9. Note: When seaming the turf over a turf pad, you will want to use our turf seam tape or our turf seam tape & adhesive pack which features turf seam tape and a gallon adhesive bucket.
  10. Tucking the turf means you will be hiding the turf edges against any hardscape or border by using a metal bar called a wonder bar. This will give your installation a clean plush look.
  11. Use a power brush or heavy bristled brush to pull against the grain of the grass to make it stand up. Apply your infill or sand and spread the granules evening throughout the entire turf installation. The infill will hold the blades upright and give the turf more weight.
  12. Brush up your turf once again with a power brush or bristled brush to force your infill into the base of the turf. This will allow the turf to settle and create optimal stability for your synthetic grass. Follow up the process to also remove excess debris.
Glue Down Indoor Installation
  1. First, you will want to make sure that your surface is level, clean, and dry. Our turf flooring can be installed on concrete, dusting, powdering concrete, gypcrete, pressure treated decking, wood, or backer board.
  2. Next, you will want to dry lay your turf to implement roll sequencing to minimize normal variations. Manufacturing details will be back stamped on one side of the backing; this will assist in determining fiber direction.
  3. If adding a turf pad, you would install this over the base with either double-sided tape or glue.
  4. Apply adhesive or double-sided tape and then lay the turf.
  5. Apply a bead of seam sealer to all seams.
  6. Roll the product with a 75 Lb. Weighted roller across the width and length of the product surface.
  7. Once completed, the installation must remain in dry conditions for 72 hrs. for the adhesive to cure properly.
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What does this measure on the stimp meter? And is there any way to speed up the greens if they are too slow, such as adding sand?
Josh Hershner
The stimp rating for our Premium Putting Green Turf is 7 without fill and 10.5 depending on the quantity and type of infill used. Using our infill will help to speed up the greens.
Do you have a specific size of decomposed granite that you recommend for the base material? For instance, would you recommend decomposed granite sand or 3/8 inch minus?
We recommend using decomposed granite that is a mixture of granite and sand under all of our turf rolls in outdoor installations including our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls.
Do you have to use infill with this turf?
Rick Eckert
You don't have to use infill with our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls. To get the proper roll of your ball, you will want to add infill to your turf. The more infill you add to your turf, the faster the ball will roll giving you a higher stimp reading. To get as realistic of a putting surface as you can get, adding infill will be needed to achieve a realistic roll.
do you have anybody in Bay area, Northern California
Adel Moradi
We can connect you with installers in your area, please call us directly.
Is this product pet friendly?
Yes, this turf is pet friendly.
Can you use this type of putting green just for indoor use?
You can use our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls both indoors and out.
Can I chip onto it and it reacts like a green would or do I need to find a different product to use? Does this also come with the fringe and rough?
You can chip on our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls, and it would react the same as a real Bentgrass green would. Our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls do not come with fringe or rough, but you can purchase one of our other turf products to create that look.
For installation indoors on a concrete slab what do you recommend for the base? Currently I have a concrete slopped deck poured that has a border around the area so I would be able to contain the base in the area. Thank you.
For indoor applications, the best surfaces to put our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls on are hard flat surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or plywood. With a concrete deck, you can apply out putting green turf directly to it with a pressure sensitive adhesive or double-sided tape. We do recommend placing an underlay under the turf, like our Gym Turf Pad, for added comfort and to help the ball roll more true. You can see all the pads that we offer on our turf accessories page.
I will need two join two sections together to complete my area, how is that done to create a seamless surface?
David Gutierrez
When joining two rolls of our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls together, you will want to use either nails, staples, or our double-sided seaming tape. Once the two rolls are butted together, you will then infill the rolls and then brush the turf. The infill and the process of brushing the turf will essentially remove the visibility of a seam. To get further instructions on this, please feel free to check out our installation video on this process, or you can check out printed instructions about this on the installation tab.
Is it possible to install on a hard surface as concrete or tiles? Will the water passes thru?
You can install our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls over concrete or tile. These turf rolls have been installed over these in both residential and commercial applications. Water will still pass through the turf to the subfloor below, but will then pool on the harder substrate. Over time, the water will evaporate or even got into the porous subfloor below, but it will not drain as it would if it were installed over dirt or crushed granite.
What infill would you recommend on interior use?
Whether indoors or out, we recommend our Durafill - Small Granule for our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls. This infill blends in nicely with the turf as it is green and is small enough to get into the turf fibers.
Would I still be able to use the Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls Indoors, or would another style be better?
Our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls can be used indoors or out. You will want to follow the install instructions for an indoor installation.
What kind of base material is needed and how deep should it be?
Mark Staton
We recommend installing our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls or any turf over compacted crushed granite. There is no guideline as to how thick of a layer you would need to use. The goal of adding this layer is two-fold. First, it will give you a hard, flat surface to install on. Secondly, this will help your turf to drain during rainstorms properly. You can install over dirt, but it is not ideal or recommended. Customers have done it with great success, and as long as the dirt is fairly flat and free of any rocks and other debris, your turf will perform just fine.
Does it come with precut holes?
Abhishek Saxena
The Putting Green Turf Rolls do not come with pre-cut holes. You may use a knife to create the hole. However, we do offer putting green products that come with pre-cut holes, these are our putting green mats, pro putting green mats, 4' x 10' putting green mats and elite putting green mats.
I am building an 8x40 bocce ball court in my backyard and have decided to put a couple of putting holes in. I would like to know if this turf would hold up to bocce ball play? Thank you, Mike
Yes, the Putting Green Turf Rolls will hold up Bocce Ball Play.
Does the mat come with a fringe.
Jackson Hansen
Our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls do not come with fringe or rough, but you can purchase one of our other turf products to create that look.
What grass is recommended for a fringe.
We carry putting green mats that come with fringes like the 4' x 10' Putting Green Mats and the 4' x 10' Putting Green Mats w/ Hazards. To create a fringe yourself, you may chose any of our Landscape Turf products that can be found here
can you use silica sand type 70 for infill on Putting Green Turf Rolls?
You may use silica sand on our Putting Green Turf Rolls, but when silica sand is added, it is noticeable. We recommend using our Putting Green Infill instead since this infill has been formulated to be used in all putting green surfaces and it's small granules get into the small crevices that are present in putting green turf and will blend right in with the playing surface.
What type of turf should I use to get the effect of rough and also deep rough?
Andy Allen
You may choose any of our landscape turfs to create the effect of rough around the Putting Green Turf Rolls. We also have putting green mats that come with rough attached, please see our 4' x 10' Putting Green Mats and 4' x 10' Putting Green Mats w/ Hazards.
hello would you ship to Spain ?
We ship within the US. For overseas orders, you would need to use their own Freight Forwarder.
I live in Southwestern PA and have a 10' x 60' Bocce' Court in my backyard. It is all natural material with a permeable fabric on the bottom, 6 inches of 2b stone with 4 inch perforated pipe drains in place, then tamped and rolled, with a 2 inch layer of 2a stone and dust, then 4 inches of natural clay pellets wetted and rolled. Because of the natural components and the clay top, it is a major maintenance problem with weed growth and spring time moss growth after a very wet spring. After 10 years of non-stop summertime maintenance, I am looking for a viable porous material to install on top of the existing clay surface that would not allow weed growth or be conducive to moss growth, and would be putting green height. Do you have a high durability product that would meet this goal ? If so, can I get it custom cut in one piece?
Jay Tarara
Using our weed fabric on your clay could help with the situation, but weeds will still grow towards the light and often come out of the sides on turf. We would highly suggest you spray the ground with some type of pre-emergent prior to laying the weed fabric down.
I need a 21' round turf, can you send a pre-cut piece
You may cut the turf easily using a utility knife or sharp scissors as per your needs.
I have a 3000 sq foot putting green and would like to put the turf over it recommendations?
Matt Swanson
You may choose any of our putting greens for this purpose.
can I order pre shaped pads or do I need to cut it
Rick Gill
Our Putting green turf rolls are custom cut according to your needs. We offer these rolls in two widths, 7.5' and 15'. You may choose the length of your choice.
How do you do the putting holes when laying over concrete?
You may use a putting green hole cutter for this purpose.
I’m building a mini golf hole in my backyard. I need one 15 x 20 ft roll of the putting green turf for the putting area. The start of the hole to the main putting green measures, at it’s widest 7 ft x 24 ft and runs on a curve to meet up with the lower putting green on the 20 ft side of the turf. My question is about grain direction. I will have to join the two together and I’m wondering if the grain direction will be different and if that matters when seaming the edges together? I can send a picture if necessary.
The best way to match grain direction between two turfs before you join them together would be by laying out a section of the turfs and looking at them from all four sides, just so you know which way to lay and also to ensure you're laying them both in the same direction. The direction in which the pile goes will be very apparent and after you are sure of the grain direction, you may seam the turfs together. For additional information on this, please feel free to call us directly.
Can your product tolerate being applied to a concrete outdoor surface where it will be exposed to freezing temperatures. Thank you
The Putting Green Turf Rolls are all-weather turf and will be fine during harsh winters.
I want to purchase a 20 x 15 Ft. Piece of putting green for my rooftop. I am a US citizen but I just moved to SIngapore. Is there any chance you would ship it here for me and what would the cost be?
We only ship in the USA. We could ship to a US-based address but you will have to arrange for a freight forwarder who can ship it to Singapore for you.
If I wanted to make an indoor putting mat that could be rolled for storage purposes, would this be suitable?
Yes, absolutely!
Is this Putting Green Turf your best turf to allow easy cleaning of tiny leaves & berries from a Brazilian pepper tree? Or would they still be difficult to blow off, and I should consider your jamboree tiles? Thank you
These turf rolls mimic real turf, and the leaves will have to be either raked or blown off, as you would do with real turf. If you were to use the jamboree playground tiles, the debris could be easily brushed off, like how you would clean your floors at home.
Which of your other artificial turf options would you recommend for the fringe around the green?
You may use any of our landscape turfs for this purpose.
What type of adhesive do you recommend for an indoor installation over concrete?
We recommend using a pressure-sensitive adhesive or a double-sided tape.
If installing on a wood floor indoors, what would the stimp be?
achille gaudin
You can use our Putting Green Turf Rolls both indoors and out. The stimp rating is 7 without infill and 10.5 depending on the quantity and type of infill used. Using our infill will help to speed up the greens.
What is the width?
Sandra Honeycutt
Our Putting Green Turf Rolls can be ordered either 7.5' wide or 15' wide. The length is custom cut based on your desired length.
Are both the 7.5' and the 15' wide roll shipped rolled or are either folded?
Both the 7.5' and the 15' wide Putting Green Turf Rolls will ship rolled up.
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Self-installed in Backyard
Douglas from West Palm Beach, FL wrote...
Here are photos of new putting green and fringe for my house...self installed total cost $2900.....1000 sq.ft.
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Here is a photo of the putting green we put in with your turf. We love the turf.
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We have putting greens in our senior living community the product we bought from you was great and great quality as well. Our residents love the greens.
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